Monday, December 19, 2011


hi bloggie,this has been a long weekend.went all over,felt both joy n pain.,y heartfelt message-people Need God.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hutan Lipur (near Kuala Pilah) spontaneous trip

The keyword here is spontaneous. Haha.

So for psychiatry we have 2 trips to Kuala Pilah, both on Wednesdays. So after lunch the second week, Becky decided to head into the woods (literally) for a spontaneous trip to the Hutan Lipur (which I have no idea is what name)

I shall blog with the few scarce pictures I took :P

Jakuns :P
Proof of the jungle environment, with the curvy turvy trees branches etc. 
Oh of course, and my awesome buddies :D 

Outside the snake's glass "cage"
There was also a Taman Ular Sawah (Snake farm), with quite many huge snakes on display.

Beautiful Rebecca "Rendaming kaki"
Since we were there, we decided to go dip our legs in the pool which we saw,
where others did the same earlier. Expected the water to be hot,
but it was surprisingly an icy cold :P

Yours truly "getting close to mother nature"
with the two big men towering behind spoiling my pic:P 
Since they wear shoes n socks, they decided it'll be too tiresome
 for them to take our their shoes, wear them back again...

Not so clear and icy cold water :D

One for memories' sake
Someone looking smart in his formal shirt n tie . . . :)
The one who never fails to encourage me to WALK and excercise . . . :P

This was a random 1/2 hour + trip which saw us walking into the jungle in the middle of the day (1pm+), seeing snakes and dipping our feet into nice cold flowing water :) Entry was free, just like your average park. I vote that we should have more trips before we get old and our bones start to ache and creak ( wait, I think they already do at times . . . :/ )

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

when 5/6 people in the bungalow hear it...

The funny moment when you're talking to someone whose's inside the toilet about next semester's groupings, and the one downstairs hears and responds all the way upstairs as well, telling her to change to his group instead . . . And the one in the next room hears it and all of us simply burst out laughing . . .

simply coz this place is definitely not soundproof.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. can't help it but to laugh . . .

Monday, December 5, 2011

Service with a Smile . . . Not

So I sent my poor lappy to the Asus Service Centre @ SPS building, Jalan Imbi this morning, after years of it having a broken hinge and a cracked LCD cover. There goes RM250 . . .

The thing that I found out today was a little surprising to me. (NO Offence meant to ANYONE at all, this is my blog and my observation). The guy attending to me was a foreigner, Caucasian, probably German. Anyway, he WASN'T FRIENDLY AT ALL. You know how the saying goes "service with a smile"? This was the totally OPPOSITE.

Told my dad bout what I noticed, and he told me that actually,  this is one of the classic "real westerners", whom mostly are cold and not friendly, especially to us Asians. In fact, I recall that he and my mum told me last time when they invited people over for lunch, "2.30pm" meant 2.30pm, and if you came say, an hour, even 15 mins earlier, they'll make you wait outside the door.

I guess whatever grouses I have with our country, the one thing I love about this place is the people. I'm always impressed when different races interact with politeness, like recently how the Malay ladies from the roadside hawker stall said "terima kasih" (thank you) with such sincerity after I bought a burger  that it makes my day.

So yeah, this guy who attended to me was pure businesslike, minus the courtesy and smile. Sigh . . . I could go on ranting but whatever, this isn't want I really want.

Today, I see one of the sides of Asians that are rare in the "developed world". I see the warmth, the genuine care that we have for one another, like when I saw an old Indian lady help a paraplegic Chinese man place a pillow at his side in the hospital, treating him as one of her own.

This is what we're supposed to be. The world will know you when you love your neighbour. How true.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tummy Upset :(

Had severe burning + colicky pain for the past two days now, which was seriously a torture. Started yesterday, an hour after having horlicks and roti pisang at a mamak restaurant.Finally am better now after taking lots of oral rehydration salts to normalise the electrolytes in my body, H2 Receptor blockers Ranitidine and Proton Pump Inhibitor for the gastritis (burning pain)...but the colicky pain persisted.

To top it off, I had severe nausea, which dad gave me Stemetil for. Its ironic, coz Stemetil can cause further pain. So how?

Dad finally went to the hospital to get anti spasmodics Buscopan for me, and he took activated charcoal pills as well. So now I'm better, but the pain is still there when I move (say, getting up from the bed, or the chair..)

Hope I get well soon. Gastrointestinal upsets have, and always are one of my biggest nightmares :(

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun Fair @ Port Dickson

It's been past a year and I've never been to Ben, a friend's house in Port Dickson. Came home after uni, went shopping for dinner materials, went home to be told to put everything back into the fridge. lol! 

So to PD we went, the friend staying near the hospital. Well his place is awesome, and apart from the space factor( I need more space). I love the furnishing of the house, the view of his balcony(facing the beach n sea...who doesn't wanna wake up to such a beautiful view every morning??) the way everything is set. But no pictures since its his privacy we're talking about. 

We went out for dinner (again no pics) and I took a "burger oblong" from the roadside. IF I ever go again I shall snap a photo. Well it was decent, and a friend described it as "just like prosperity burger from MacD but a fraction of the price". Guess I gotta agree there. 

Then since opposite the road there was this fun fair, we made a trip there. Din't take many photos since left hp in the car..but here r some of the scenes that we managed to capture.

Ferris wheel, 360 turning thingy....
The rides at the fair. Pretty decent for a small time fair. 

Legalized gambling :P
Some of the stalls there. There were the "mesti dapat" games and the "tak mesti dapat" games. There were actually many people there...

  Among the many stalls...

The awesomes who went :D 
The 5 of us who went, Ben even in his formal attire -.-

You spin my head right round right round...
The highlight of the day - the ride of the pirateship like ride which turned 360 degrees which lasted for 3 mins+. came of feeling slightly nauseated, CS with headache... but apparently it was worth it :P

The reason I went on? coz got frenz teman, and coz I wanted to try it out. You know as you grow older u sorta lose the ability to do that, get nauseated faster? well I wanted to tick this of my "life's to do list" (which I don't have :P ) before I hit middle age. Aha.

My souvenir for the day, a pillow with a cacat smiley face :D
Guess its time to introduce my other half (in case you haven't deduced from the past few posts and my sidebar)... my Mr Tall, the one who always makes me laugh, the one whom always makes me smile :) My other half, Samuel :)  He tossed some tokens and got me a pillow :D

It was pretty fun, going back and sleeping till morning 10+ coz there wasn't class the day after. And going back and cooking tomyam soup for lunch.

Thank you God for all the blessings that you have placed in my life. I appreciate it all. :)