Sunday, August 29, 2010



And so, here I am, officially a clinical student. Time passes super duper fast... can't believe its end of August already. 

A few pictures of my room, taken with my phone camera. Lighting is different in the night. So maybe looks different? I'm not sure. But apparently my housemates vote it as the most "homey" one, with all of them vowing to buy posters and deco stickers to "beat" me in my room design :P 

Study table / windows/ bed

Bed/ Table(to put stuff?)/ DECO STICKERS :p

Wardrobe/ shelves/door

Should be able to orientate yourself to the layout of the room no? Its fairly simple.

Hopefully I'll be able to orientate myself to the "Seremban phase"( as I call it ) soon...For now the feeling hasn't properly set in yet. Its like I wanna cry but tears don't come out, I don't know how to feel...

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