Sunday, October 21, 2007

Backdated photos

I finally learn how to upload photos n haha I'm jz gonna use it till my heart content. =)

I had a green balloon courtesy of P1 mobile company,so I decided to get pple to autograph it for me. Below are some of the images. ({By the way, the balloon hasn't deflated yet, tho its more than 1 month. Wonder why ) =p

I really love the balloon, and the comments =)

Starting with the biggest one on my balloon,by classmate Carmen Ong =) Caution: The number is my frenz number, a GURL'S.

From my "twin" Joanne(Poh JM)...Who?Me the bomb? Or you? *winks

Carynn's cute litte angel stole some space:
Nicholas Ng, one guy I respect very very much and was gracious enough to pen some words on my balloon. He's currently in UK doing MBBS medicine fella.
Mark,in a spasm of boredom and "inspiration" ...
By another Nicholas, Nicholas Chew this time....I don't smile enough mer? =p
I AM NOT A LOSER!!! Haha I like Lucas Chong's lame drawings..
Wendy! I'm in love!!?? "Tak ku sangka kutemuukan;satu cinta yg abadi.." =D
there are quite a number more...can be seen from my friendster pictures or even facebook... But yeah, Thanks guys, I know you all love me n love you all too! =) (including those who did not manage to write on my balloon due to whatsoever circumstances)

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