Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy birthday Jeff


Feeling utterly lazy to blog. Not a good omen, means the lazy bugs have bitten.

Anyway, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeffrey Kong who old as me! muahaha. Luckily its one day after summative huh ;) Enjoy the celebrations...Although I know you are anxious about studying as well =)

So. After sem 2 summative (and my csu, just in case some sesat fella again mistake me as a sem 2 student), we went to pyramid. Being sexiest, we dragged and took our sweet time...and as a result, reached pyramid bout 2 or so. (read: my csu was done at 12.40pm). Muakaka. And choose the chicken place Nando's to eat.

Here on, I shall be letting the pictures say its own story, hopefully with minimal captions. =)
I'm just being lazy

Jeff and Diana. The 2 flexible dancers and wacky people.

"Why cannot work wan?" :o

Very tall little boy ;)

Surprise birthday cake! (actually ,he already knew. What la surprise)

Cake reads: Jeff, Happy birthday Hot stuff! Stay hot and sizzling! Love , sexiest.

Make a wish....

Reduce air pollution! (Kidding, blow the candles)

Cut the cake...
Thats how its done,here! =p

Jolene aka ah ma had a briliant suggestion... (hint: look at jeff's fingers beside diana's)

Din't manage to take the one on jeff's face

But Diana (sitting beside) happily posed with her portion of cream , thanks to not sure who;)

Even meek Geena *cough* sore throat *cough* wasn't spared ;p

With the 2 rays of sunshine =)

Mommy, Daddy, Intruder Rakib

Mr NewZealand Derrick Chieng! (no...he's not from NZ. he's pure chinese ;) )

Did I mention he's a super poser?

Tatha aka Tej, the tall guy that wants a wife no shorter than his head.

Infant. I mean weihoong. A student ah!

Sofiah. Camwhore fail(I mean me, the picture is not properly taken) ;p

Mommy Geena. The one who got a tortoise on her birthday and named it after her husband :p. (does it mean he is slow????)

Mommy's husband aka daddy. The one with fluctuations and dunno how many wives / concubines/ daughters =p

Kibby! :D you have yet to take me gyming!

Mae Yue. You're more than 5 feet la!

Evonne. Date back to college days when we first met there.

And for the photos of the day:

"Tugu Sunway Pyramid"
cast (from bottom up) - Diana, WHoong, Rakib, Tej

Poor Diana ;p how did she stand the weight of 3 heavy guys? =D

Late Lunch at Nando's. Sexiest rocking it out. =D
We rarely go out nowadays. Hence, the necessity to capture the moment, no? =D