Saturday, August 21, 2010

Half baked potatoes aka convocation

Half baked potatoes aka convocation 

2.5 years of medical school, of pre-clinicals in IMU. Today we celebrated the end - We made it through phase one!!! But at the same time also it is a transition, and a tough one - taking up a huger responsibility as a student doctor, where lives of people are involved. 

101 feelings I felt today, sitting as a "graduate" of ME108 Phase 1 convocating class ... bittersweet mostly.  

Beloved parents + 2 of my besties Ash and Sooky :)

Will update more later with more photos and what nots. But I must tell you that I was really, really touched that my juniors namely Siew See, Ruby and Fida self assembled the bouquet of flowers + graduating bear you see in the picture and presented it to me!

Thank you all of you guys for making my 2.5 years memorable. I really love you guys, and will miss all of you...

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