Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trip long long ago

Guess what? I'm blogging about my trip to Germany...dated back to November 2005. Yea, THAT long ago. The memory I remember the most is that I hated taking pictures...but my dad is good with the camera and hence captured quite many pictures (amounting to 300+ mb!!) These are just snippets of the memories I have...including my extra long hair! :O

The location was Bonn, Germany.

Bonn, Germany. There was a bazaar which we went to.

The bazaar's at Beethoven's hometown. It was a very very very pretty sight...But the things were expensive as well (what with the exchange rate)

Don't laugh :/ I wanted u to see the background. This pic was taken by my dad of (my) guard. the place is fantastic actually :)

Then there was this place, some garden that looked remotely chinese - influenced.
Except for the fauna there, the architecture really was quite oriental.
(spot me in the

Family pic (I was holding the camera)

And there was a nice waterfall :)

Look what we saw - 2 swans! :) (not the traditional love shape la lol)

And coz i was December, it was Christmas season.

There were Christmas caroling outside the shopping malls.

And some malls went to great pains to decorate their desplay so delicately.
Amazing :)

26 Dec (if I'm not mistaken), snow fell for the first time since I was at Bonn. Look at the jakun-ness delight of people who saw snow for the first time in their lives.

How I looked when I was 16 going on 17. Have I changed much? (up to you to answer/comment)...coz I can't tell :P

And the classic Joanne stick-out-her-tongue trademark ;)

How it looked from outside:

Trees and all covered in snow.

Doesn't this really remind you of Narnia scene?
(if you've watched the witch, the lion and the wardrobe)

And of course , who could forget snowballing?
(but beware..the frostbites are really painful)

This is one of the amazing photos (I think. Looks like ages ago (well, it is). sigh. remembering...

This is how you treat your sister :P

Germany at night. The place gets really really dark at like, 6pm. Shops usually close by 5 or so. Guess what time we sleep? 8pm! (those were the days...)

(This picture somehow reminds me of the twilight formation. )
Again, I was holding the camera. *grins*

This is actually the only FULL family photo we had. Courtesy of a stranger who asked "do you want me to help you guys take a picture?" . thank you sir(and the friend) :)

It was an experience to cherish, now that I look back. And the place was safe - I went shopping alone ; little boys rode bikes on the road without fear, and the local police were seen everywhere. Security was amazing. Here....


Today was reminded of you in so many ways. Pictures, clips and all. Tears flowed before I knew it. All I wanna say...thank you for being an amazing brother and friend. :) You're an amazing person, do you know that? :D

Also, Blessed Easter people :) Its not just a period of history...its a time where we look at history and how it impacts our lives today :)

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