Thursday, April 30, 2009

Noise and Movement

Feel like jamming! lol so random...

Pictures( in no particular order). Yesterday and today :)

Carmen , Ruby

Melody (think she has food in her mouth :P )

Mommy / great-grand-mommy. same la haha :)
stress stress stress....look at the pimples showing...

Elvyna baked cupcakes...I had one. Thanks dear! It was really really amazing! =D

Dr Srikumar on drums. Really REALLY REALLY cool man :)
see people scrambling to take photos...all eyes on the cool lecturer :)

Stephanie. :)

Ms President Zia and Ms Social Concerns Ash :)

Sufi, Zia, Ash :) (kidding, its in my blogroll la)

Sam and Sarawaturi Shun aka Chong Sen. They can pose too! :O
Forgive the shaky pic

Sam, the president and her ultimate enemy. XD

How it looked from 3rd floor.

In the library...

Mommy Genna and beautiful Sofiah :)
Just realised this photo very muhhibah. Seriously!

Badminton, lunch, library chatting/ studying etc. Each moment spent is a moment treasured. :) To look back brings a smile to my face. The reassuring thought of knowing I have you guys "watching my back". haha. True friends... knowing that I can be myself without pretending / mess up and yet still have you guys love me as who I am... Truly love is unconditional, transcends skin colour, looks, age, gender, etc. Love you guys too! :D You guys rock my life! =D

Blessed to know each and every one of you. :)

On another note, the award ceremony with the group pic came out on theSun papers! *screams*. Guess who first noticed? Daddy Eld! :O Ruby called me...but I was coming down just at the same moment. Gosh... Its just... Haha congrats to the others too :) here's the link to the webpage. :)

Wait upon the Lord, and He will renew your strength...
...They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not grow faint.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Had my first experience of writing minutes (As a secretary today). not toooo bad, cept that kinda lazy to type things out (coz when you write during the meeting itself it already takes time.) Solution? Bring laptop, type it out the next time. Unless lazy to bring. At any rate, our Hydra House Captain is wayyyyy wayyyyy hardworking and the other secretary, Sook Yee is too! o0ps, WHO and I mean WHO shouted my name la (and those who chanted along)?!?!?

It was a packed day...Paying library fine (lol I got fined RM2), meeting at 10.30-12, 12.30-1.30, class 1.30-2.50, pbl 3-4.15. wow. haha. then later go src room... decided not to take up the part time it offer. Don't want to quit halfway...thats not being very responsible. Its only today that I realised secretary had alot of work...I thought it was confined to house and blog. haha..lolz. Sorry Alicia tho (SRC IT liason. ). thank you for the opportunity tho, I would have loved to learn something.

On a side note, finally got back my bottle from daddy Eld today. One week exactly! thanks daddy :) What touched me most was that my bottle came back full/ refilled....that was a gesture I never ever ever expected of you...or a guy for that matter :) Thanks daddy :) You rawk =D

K, random pictures. Presenting...

Thariq. Told you I'll post it up. "serious AR?". Loves the malaysian slang so much. lolz

KING Rakib Udin. Look at the crown on his head...and the cool one sided "glasses". WHAT THE?!?! (his tagline)

The "mirror" during rest station of 5 minute history taking stations. partner: Sam Goh. Missed alot of information that day. Note to self: must remember to ask main worry, relieving / aggravating factors, specific foods allergic . and describe the pain!!! :O

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ladida~ been feeling so so so lazy to blog.

This has been a hectic week no less ;)

Anyway, pictures are not in any particular order... and I wonder why I'm the secretary of Hydra House System in IMU. LOLZ! I did not name was just pushed up. Got work to do lols! :( And messiness is part of me.... :O


Lets start with Tuesday.

10.30 am - "Hello, you are required to go for a photoshoot at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Be there at 2. Attire - polo tee, jeans, sneakers. No stripes. Avoid blue, yellow, purple, and orange. " I was flustered. I was already in uni! Agonized an hour...and Thank God my beloved daddy Eldwin accompanied by beloved tatha Tej fetched me home, waited for me to get dressed then sent me to 1 Utama, where I met up with Jun Ai. And managed to make me eat (cheezy wedges)! for which I am grateful....din eat the whole morning and then the next time I ate was bout 6...some oreos. Biggest regret? Not taking a photo with them. But a big shoutout to u 2 : thanks guys! YOU TOTALLY TOTALLY ROCK =) =) =)

Thanks Jun Ai too! couldn't make it there without you...and you were most supportive :)


Jun Ai and I. Notice we're in green? Coz what are the few choices we have left? and the telco colour is green... ;)

Shirley. Super funky hairstyle after makeover. whosh! :O

Photoshoot. So many photos were take man. We were there from 2pm...all the way to 8pm. Tiring!!! But fun :) :) :)

Wai Kit, Shirley, Ezen. They look super duper pretty...dunnid make up oso can tell la :P

Part of the people. Some at make up room etc etc etc.

So fast we are like, family. Bonded. Nice kan, the photo?
This one is my desktop pic. I like :) you can see the lights equiptment (the shadow) behind. :p
Back row: Kee Cheong, Su Ann, Wen Yee, Jun Ai and Shi Yunn

Went to Rakib's for dinner with some other sexiest. He can cook(pasta)! and it was fantastic...had extra helpings :) I could understand why Eld wants to hire him as his personal chef, and why he could not resist the temptation...of finishing every last strand :P

Went for house meeting in the evening. Sitting there among my batch mates innocently. Listening to speech and the likes of it. Soon it was time for elections. Vice... (Still no one, coz it must be someone from a different faculty, and ours had no takers). Secretary... Wei Jin looked at me and said, "Joanne!" LOL I DON'T WANT!!!! and then the name chanting started... "Jo-anne , jo-anne, jo-anne..." "represent medicine" bla bla bla... so the rest, as you could see from the start of the post, is history. Hydra house secretary . T.T (coz I'm not a secretary person...minutes and the likes...even doing the blog gave me a headache! lolz ) anyway I will try my best. Like Ruby says, I'm a sporting person, and will cheer my house till the very very very end, no matter what. House spirit mar!

The house colour is green. I was in green house in primary school... that was ages ago. The name Hydra is like...uhhh... but the logo / symbol is fine. The multi headed dragon whose courage and perseverance will shine till the end. Go Hydra! :)


Luckily no class, so no need to miss anything. Sooky was very very nice, came to pick me to pyramid for makeover at clinique and then we chilled in the morning.

Went to J.Co for donuts. Totally ruined the lip gloss / lip stick after that. wakaka (coz have to wipe lips mar...)

Sooky looking resplendent in green and blue cardi.
The ambience actually quite ok. if u notice the lights, its cups upside down. I mean the design.

Self taken ( obvious). But nice :)

"I post this on my blog ah..." "post la, I don't care". Looks so cute rite. hahaha

Rushed back home and waited for mum. Won't bore you with details of journey and the nots.
Here's what the photoshoot on tuesday, and the two interviews before this ,and the makeover was for...

Event: Max1s Scholarsh1p 4 Excell3nce Und3rgraduat3 AwaRd 2009.

One of the many many photos of the day. This is the backdrop, as can be told. Someone commented that we look like we've been friends for 15 years! Well, we knew each other for barely a week...but hopefully in 15 years to come, and more than that! :)

The 14 (out of 19) recepients in the cool F1 like T - shirt. the others were represented by the parents. I din't know there were over 2000 applicants...vying for 19 spots. Truly by God's grace :)

Prof Emeritus Khoo K. K, panel executive, and Raja Arshad, and the CEO of Maxis, Mr Sandip Das. And the rest of us on stage.

Group photo.

With the head of Maxis Academy, Mr Suhaimi and the coordinator of the whole scholarship thing, Ms Azlina (who was also my 1st level interviewer)

With the sole 3 guys of the award(the 4th is in Imperial UK).

Ezen, Jenitha, Wai Kit. :)

There were so many camera's that we din't know where to look (explaining the direction-less photos)...and so many camera flash that my eyes kept watering! zzzz

My mum, who made it for the event. :) The sole, but beautiful picture :)

Sorry blurred. In the end all just use flash lah. Ezen, Wai Kit, Jun Ai.

I got a life sized poster of me (waiting for it to be couriered to me tho). The shot was so...candid! :O

Trying to enact the same pose...without much success? lols

(Ruby said I should post this.)
The cert, a photo which they specially printed out for us, and even a name tag with my full name! Honoured...
Thanks Maxis for everything :)

With the 3 guys. Shan Yik, Kee Cheong and Omar. Smart people...

This picture is "special". its all the health care people. Well, to be specific, doctors ... (and a dentist) . Kee Cheong, UM; myself, IMU; Su Ann, UM ; Jun Ai (dentist), IMU; Wen Yee, UPM.
Your future health care professionals. Thanks Maxis for the acknowledgement and the support!

Heng, Pharmacy; Wai Kit, business (Taylor's ); Ezen, business (Inti); Su Ann.

With Mr Joseph, the person behind the scenes who laboured hard for each of us, corresponding through email and calls and making sure each of us are updated. Many thanks! :)

Honestly, all praise to God above. Truly nothing is by me...all is by His grace. And since He saw me through so many years...I know He will see me through everything, including this life! :) And though I know not what the future holds, I know the Hands that holds the future ever so securely. Change is not the only thing that is permanent...God is too. He is the same everyday - yesterday, and today and tommorrow. =) My worries are His, my life, my everything =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 200+ posts.
feeling emo today
not sure why

I din know I blogged so much.
Feel like I hit rock bottom... emotions and hope and all
I am just...tired? frustrated?

Just random rambling on this post.
I miss the fun times of the past... find myself just drifting away so many times...
I feel bit disconnected. esp when I'm alone.

General malaise I think.
you know some of pple's remarks are really hurtful.
you don't know how much my heart is crying right now.

Coupled with the ups and downs of the moods and emotions.
Air mata bergelut di tepi kelopak. Tangisan hatiku tak kedengaran.
Did I really lose myself this much?

PBL tomorrow. Combined. No idea bout the next learning issue -____-
Probably its true that when you start growing,you start thinking.
I want it to be beneficial thinking...

Its 12.30 am already....
I know I'm gonna surface from the storm. Bit by bit if need be.
Life doesn't just revolve around this. I know.

I'm still sitting here...
To escape into the Santuary that reminds me that I'm His and His alone...
To be reminded that my self worth is found in Him.
To remember to cling on to Him,even when faith doesn't make sense...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

bbq at tej's

BBQ at Tej's

Bbq at Tej's was a night of food, fun, games and photos. Hehe. Took some photos, din manage to take some (they had to leave early, and the photo-taking-frenzy was not till much later). And the camera phone kept saying memory full. Lol I want a bigger memory space lah! 64k is...nothing...

Photo quality not tip top as the lighting was not excellent, and camera phone's are not optimum then. Still... hehe I shall just let the pictures do the talking. :)

First up, Ms Joyce Posh aka sister :) A beautiful Sarawakian so natural on photos and with a big heart :)

Ms Singaporean aka "Box u!" ( thats apparently her tagline). photoshy but looks absolutely beautiful on each picture.

Yi Wen. Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3. The nicest one :) Yi Wen - an amazing girl with quiet courage and strength that manifests itself in many ways. A leader of all. Isow etc. A beautiful sister . :)

The freaking MU fan. (just look at his shirt la). The gracious host of the night :) Thanks dei. Someone who is crazy over football. hidup bola, makan bola, tidur bola. XD

Eldwin daddy :) Take 1. Lighting not so good. Haha, or otherwise. Up to individual preferences

Take 2. Ok la, I gotta admit this one looks more natural "I can be natural on photos too!" hehe
A sports freak (gym, badminton, bowling! etc) and can't act for nuts XD

Rakib the Mr Donut. Another gym freak. "What the..." is his lifeline (tagline). Just got to know Big Apple donuts tonight. Hehe

Sooky! :) Don't need to say, she is pretty, beautiful inside and out. Seriously non-contendable. :) A friend and a sister who loves and gives beyond measure. :)

Derrick Chieng Guan Yin. Special name rite? Sarawakian, another "What the..." "chill ahh...." guy. Partnering with him for badminton is fun(coz he is good and can cover the court for the other person) XD

Jeff. Hilarious. Rumoured to have a scandal with J****. LOL. Someone whom is talented (but hasn't shown it yet). Can dance all night long AND his facial expressions are...priceless. Haha

Lee Wun. Songbird of group 11. (batch rep for choir, say what? ).

Yep, thats the 3 generations. (save for my immediate parents. lol) Yi Wen (my greatgrandmother), sorry yr pic is abit blur...think u moved. And my tatha and amachi. They rawk man! Haha and really complement each other as husband and wife. Even the colour is complementary! Cant find a more harmonious yet so close couple! lol. love them all! :D

Charlie's angels. Haha the 2 on the left have REALLY good expressions right :D

Oh, a mention about games. Uno, Heart Attack, chor dai dee...

Chor dai dee in action

View from vista 12th floor. Quite nice, if you can disregard the greenery and beautiful scenery that was originally there once upon a time.

View at night. Highway beside IMU.

The bbq set. Still can see the redness of the charcoal. Chicken wings, sausages... :)

Joyce + Jeff (scandal scandal !!!) , and Rakib. no more Mr donut?

See the sesat figure on the utmost left! hahaha (note to self: dun come in the middle and be the lightbulb...)

This is what you do when your brain becomes fried in med school. :O

Group photo 1. SEXIEST!!!!!!!

F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Those in and not in the photo). I'm really blessed to have each of you guys colour my life. Love you guys :)

And I'll be by your side whenever you fall, in the dead of night whenever you call