Friday, November 2, 2012


Writing with an empty stomach, my GI system must have been totally consumed by hydrochloric acid by now -.-

Random thoughts yesterday - I have grown, even if it is just a little. for instance, I no longer ask things that I do not want to know about. For example : Who hates me?

I used to wanna know. Inquisitive me, perhaps. ...I've lost track of my thoughts, talking to people around me. Anyway, the point is this - so what if I knew who hates me? Will it change who I am? Should I change who I am for them? If I live for others, I'll never be happy; because I cannot ever please the whole entire world. There are so many types of people in this world, we're bound to step on someone's feet. Thats why most of the time I keep my nose (or try to) out of other's business. And try keep to myself.

Life...Is not easy, especially growing up. You realize that it is just a whole bunch of responsibilities and complicated relationships. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post 3 months Hiatus

WOW! 3 months (nearly 4) since my last post. No wonder Benedict says my blog is well and truly "Dead".

What have I been up to? Since July, much has happened - the all famous EOS 9, which by God's grace everyone made it through, went to Mongolia (I should really blog about this one), came to Batu Pahat, finished the "worst" posting surgery/orthopaedics and now am nearly at the end of Paediatrics (which is chill and cool :P )

I recall the many times I wanted to blog and never made it. The key word? Procrastination, which is a bug that bit me hard. Sigh. But apart from that, Batu Pahat has been really really busy, portfolios and all.

Update soon! :) (I hope)