Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tummy Upset :(

Had severe burning + colicky pain for the past two days now, which was seriously a torture. Started yesterday, an hour after having horlicks and roti pisang at a mamak restaurant.Finally am better now after taking lots of oral rehydration salts to normalise the electrolytes in my body, H2 Receptor blockers Ranitidine and Proton Pump Inhibitor for the gastritis (burning pain)...but the colicky pain persisted.

To top it off, I had severe nausea, which dad gave me Stemetil for. Its ironic, coz Stemetil can cause further pain. So how?

Dad finally went to the hospital to get anti spasmodics Buscopan for me, and he took activated charcoal pills as well. So now I'm better, but the pain is still there when I move (say, getting up from the bed, or the chair..)

Hope I get well soon. Gastrointestinal upsets have, and always are one of my biggest nightmares :(

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