Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bought bread (sausage and ham ) for tomorrow. Planning to study. Good luck trying to make me eat....

Dear Vyna, Alison, Zeng, W.Hoong... Thanks guys. You guys don't know how much I appreciated yr time /hugs...even when I stood/sat there and stoned (or pretended to). Thank you for caring, for listening, for asking how I am, for reminding me to look ahead. There will be ups and downs...I believe this dent will allow me to soar higher. I believe. Thank you for just being there and being sensitive to my (visibly upset?) feelings. I really appreciate it.

PS: HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY JOLENE aka BOX U! haha my dear one year older, one year wiser :) I know you will excel in this field that you have chosen. Not by your own strength alone! :) Remember to live, love and laugh...stay the 16-year-old-face that you seem. Haha! Blessed birthday again, sister :)

You and your mask ;) with your...erm I dunno his relationship to you. haha

The only photo I have with you (apart from another blur one)

Happy xx( I know your age but will not reveal...)... Continue to shine like you do, be the bubbly tiny and dangerous one who always threatens to box people! haha :)

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