Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December...or whats left of it?

No...this place isn't dead :D

Its just that mua has been busy, and many things /events have been happening.

Can't believe December shot what, 2 days left?

Lets just say...mua needs to buck up. Like, seriously. Or else can throw myself into the ocean.

So yeah. Been experimenting on lots and lots of food, from chinese to western. I actually like cooking, using the oven...:D the only pains include preparation (like washing every leaf of each vege) and waiting for food to defrost because I am oh so impatient.

On my side, I've just started surgery. well, 2nd week into surgery already. Still feel like a rookie / noob/ newbie, apa pun tak tahu...

All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In fond memories of...

I was chatting with a friend and noticed that he had linked me. He's got a new blog, and a very well thought out one, in my opinion! :) Welcome to the world of blogging, Tej! :) 

I then saw that a mutual friend of ours, Tay had actually blogged bout my farewell here( bittersweet memories... >< ) He's a super duper amazing photographer, just in case you guys were wondering. And more than that, he's an amazing amazing friend whom I cherish and miss just like the rest of them back in IMU BJ.

You can get to their blogs by clicking on their names above. I've already linked them both in the sidebar too =)

I cant but marvel at this photograph. It brings back so, so much fond memories captured of 2 besties sharing a moment together. *nostalgia*

the 2 of my besties back in IMU. they are AWESOME. Hurt them and you die. I MEAN what I say. (wah ganas...but then again, who would protect them if I dont?) 

And some of the amazing people who made it for the "farewell". These people (and those not in the photo as well) I truly sayangs betul betul. It was one of the hardest (but inevitable) thing to do, by leaving to seremban.

But friends are forever no? Wherever they are, I know I'm missing them and loving them, and that they always have me to fall back on if they ever need to. Thats what friends are for - they stay when everyone else have left... 

Lots of love and hugs, 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tale of too many mosquitoes ]=

Tale of too many mosquitoes ]=

1089214 mosquito bites everywhere, especially the legs. red spots everywhere, itching like... many many many ants biting and not going away. Booooooo ): ): ): ): ):

Tale of too many mosquitoes?

...Basically summed by 1 phrase:


ktxbye ):

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of wishes and Dreams

They always say be careful about what you wish for, it might come true.

In more than one occasion over the past few weeks, I've personally experienced it. Sorta scary... :s    :O  >:|

...Gotta start watching what I wish and say. 

ps: Welcome December. wait a minute...its December already!?! :O :O :O

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To You

me feels blessed and is grateful. Allow time for adjustment.

ktxbye :) 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Seremban Chronicles Continue...

Finally! Some pictures that I'm happily uploading :D

Cendol @Haji Sariff
Cendol(normal) was good. But the company was what made it worthwhile. :)

 Ellysyia @ Kampung Angkat Sejagong
Again I was placed in a semi-modern a kampung. Haha. Anyway its true...that the villagers accept people with open arms and open hearts. And what we gave is nothing like what we got in it the hospitality or care or even material wise. they may not have much, but they give freely...

MunYee@ KKS 
A super cute adorable girl whom I was able to "bond" with during her 1/2 hour visit to the clinic. She's 4, and her mum is only 19! Her hyperactive self and not-afraid-of-anything + cheeky personality reminds me of my past(or what I hear of my past)...

On a lighter and random note, the other 3 girls (instead of just 1 initially) in the seremban pink party house is officially "taken" aka attached... :D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


As I walked by Kenny Rodgers @ Seremban Jusco yesterday, I saw a girl that resembled closely(coz im really not sure) a patient who had been hospitalized for close to 1 month. She came in pretty sick, and slowly became better over the next few weeks, before she was discharged. 

That girl was eating, with her friends.

And suddenly I wondered how all "my" patients are doing. For all the time they stay in the hospital, all the time we painstakingly "stalk" their every history and do invasive investigations... our motive was, and will always be just to get them to get better, to be able to lead normal lives outside. 

...And maybe that's why I live. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Irony: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

How ironic that the things we say and who we are outside is so different from who we are inside. 

How I learnt the word:
friend:" fat chance."
me: "oohh cool.. :)"
friend:"no dumbo, fat chance = slim chance"
me: "=.="
friend: now you know whats irony...

Its how when someone asks you: how are you? 
and you answer with a smiley face "I'm fine, thank you!" 

...When you're just dying inside

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friends don't have an expiry date

Production date: - Insert date-of-birth-
Expiry date: Non-existent

...Because friends, especially good ones, don't have an expiry date. If I call you a friend, I'll never ever dump you aside / throw you away :) 

-Dedicated to those whom I call friends whether you're near, here, far, somewhere else... - 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It feels like Saturday

Case summary is a pain in the gluteus maximus. How many hours and days just agonizing over it, trying to write something coherant, something complete. annoyingness ><.

On the bright side, my computer's Avira has been UN-installed, and the annoying "trojan" that apparently when googled is a gimmick to make me buy the original product (Which kept appearing way too often) is now gone! :D no more annoying "virus detection" sound :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

BAD-minton? not bad at all...

Just back from badminton. It was...actually fun despite my super resistance initially to go.

*pauses, lost for words*

you know the times where you've got so, so much hidden inside your heart but you open your mouth and no words come out?

This is one such time.

"He will cover you with his feathers, 
   and under his wings you will find refuge; 
   his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. "

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walking Talking Laughing

Of uninterrupted long walks(by mosquitoes and what nots), beautiful nature, good friends, nice food, simple joys.

Somedays, much as I try I'm just not able to wipe that childlike grin off my face. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And a piece of me just dies

When everything seems ok on the outside but the hurt is buried deep inside...

People say "move on" too easily. Its idiotic people whom hang on cause they they reminisce. They reminisce cause they poured out they life, their soul, their everything...

...And a piece of me just dies inside.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sem 2's Survivor's story

This is dedicated to my beloved sem 2 friends (and juniors, which in this case is apt).

"Once upon a time, there was this girl who was wanted to "be a doctor". She was just fresh from college, raring to do medicine. She happily enrolled herself in none other than IMU.

Semester 1 came and went, with herself barely studying. The last 3 weeks before exams she "played slides" everyday. Summative 1 came. She passed...but barely.

Semester 2 commenced. She resolved to STUDY her ass off. Didn't even join orientation - only did first aid for the juniors. Studies? Oh, stress levels were high...probably synonymous to the pressure cooker enough to cook a huge chicken. He memory was somewhat like "Touch and go" - study and forget. Or rather, study and remember for 293seconds, then forget.

Believe me, it was one of the most stressful and painful periods of her life. All around her people asked each other simple questions - like "name me 3 features of the large intestine". and her mind will go blank, she'll panic. worst still, she was studying "randomly" - din't even know things in the study guide (wait, there was a study guide? :O )

She crashed. So. so many times. Tears, dark eye circles like nobody's business, zombie-ing days, no difference between nights and days... the routine was stare at notes / fall asleep / stare at notes/ go to toilet with notes... with no avail. (Since nothing was retained in the mind.). The fear of failure naturally loomed at the back of her mind, haunting her every thought and action...

So yes. that was the 3 month nitemare( or somewhere there). to cut the long story short, her friends ( a few of them) were her solidarity, who supported her through the whole "ordeal". The "library gang" would encourage each other, have dinner together from all the godness-knows-how-healthy-roadside-food and then continue studying till the Indian aunty will knock the cup rhythmically calling out "library closing! library closing!!!" ...

The exam came, and the exam went.

And she passed. Not by herself - by the grace of her God ; and also because of her amazing friends who were amazing enough to share and care unselfishly - not just knowledge but the social support of just being there for each other. The sincerity when one genuinely goes "oi you BETTER study" instead of "don't worry, i din't study also" which obviously would be a lie.  "

Hope. Faith. Love - Just hang on, finish strong!

I know I suck at writing. Bottom line is this - I've been there before, I know entirely how it feels. I'm the border line student who hangs on by bare thread thin line... I guess in the end, you just throw up your hands and go "I've done my best, this is it". As long as you know you've given it your all and you ever don't throw in the towel - to me that is success. Don't bother comparing with others - there will always be people better than you (and likewise, not as good). Do it for yourself, so that you can be proud of yourself. Do it for the hopes and aspirations of the future - your future patients deserve your time and dedication and hard work you put in now.

And don't lose sight of the whole picture - this is but temporary. Get through this and you will look back and ask yourself "How did I get through this!?" and remember it as a bittersweet moment. Of course, the 2 month holiday is a very good incentive to look forward to as well...

But ultimately ask yourself this question - Is it worth it? Because if it is, I'll give it my all, no holding back. 
And if you ask me, someone who has been through the crap of Phase 1 - it is definitely worth it.

There are better times ahead. Look forward to that.

a survivor
(Excuse her - she hasn't written essays for ages)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy bz bz...

This week spelled busy. Clinical exam (first time in Seremban), CFCS (Home visit report + theme 1 report + presentation slides) + internal med assignments (2 Case Reports (2000 words each) + 5 case summaries (300+ words each). ) Fantastic eh.

wanna blog with pictures next. stay tuned :) (if anyone ever reads this anymore

ps: To my sem 2 juniors and dentistry sem 4, all the best preparing for exams! u guys will do well :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


No one ever said transition was going to be easy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Its been more than a week now. 2 weeks left in internal medicine. its the usual, day after day, day after day.

Venepuncture aka blood drawing? better. but still need lots and lots of practice. i think my practical skills are like that, which means im not a "naturally talented" person but have to work on it. most probably my driving would be like that too, if i have chance to practice.

arrrgh. but yeah blabbing. yesterday had CP(Case presentation). made a dumbass mistake.presented the case. said the patient had chickenpox more than 30 years ago. so the doctor asked "what virus causes chicken pox?" \

my mouth shot out "herpes simplex". gg man. i KNOW its varicella zoster but somehow maybe at the back of my mind i was thinking herpes zoster. either way, embarassing. herpes simplex is an std  -sexually transmitted disease. groans....

the doctor took it very nicely tho. aka no scolding. he reminded us (me?) of a few things - think before we speak, especially as doctors. and assume nothing.

got so much running in my head right now but I'm actually supposed to rest. PBL in bout 10-15 mins. I should really be more disciplined...

Monday, October 4, 2010

wake me up when september ends...?

It seems like eternity I've been here. And yet. And yet... I know I'm not entirely settled yet. Esp after going home for 2 days then coming back. The feeling is...not the best. Gotta adjust. Just like the times I just returned, I can't sleep properly, keep waking up throughout  the night.

Managed to draw blood. EASY ones. some poke patient's more than once and cause them pain, failed doctor :(  my hands shake like crazy even tho I don't want it to. so much for thinking of doing surgery. or maybe I just to give myself some time. I'm probably one of the worst and slowest students around. But I will try, and hopefully be the best I can...

Still can't but feel wee bit dejected. Seriously. Everyone has their own challenges some are "harder" than the rest? I don't know what  to say except that God, help me...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEARLY lost. gosh.

Was walking back to the car with my phone in hand.(BAD move. I so should NOT do it). got into the car, dropped in into my lap on the labcoat i was carrying.

Then I got out of the car to open the car door behind me.

"Eh, borrow phone, my phone no credit" friend went bout 5-10 minutes later.i was going to pull out my phone and suddenly I just could NOT find it. I sorta freaked inside, since this isn't the first time in a short while I lost something important...again :/

Retraced my steps back to the car park bout 3 mins away, and it was under the next car, just beside the wheel. Reverse the car(thank God we finished early no one was out yet), and my phone is gone.

Really really thank God. Seems like even when I'm unaware He does care and watch out for me. Just a phone, but its important...I so need bigger pockets :/

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

passing thoughts

Different things remind me of different people I love and miss. I seem to see them (and then end up disappointed coz obviously its not them) so many places... :(

Friday, September 24, 2010


On call tonight. Went to A & E instead of wards. What to do? A &E my "first love" (or one of it).

Did another ECG today. Non supervised one, I mean. ACS (Acute coronary syndrome). Ok lah. Ran over to ask stupid question, but was ok in the end.

Then there was another Indian male that needed an ECG. All my friends were crowding around him.

So I thought ok, I'll just let them do it and keep my mouth shut. Slowly find leads, slowly print the paper...

Then they asked me how to operate the thing (what the doctors want). And then the ecg it din't come out nice. But instead of reading what I could, I decided to redo. The 3rd time the doctor came over, and while i was telling him "not really nice" he was scanning through the leads he then went : "SHIT! MI!"( MI - Myocardial Infarction aka heart attack).

And when he was scanning through I saw the ST elevation. I felt like "..."

Later on the poor patient was counselled on treatment and possibilities etc, and finally went I left he was just intubated. Hopefully he recovers. He has a family waiting for him...

Moral of the lesson, at least for me: Emergency Department, you really gotta take things seriously, and a bit faster. You never know that few minutes could actually help the patient? Just my 2 cents, at least.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ulcer the size of 2cm x 1cm. Started last week with two mini sized dots and they grew and grew, and gradually decided that a union would be a happy thing, much to the dismay and despair of the poor body. The whole body has been well and truly weakened and put to much suffering due to the extreme pain felt throughout the whole day for a few days now :'(


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Internal Med

Internal Med

Actually like internal med. Then again, I expected I would like it. BUT, tbl's? different story.

Still much adjustment to be made. Still lost around wards (altho i do like it) but I would love to start doing procedures (like assisting in the ECG today, thanks to my nursing friend). So far cases I've seen have been pretty ok, really thank God for that. (I mean, I feel sorry for the patient. I'm just grateful I have the chance to see these patients to enhance my knowledge and experience).

Slowly my friends are leaving one by one. Ash leaves tonight, Sooky left already. Both UK pple. Now, our gang is complete here in s'ban, save for Sook. :'( But it's ok. Its not goodbye, I believe.

Learning to be generous and patient in dealing with life. By that I mean housemates / people etc. Learning to give and take, to smile and not take offences (compared to younger days?) and much much more. Learning humility and much much more.

Will update soonish. Have a safe flight Ash, you will be missed. Sook, I hope you're doing well there. Boring? we're crazy busy right now. But still miss you guys!

ps: during tbl today the patient's heart monitor sounds "tut...tut...tut..." sound was sorta "ringing" in my head. Does ward rounds do this to you?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Seremban, 12.10am

Seremban, 12.10am 

Back in Seremban the previous evening. Buzzed around just doing all the random stuff. Then Jaer and Mohawk-hair-now-gone came visiting for quite some time before they left.

Sitting in front of my computer right now, I actually got tons to read up on. Now the grind starts again. Except this time, we have loads more work then back in pre-clinical phase...What you learn in a month is condensed into a week or less than that. And this includes the clinical part that we could afford to skip the last time.

Just yawned. Somehow, there is a "quiet" sense of loneliness today, this moment. But I suddenly remembered that "All things work for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes".

I shall trust.  

Friday, September 3, 2010


Seen on a fb wall-to-wall and actually, long long ago many many times in the emails...

"CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover (December 22 to January 19) Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Grouchy at times and annoying to some. Lazy and love to take it easy, but when they find a job or something they like to do they put their all into it. Proud, understanding and sweet. Irresistible. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Cool. Loves to win against other signs in sports, especially Gemini's. Likes to cook but would rather go out To eat at good restaurants. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Smart."

Not sure how true it actually is? I for one think that I fit "some" of the traits but dare not acclaim others like "Sassy, sexy, smart". hahaha. Comments are very much welcome :D (well actually I highly doubt I got a readership base...)  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Joanne is...


..Is tired. I really should make it a point to sleep early. Last few late nights included crashing each others rooms, talking stories etc. not so cranky/ emo. True enough there is much transition / adjustment to make. But fingers crossed, it'll be in good time? going home tomorrow.

...Has assignments already. Need to do homework this weekend...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Was supposed to go to "Carrefour" to "avoid feeding the mosquitoes" and to "get air-cond". End up not getting there (getting lost lah, summore dark at night) but ending up at "A n W" instead. Talking (more of listening) to random stuff but mostly on happenings such as human trafficking, syndicates that sell girls into prostitution and others into begging and more. And of how "Efficient" our country is in giving out PR statuses. Personal opinions shall not be revealed here, but suffice to say that our nation has much to learn, much to grow, much to improve on in many, many aspects.

Having said that, it would not be fair if I din't say I'm privileged to be in this nation, where the sun abounds (albeit too brightly and hot) and the harmony is still very much preserved here. Happy birthday Malaysia, may each year bring you much progress, especially in those aspects that we need to work on.

I thought I was ok

I thought I was ok, sorta settled. Well not exactly. I knew that the feeling , the tears just had to come. Its just a matter of when.

Dad and mom came down for a visit (coz they din't pass me the money the last time they were here). So yeah. And brought along food, a huge lifesaver coz it was house cleaning day and coz our house has a stove but no gas yet.

They just left bout 20 mins ago? And along with the image of them leaving was the stream of tears that I contained till I reached my room. And the "washing machine" is spinning, in Fida's vocab. Till now. Is it a case of homesickness or pms or just pure stress over the last few days... I really don't know.

I din't forsee it being this hard. Well maybe I did, but not like this. My friends just opened my door and saw me. I couldn't say a word,. Its just sobs now. They left me alone, I'm not sure tho if thats the best thing to do.

I think having a heart pumping with fresh blood is both a blessing and a pain - to love  means it hurts no? And when you love you give. Its always an unbalanced equation...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches 

It was past midnite in the "pink party house" (As Sook calls it), and nobody's asleep as of yet. Everbody(nearly) was helping lala king to fix his mosquito netting in his room. Tedious work, and "Self sacrificing" (since the superglue trickled onto nearly everyone's fingers and it peels of...with the epidermis layer of the skin too!

In the background is some very very old Christian music, with Hawaiian flavour with the "soothing Christmas songs" feel. So yeah...Christmas came early.

On the side of the house I heard a "Scream". "Ahhhhhhhh!" It....was a baby cockroach. Sprayed it a few times as its feet pattered up and down the wardrobe, probably more scared of us then we of it....

Day 2 of moving into Seremban "new" house(coz its actually a super duper old house), with the new "Family". The feeling is still new, but I can't seem to put my finger on the adjective to use to describe how I feel.

Summary of today's first day at IMU Clinical school : talks and more talks, with a sombre / depressing mood on a whole.  To be honest, felt sorta "abandoned" and forlorn here. Meeting the seniors from IMU BJ somehow wasn't like "Waaaaaa, nice to meet u!!!" I mean, sure it was, but it was a more "Serious", like "hi you're here good luck!" kinda feeling, if you get me. The "youthfulness" and the enthusiasm in IMU BJ was to me, visibly lacking...

And I miss my family back in KL. Both my blood related, and my IMU family. Thanks for the few messages I got throughout the day. Know that I miss you guys...

Sunday, August 29, 2010



And so, here I am, officially a clinical student. Time passes super duper fast... can't believe its end of August already. 

A few pictures of my room, taken with my phone camera. Lighting is different in the night. So maybe looks different? I'm not sure. But apparently my housemates vote it as the most "homey" one, with all of them vowing to buy posters and deco stickers to "beat" me in my room design :P 

Study table / windows/ bed

Bed/ Table(to put stuff?)/ DECO STICKERS :p

Wardrobe/ shelves/door

Should be able to orientate yourself to the layout of the room no? Its fairly simple.

Hopefully I'll be able to orientate myself to the "Seremban phase"( as I call it ) soon...For now the feeling hasn't properly set in yet. Its like I wanna cry but tears don't come out, I don't know how to feel...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Had a super relaxed-just-talk-walking-round with one of my besties. Eating at Food Garden, Gardens, then walking all around MV. And I really mean walking all over for hours. :) No "timing" to care about since we were't going to catch movies, no errands to run... It was some time since we actually did that (walk around the whole of MV). Remember our most unhealthy dinner of a drink +a piece of sushi each + 2 boxes of ice -cream mini poppers? :O

Before she left my home, I finally managed to give Sook her super-belated birthday gift cum token of remembrance to Leeds. I, in return , got my own photo frame, with a "secret msg" hidden under. Which I actually found out coz I look at the small details (there were wooden splinters which I wanted to remove)

The photo which had a "secret msg" written on the back
Apparently she wondered if I would find it years later...too bad plan foiled! :p

Super nice eh? Sook was always the creative one :) The "Joanne" was written on the back of scrabble loose tiles. Not bad since I love scrabble myself! :) I can only say I love the gift... and I'll miss you loads! Remember you're supposed to come sleepover at my "blue room"!  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nearing the End

So many things to do all of a sudden. I wonder if I'll get to bed tonight (tho I'm sitting on my bed)... I'll probably sleep out of exhaustion. 

Packing is still being done. Wasn't home the whole day, but it was a good day. Met some people I haven't see in a while, celebrated ChengChun's birthday cum Chill 1st anniversary, went to the dentist aka awesome Sab at IMU for a proper checkup after 15 years ( shameful eh), and had a farewell dinner for the UK bound people who are leaving in these 2 weeks.

Group photo of all the MEDT108 attendees! Really gonna miss all these people :')

My own farewell by Sexiest + Cobra's + Chill(?)  is gonna be tonight. I'm gonna move stuff to Seremban in the morning / late afternoon, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I can come back in time!
Will update more when I actually can. Hoping there are no waterworks that are unnecessary...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Sooky is right...closer to exams / when we're stressed out bout something our usage of facebook/ blogposts increase. It is as if stress is proportionate to Facebook / blogging :P

Been somewhat packing today. Sorting out clothes to bring to Seremban. True, I may not have so much problem (like luggage weight prob) like those going overseas...but I still do have to pack and its not easy. "Splitting" oneself, the memories, the everything into half...Somewhat. I'm just not sure what to expect. Sighs.

Tomorrow night we're having a farewell dinner for those UK bound people whom are leaving in these 2 weeks. A sense of lingering sadness, of fondness of the many memories shared. Why is it that people always have to leave??

And Thursday night, is my own "Farewell" with my beloved "juniors". I've took them as my friends all these while. Apparently the venue hasn't been set yet since a current head count of 64 people are going. If you ask me thats crazy...Its like having a mini wedding reception :O Talk bout when one REALLY gets married :-O
I don't know how one person is gonna talk to like , 60+ people at a time. SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE. Lol. haha.

The crazy things we do. 

I'm...gonna miss these people. These people who have brightened my days, these people who kacau me puas puas, these people whom I love and love me too. These people whom I have opened my heart and shared my life with. It is not goodbye...coz good friends stay together through the years, distance and time notwithstanding...

My very first (and last?) treasure hunt in IMU BJ. 

...My room is in an utter mess... Just like the condition of my heart. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Half baked potatoes aka convocation

Half baked potatoes aka convocation 

2.5 years of medical school, of pre-clinicals in IMU. Today we celebrated the end - We made it through phase one!!! But at the same time also it is a transition, and a tough one - taking up a huger responsibility as a student doctor, where lives of people are involved. 

101 feelings I felt today, sitting as a "graduate" of ME108 Phase 1 convocating class ... bittersweet mostly.  

Beloved parents + 2 of my besties Ash and Sooky :)

Will update more later with more photos and what nots. But I must tell you that I was really, really touched that my juniors namely Siew See, Ruby and Fida self assembled the bouquet of flowers + graduating bear you see in the picture and presented it to me!

Thank you all of you guys for making my 2.5 years memorable. I really love you guys, and will miss all of you...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories

The bits and pieces of the well deserved holidays with some pictures. Somehow I already miss these memories...

Coffeeshop talk
Watching football at a coffeeshop with the others (And guys too actually lol). It was the match of I think spain(?) vs Korea, where the Korea fella scored home goal. 

Mango Lassi :D officially one of my favourite drinks :D
Sandip finally took us to Kabul @ KL Sentral (inside Sooka's building) for north indian food. Super nice. From the naans to the dhal to the butter/ tandoori chicken etc. Anyone wants me to recommend I'll recommend this one. The price is really reasonable too. Everyone was so stuffed we din't bother doing anything else (like camwhoring :P )

I don't know how many times of Karaoke we went. My housemates are karaoke fans. :P Oh but yes we found out some stuff. Like how Sam(Red shirt) can rap and how Kel (black shirt funny expression) and Morgan sing Korean songs like "Gee" and others(think SNSD & Wonder girls ) XD And how EeWei has a good voice etc. :)

Sushi-ing with the ladies. 
@Sushi Zenmai , Gardens. from left - Cheryl, June , Parisha, with BOLD makeup, me, Sookie super well dressed :D and Zia. It was fun just sushing and talking. We talked/ laughed so loud that a waiter had to slightly embarrassedly ask us to tone down. We decided that it was time to leave :P 

Genting trip
Happy red victorious (belated) 21st babe! :) 
As I wrote in earlier posts, the Genting trip finally happened. It was also actually a surprise celebration for my bff Sookie's 21st. Which I'm happy to note, was a real surprise to her :D

The awesome birthday girl + delicious cake 
I went miles (literally :P), going from where we were to another different place bout 5-6 floors up in a completely different building to get the cake. Chocolate mud cake with the button like coffee on the sides and white chocolate toppings :) Everyone oohed and aahhhhed at the cake, exclaiming that it was REALLY good. Ah well, best cake shop in Genting, the Bakery. Found no where else :D

This is how a holiday should be like...relaxing!
Haha could pass off as a very very good ad. Too bad so many of the things were closed that shot, for instance. And when it started to rain in the afternoon...

Exhilarating :D 
Now I sorta regret not going for painball. hahaha. Before we left Genting, the guys called to say they were on the top floor going to "shoot". So we went up. Watching them play (Jaer followed by Sandip) my heart felt "moved" to play too... but it was nearly time to leave! Haha. My Sifu Sandip again just told me "just go pay and play ony!" I sure don't regret it. Was taught how to shoot a gun. Aiming etc. First few shots were wayyyyy out as I had NO idea how to aim (supposed to be through that little hole I'm supposed to look through) but when I properly started on the 4th try(I paid for 20 "ammo") it was 9.8, 9.9, 10 around those lines. SUPER DUPER exhilarating! :) Sugar rush man. :D :D :D

Lit people are creative people? :)
The bunch of literature gang that went up. Behind you can see "sound and lighting", and there's blind Teresias in front with the beautiful Oracle. We were supposed to portray what we were. But I was the emcee and credits song performer. What could I do? :O

Group shot :) 
Before we officially left, we gathered to have a group shot. I have no idea whats with the lame ultraman signs. haha -_____- It was a good day. And I'm gonna remember the memories for a long, long time :) 

Final "event" and pictures that follows!

North Indian food @ Passage thru India , Damansara 

Morgan awestruck by the food
This time,Parisha hosted us to North Indian food in Damansara at a place called Passage thru India. The food is very,very good. I must caution you however, do bring enough money as this place is pricey. Its literally nearly double the price of the food @ Kabul KL Sentral. 

Mouth watering much? :P
Butter chicken, various naans and something I cant identify. All of which tasted good.

Group pic. 
Haha dunno if u consider this a "family photo". Its a funny one if so :P This is one in which u could see the exquisite interior designing lah. While I was googling it, I found out that there is also a branch at Pearl's International Hotel. Hmm....

Outside, I pestered aka bossed the guys to pose the guys decided to do "creative posing" for photos. You must agree this is a brilliant shot thanks to the photographer  :P

Model shot of (fill in the blanks) magazine cover 
The girls however, are not so easily can be seen from the picture above. I love this shot too. Gotta thank good lighting for this one, just like the last one too :)

This finally concludes the picture post of these fond memories of the holidays. Full set of pictures can be accessed under an album by itself "Post EOS5 Chilling/ Outing".

...August means that people are leaving soon, and many of us going to Seremban. Things won't be the same again, what with everyone everywhere, life constantly revolving... but I know these are the memories that are treasured deep within me, that never fails to bring out a smile... and that wherever you guys all are, you'll all always be a part of my fond memories :) 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Embracing August...

And before I know it, 1/4 of August has passed. Very very soon its gonna be end of August, which also signifies the end of my holidays...and the start of a grinding 2.5 years in Seremban as a clinical student. One step closer to the doctor I've always wanted to be...but I can only imagine(for now) the amount of grueling training and the immense sacrifice we the students will have to make. Having said that, I'm only the wee-est(if there is such a word) bit excited. Most of me just does not know what to expect, what to anticipate.

What have I been doing for the past 1 week? "mourning" for my lost stuff. Hence the sounding from Fifi telling me "I wanna see a happy post, I don't care if lame". But the fact is that those were my most prized possessions...  how to not feel sad over them?

NEARLY am at the "last phase" of sorting out accommodation issues in my future house. Fingers crossed, will be signing the tenancy agreement this coming week. Then there is the issue of the fridge. To get a 1 door fridge? and bed frame etc etc etc? haha. and the proper "moving in". So yes, time to get busy busy busy again...

Plans this week : hoping to  make a trip down to either PD aka the polluted seas of port dickson(unless we can find a not polluted one...any ideas? or a Melaka trip(for the food lah, duh). Not exactly going there to see Mahsuri / the A Famosa / the whats-it-called-i can't remember drain well XD Sorry lah, but seen once seen twice don't fancy it thrice. Or maybe the famous jonker street? we shall see :)

Till then...I'm gonna "enjoy" the rest of my hols... (Don't get me wrong, I really do find this it-doesn't-matter-what-time-I-wake-up and no-101-notes-to-finish life a rare bliss :P )

Thursday, August 5, 2010

day 4...n still heartsick

Sigh. Its been a while since I've properly updated. But this time I couldn't bring myself to even blog bout it. Just sitting down, staring at the phone / post hoping someone returns it...

Been working weekends. Initially for fun la. (Now I don't quite feel it). During the last day of my 3 week work, I dropped my purse outside IOI mall (near the staff entrance) on the floor where cars zoom by. Sighs... It must have dropped coz I took out my purse to zip it, left it on my lap n when I got out of the car it dropped. Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh....the nightmare that follows.

I lost everything inside - down from my IC, Driver's licence, atmcard, student id (all these have to remake, all with costs over hundreds as well) ON TOP of my NEW MP3 which is barely a few months old worth RM200++.... AND my house keys (had to change to locks) plus my seremban wardrobe keys which means I can't use that 2 locked drawers (coz they're already locked). *sniff*

When I realised it was probably 2-3 minutes later...and when I rushed back it was gone. How many times I retraced my footsteps and checked the sides, it was well and truly gone. All in all that 2-3 minutes of carelessness cost me bout RM500++. It is, as my dad said, an expensive lesson. Esp that the mp3 was supposed to be my companion when I'm sad / lonely in Seremban.

Everyone asks me to be positive. It was super hard. Till now...Till the point I dreamt that it was returned to me, but when I wake up it was... but a dream. I did try to console myself at least it isn't 5000, but it was truly one mistake I never saw coming. Extremely grateful for pple like person2go2 (you know who u are) who drove all the way through the jam to pick me from my place to make a new ic and take me back again. Probably used up like 2-3 hours of his precious time. Thanks for just helping me out through this seriously difficult time. And for those who try consoling / encouraging me. For just listening /bearing with me.

I'm sorry if my temper has been on the edge...I noticed it too. And I'm not someone whose temper flares up, but when another is insensitive and speaks brashly, I seriously find that really hard to accept. I mean, who am I right? But sometimes silence is better than words that hurt..not that you realize it, do you?

Like a few pple Fifi and Chip reminded me, these things that I've lost are replaceable. In that sense I've got something to be grateful for. And even after that episode I still had to go back to work...(remember I was working)   One customer was telling me in life that we always are on the "rugi" (shorter end of the stick) side 'once in a while'...but at least it affects us when we still can take it, meaning it doesn't affect our lives so much (compared to if that say, RM200 meant life and death...or livelihood to one).

So if I seem upset, now you know why. Please don't ask me to recount the details anymore, its rather painful. ...Sometimes I just wish I had the option to turn back time.

Monday, July 19, 2010



Conversation with Wei Hoong over msn....How I miss these people.

hoonghoong says:
 eat more butter
 then when you learn how to fly 
 you can become butterfly

Ahhhhh. How I miss that humour. And how I miss every other thing. Life....

I'll like to make myself believe...that planet earth turns, slowly....   -Fireflies- 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random musings

Random musings

To be very honest, I have been doing nearly nothing but lazing /bumming around since I finished exams :D

First off, I moved my computer from the table to beside my bed, so I literally live beside my computer - That would probably explain my super prompt replies esp at Facebook huh ;p

Next , I just can't find the energy to do anything else - including reading a book (even novels). The sign of them just sends me to sleep. I haven't even watched Moulin Rouge which I downloaded weeks ago!! Instead, what I do is just close my eyes - "rest". The bliss of not having a 101 things to complete (well there are things I'm supposed to do which I'm sitting on, of course), such as the stack of notes to finish. I don't exactly miss that time ;p

Something random I saw on a shirt in a hypermarket

I do, however, miss my IMU phase 1 life, especially the library moments. Of sitting at the "gungho - sem 1 -study till 6pm " group aka Sexiest back in 2009 to the "fish market" table aka co13ras in 2010...I miss the moments. At times I'll just sit reflecting random moments like how "monkey" , "monster" and "nonsense" was the favourite words of Geena , Sofiah, Jolene and the other m109's, how Mae Yee will get bullied by the likes of Wei Hoong "Disgusting" how the chatterboxes of my beloved co13ras will start chatting away in mandarin, and the random (girl's) "Tie Day".

I remember the moments where Ruby would just sit beside me as I stone, and force me to eat something as I barely had the appetite to eat(crispy chicken or a muffin) Hoong2's favourite repetitive term "Don't worry, be happy" and his all-time-lame sentence "I give you bile, make you smile" (or something along those lines). Those, and many more have been my comfort so so many times when I was too distressed to even speak.

MaeYee, Ruby, Hoong2. SeXIest lives on forever =)

Fast-forwarding to 2010, the appearance of "Mangkuk" and many many more. "lil bro" Sze Jun, we-love-hugs Alex, Sexy Jit Tong, Siew See(Sexy) , Mr. Intelligent - Thinkalot Shane, Turtle Pencil-case-always get stolen Crystal... and more. They cheer me up in so so many ways. I'm smiling as I remember how I'll give some of them (like Alex, Fida) a hug each day when we meet and when one of us is going home. Its a "routine" that I grew accustomed to looking forward to. How all of us would not hesitate to offer advice or help whenever needed. To be honest, I was pretty useless as a senior... I din't do anything for them. They (my friends aka juniors in Imu) instead were 1 of the greatest sources of sunshine in my life. :')

(Most of) The lot of them from the "fish market" table XD

I don't regret knowing anyone of them / all of you (Coz I'm not sure if many of you will ever read this)... It is truly a great honour and privilege of mine to know all of you, who you are, sincere and real people. You guys leave me nothing but fond memories, and the amazing feeling of being immensely blessed by knowing each and everyone of you. :)

The practice video of variety night. It was funnier during practice somehow. 
Sorry for the quality...people were moving about

Here is something I never posted up for all of you to watch, the variety night practice video. Its the best I could take... ps: Here at least it's SCIENTIFIC breakthrough not medical breakthrough that earned us a QC ;P And I can't help but laugh at the stupid dance moves everyone was making at the end to the song "Umbrella" XD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Was reflecting on the recent change in events...of how complications can arise just like that and it really takes effort to resolve it. It was an equal headache to search for a house in Seremban , but now that thats done...

I actually went through many many websites, trust me on that. 1001 or maybe more websites, night after night searching for a place to stay...

Later on, I was introduced to a super nicely designed website Propwall, a Malaysia Property  website. To my surprise , it is actually worth a visit...the website layout is very soothing to the eye and more importantly , it is very updated and with lots of traffic. They even have more than 1,000 property analysis articles and 40,000 high quality property photos [all of which look very very chic and modern and classy ;) ], and all organized in such a way that is easy to navigate searching! 

However, if you ask me the downside , there is one major one - The majority of places advertised are either based in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. Only slightly more than 100 properties out of roughly 1600 properties are based in areas outside KL and Selangor. And the properties are also on the pricey side (you pay for class too right)

Apart from that , I find this website really good. Not only it is informative, with the asking price stated clearly, there are ample quality photos to view the properties. I often find it a turnoff when prospective sellers refuse to cooperate by giving enough photos - I won't even bother contacting the person in charge !  

So yes, if I were you, and searching for a place to buy / rent , I'll definitely give this website a go ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010



I can finally say I feel slightly relieved right now. Today, I declare, is a good day. =) And I hope it stays the same for the week, the month(s) and year(s) ahead :)

Finally sorta finalized the accommodation for Seremban. Gotta admit that working with people (4 other housemates) is challenging. A lot of tolerance, give and take, and heartache is involved. But ultimately, I know these people for 2 - 3 years already... And I know they're good people. Just different people have different quirks and fancies....which we'll have to get used to when staying together.

Its been a week of staying at home for me. Well not exactly, since I've been having a 2 hour per day refresher course for driving for the past 3 days including today. It ended at 9.45am this morning. Yes, waking up to alarms these 2 days...uggghhhh D: But I can say that I can drive now :) pretty confidently? back/ reverse park, hill / upslope even during times of traffic jams... :D cause for celebration haha.

thinking of taking up random part time jobs. preferably ushering jobs la. that I know I can, looking around for these 1-3 days contract thing since I daren't commit fully.

Genting trip is next wednesday...hopefully finalized :) waiting for replies, then can go buy tickets already. Ahhhh, time with my batchmates :)

*This is such a scatterbrain post, just like the others*

wrote down a list stuff I need to bring /get / pack / buy for seremban. I'm not sure how I feel actually...its a mixture of feelings. Oh the room is pretty big tho so if anyone wants to come crash you're always welcome... :)

Things I've done this hols:
- Finished a 6- hour driving refresher course
- Watched a few movies - Toy story 3 (loves loves loves), Dear John, The Notebook, Hairspray, REwatched the sound of music (many many times! coz the mucic is awesome), How to tame a dragon...
- FINALLY filed up my sem 5 notes
- kept my fingernails long .I can pluck (guitar) now :D even songs like Hallelujah. haha.
- Went Karaoke for the first time with Ange / Kel / Eewei / Morgan / Sam for the first time, IOI Red box. Pretty fun..some got hidden talents like rapping hahaha
- went house hunting 2 days in seremban. so yeah...thats done.
- Went back to IMU to help juniors with patient interview (hopefully it helped them , I know I tried my very best writing cases for them and commenting on how to improve). matter of fact is that many doctors nowadays fail to properly interact with patients. I can't say I'm the best, but I'll definitely try to be a doctor who knows her stuff and cares for the patient as well.  - and also help with CSU practice. I could finally see the difference after 1.5 years doing csu. There is difference between sem 3 and sem 5. Again, cases and techniques. I'm honoured to have taught these people tho I know I have lots to learn myself.
- Semi - cleared my bed (meaning I still need to clear , lah)
- Semi - cleared my table (lies looks just as messy as it was when I was studying :/ )

What I want to do:
- Go running. Properly. Havn't done so in a few months...and I love my running shoes.
- Go Genting! (well its the friends that matter. really...I always go genting ,so its not genting that attracts me)
- Stand in a windy place (Say a sandy place / fields) and blow bubbles (you know , the little bottles of coloured soap water you used to blow as a child? )
- change my blog layout. Got ideas but no skill. Anyone care to help? :(
- hmm actually cant think. haha
- tbc - to be confirmed :P

Hopefully no one was reading on till this long. People have always always commented that I write too long? The thing is, this is my blog. A place where I 'spill' whatever I wanna say , irregardless of what people think (of course, writing with consideration to others feelings as well, to a certain extent). The reason why it's actually so long is coz I pent up things inside. like a bottle filling up? Then it sorta "Explodes". Not the best thing to do tho....

Remember the mixed feelings I said I have. Some reasons I will not care to elaborate, but others...I'm gonna miss a lot of people from IMU. From my batchmates esp some of them, my orientation groups and the individual people...there are too many to name. Sexiest, and the likes rocker mommy / ever amazing jamming buddy Ruby , Eldwin, Chill, my "cute little brother" Cheeyip, Cobras, with the many many people like mangkuk Fida , introspective Shane, "chinese" brother wedeling aka Sze Jun, mirror Jit Tong, and many many many more whom if I have to list, I'll probably have pages full(depending on the size of the paper :P )

*heaves a sigh*

am lost for words for the moment. lost in thought...

Sneak peek of where I'll be for the next 2 years. lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

post eos5


I can't believe its been a week since the BIG EXAM in IMU, EOS5. This time last week Sooky and I were still trying some last minute practice on my beloved juniors. I tell you, I have juniors who rock. I can practice csu/ osce in the library and the pbl room as much and as when I please. Lol.

Anyway, pms results are out for everyone else. Why everyone else? Coz I'm part of the local programme, I already knew my next 2.5 years destination since sem 5 began, unlike the anticipation my pms friends had to go through. Congrats to most of my frenz who got their 1st/ 2nd choice...and even those who din't get their top few choices but got pretty good schools too. It is pretty ironic that you can set your mind to a certain continent / country...and be sent to the other :D haha. only IMU can do that to you. But in the end you realise that all is for the better?

went out a few time so far. Pizza hut lunch / midvalley walkabout + ice-cream dinner with sooky, / A - team movie + sushi / bangsar banana leaf + shopping + mango ice cream shake! awesome stuff I tell you. most pictures are with Sooky with her sexilicious camera... :D so we shall wait. I have a few which I will post up :D

My shopping kaki :D 
I think the expression on the cute paper bag that Ash's holding sums up our feelings aptly that day : ) 

I like the this picture - it has our drinks / desserts, and Sooky in a never-seen-before-cute-pouting-face :p
Oh just so you know...the mango ice cream Sooky and Ash had was called "dress me up" (coz it has mango pieces. the "bare" one with just mango is called "Yo Naked". hahaha I rememeber all of us having a bit of difficulty reading out the name when we first went there during my birthday celebration. haha. (Now we read without batting an eyelid :P )

Ahhhh. Havn't gone out with her in a long LONG time. *hugs*
The last was sem 4 with the likes of Dr Leow and what nots :P

Also had a pretty fun time "jamming" with Ruby in LT2 yesterday. Playing random songs from Edelweiss to "The moon represents my heart" (yeah old time chinese song) to Mandy Moore's "Only Hope" to the final big bang Switchfoot's "Dare you to move" was fun with Ruby on the piano and me on guitar. I have NEVER played so much or so hard for a long long time...welcome the calluses on my fingertips now hahaha.

We call each other mommy :) Love the way she plays the piano :)
We had a few camwhore shots before we left...I think this is the most "presentable" one hahaha. It was fun just chilling out, eating lunch, playing songs on our piano / guitar, singing and watching Ruby with her airguitar :) One heck of a rocker mummy :)

And tomorrow...the results are revealed. I wish and hope and pray for good results..all of us do. Dearest wish? Whole of M108 passes both theory and osce papers. That, would be a good dream come true :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I remember...

EOS 5 is finally over...Its been months and months of suppressed mixed feelings and of a hectic hectic schedule. its been crazy, studying the 9 body systems (and forgetting) and studying again and the cycle continues.

I guess I'm really at a loss now. I actually am not sure how I really feel, how its gonna be. There are surely gonna be many changes, some anticipated, some not.

For one, I'm really really gonna miss alot of my friends. From batchmates to my many many juniors and library furniture - mates and many good friends I've gained along the way. We've seen each other for as long as one sem (A few months) to 2.5 years...and its was an awesome time getting to know every single one of these people who have touched my life in so, so , so many ways. The journey that we shared, through sweat, joy, shouting, agony, tears, pain, boring lectures, combine tables lunches, random karaoke at piano sessions and all. All these things bring back fond memories, and a little sense of sadness in me as well. (not so little, but yeah).

I remember our M108 orientation days, where we had the most ridiculous (and cutest and hilarious and funkiest) animals / plants. The swan. The hamster. The asparagus. The peacock. The lotus. The bunny. BARNEY!!! and more.

I remember the mornings our beloved batch rep will make announcement with the microphone...with an "option" (Coz he'll do it anyway) of him singing for us. Voted most responsible, syiok sendiri, most... he truly holds many titles.

I remember the many lame moments we shared. From the most boring or random moment where a cold "joke" will come our from no where and cause the -___- feeling. I think we have a lecturer that sorta fuels the f-lame. awesome right :D

I remember the 2 IMU cups in 2008 and 2009, MEDT BANG BANG BANG and Hydra House. Remember playing darts for hours and hours. Remember screaming at the top of my lungs cheering my batch / house's cheerleading squad.

I remember the days of Oedipus, where everyone was transported in time with everything from props to make up to an awesome cast and chorus. That was a freaking awesomely enjoyable time. :D I thought got part 2...?

I remember the many trips / outings we all made. somehow mid valley seems the most often, followed by sunway pyramid and the others. The super indecisiveness of the people and the many steps extra we walked for that reason :D

I remember those days that even in semester 1 these particular people's butts were plastered to the blue library seats from after lecture to late evening, getting up only to eat lunch. And its definitely NOT m108 hahaha.

I remember being very proud of them for various reasons. more than getting champion, they stuck together (and still do) and did everything with a team spirit. And we had our first IMSS being a GIRL that totally rewrote history! I still believe her to be one of the best until now :D

I remember dancing to jai ho and forgetting the steps onstage despite practicing like crazy the whole day. Told'ya I couldnt dance lol.

I remember going for treasure hunt for the first time and looking like crap later :P but I did not look worst than my juniors tho, thankfully XD

There are so so many things I remember. This is some of them. Of course, how could I ever forget the days we the library furniture would mug, forgetting time and food? of purple/ red/ white spot books and mms models and more...

Thank you to each of you who made my life more meaningful. To those who saw me through various stages of my life. To those who teman-ed me and coaxed me to eat properly. To those who went out of their way for many many things, including the many days playing with the combination that worked on my face (makeup for ball) to taking me to the saloon; and those who sat by me day by day in lecture, the countless (literally) times prodding me(without success most times) while I took a trip to lalaland.

As you can see, I've got alot of thoughts I need to sort out in my brain. More later, and perhaps , when my brain is not so zombied (3 hours sleep the day before after being up nearly 24 hrs) and when more coherant flow presents itself :)