Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Ideal Guy

Its an update from high school's (which i did not look at when I did this list or even after I did the list =p )...but I think this is way better =)

- Loves himself and is secure in his own identity
-Loves me as he loves himself

-Loving,caring,considerate to me and the people around.
-Loyal and faithful - In small and big stuff, especially to me =)

-Mutual trust - Be able to trust his partner me.
-Honest - with himself,me at all times, and shares his heart not hide it.

-Independent - Capable of taking care of himself and me
-A leader - spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally

5.Spends time with me

6.Respects the gurl me! Know when the gurl feels uncomfortable; know the limits,sex before marriage is TOTALLY OUT!

7.Able to make wise decisions, prioritize

8.Honours his(and mine la eventually) father and mother.

9.Allows breathing space, don't tie me down

10.Gentle yet firm in his ways

11.Listens! Not just talk... but must talk...or else one way conversation?!? =p

12.Funny. Seriously, I wouldn't wanna face a poker face / serious lawyer/judge-like-face everyday "cham" for my whole life!

Caution: some of the above are not in order.All are nearly equally important in order for a relationship with me. But this is MY ideal guy. =)

Penned on 6/10/07,in the ocassion of inspiration and bored-nothing-to-do-ness =p

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