Monday, November 30, 2009

lit 09

Literature :)

I think lit is fun. For now. its kinda "my type". I like to think, to reflect. Detailed post of our first class is in Jene's post, and very well written. And one of the sayings during class was this

"who wants a living? I want a life"

and we were asked to voice out our opinions about the matter. Many took "life" as fun, meaningful, enjoyment, doing things that are special, not monotonous etc. Some are still searching. Nothing wrong bout that. But I think sometimes, one fails to realise that a living can = life. You can be doing the same thing everyday -studying, saving lives (doctor *cough cough*) - and you ARE earning a living - and that IS your life. The "living" can be meaningful, fun(subjective), monotonous and yet special (each patient is special/ each day holds a special meaning) at the same time.

I was googling live, love and laugh because its the 3 L's that pretty much what one should do it life - and then I saw this. the 4th L. Read daddy/ Eldwin's post bout learning(note: no 6 from the top if you just want to read his thoughts on the subject.

The 4th L - Learn. And the 4 L's of life summarized impeccably in this little colourful diagram - Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn.

On another note, I saw and took this quiz(note: below) from Jene's blog. Logical mathematical thinker, intrapersonal thinker. I think I am an interpersonal thinker too, but guess the 2 the quiz highlighted are my stronger personaties? what do you think? sounds like me? :)

Thinker quiz : what your results say about you

Some people have a strong preference for one style of thinking, and find some skills come more naturally than others. Other people tend to adopt different thinking styles in different situations.

This test gives you an idea of what your current thinking style or styles are. But remember - the brain is a very adaptive organ. You should be able to improve your performance in any one of these categories with practice.
The Renaissance ideal

The leading thinkers of the Renaissance were not just experts in their own field. The renaissance scholar was expected to master all branches of knowledge.

With his insatiable desire to know everything, Leonardo da Vinci is often held up as the ideal Renaissance man.

You are a Logical-Mathematical Thinker
Logical-Mathematical thinker Logical-Mathematical thinkers:
  • Like to understand patterns and relationships between objects or actions
  • Try to understand the world in terms of causes and effects
  • Are good at thinking critically, and solving problems creatively
Like Logical-Mathematical thinkers, Leonardo based his theories on evidence rather than speculation. Other Logical-Mathematical Thinkers include
Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Albert Einstein

Careers which suit Logical-Mathematical thinkers include

Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, Lawyer, Computer programmer, Engineer, Inventor

You are an Intrapersonal thinker
Intrapersonal thinker Intrapersonal thinkers:
  • Spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to understand themselves
  • Reflect on their thoughts and moods, and work to improve them
  • You understand how your behaviour affects your relationships with others
Like intrapersonal thinkers, Leonardo worked hard to improve all aspects of himself. Other Intrapersonal thinkers include
Sigmund Freud, Gandhi, Grahame Greene

Careers which suit Intrapersonal Thinkers include
Psychologist, Teacher, Pilot, Child care worker, Explorer, Drama therapist

Saturday, November 28, 2009

summatives over

Summatives are o-v-e-r. Just like Sooky, I'm not overjoyed. I also slacked pretty much this sem. but wee bit disappointed that even after studying pretty hard, I think my results are gonna be like always, mediocre. Sometimes its pretty frustrating when you think you've given your all...and the results come out are just average...yet again. I wish I had a super brain with a photographic memory?

Sometimes you wonder whether its all worth it.

Friday, November 20, 2009



Selective groupings are finally out...after a loong wait. And I got...


And I mean long... I've been waiting since sem 1. *grins* (I read someone's blog bout selectives before I even entered IMU...and resolved to do literature right after that. Its a 2 yr "dream come true"? hahaha

So. Timetable is out, along with groupings. Apart from the fact that lectures(well, lectures?) are all gonna be 1.30pm like sem 2 and 3, I quite like my timetable. I find it very interesting and likable... I'm one who cant sit through heavy lectures without dozing off even momentarily. No lectures at 8.30am in the morning / 4pm in the evening ; no assesments and no heavy lectures. Instead, drama rehersal(like crazy) with some essays on "personal reflection" etc, which involves...crapping ;p What could be better? The "down" side is we ARE gonna be busy. But when one is enjoying(hopefully), it doesnt become a chore, no? :)

Gonna be with people like Esther, Sufi, Angeline, Sandip, Hwei Jene, June and many others amounting to 52 peeps. Hopefully we get to pick our own groupings! *fingers crossed*

...King Oedipus. I hope we do justice to your pin-pierced bloody eyes and self-fullfilling prophecy which you tried so hard to run away from.

On another note, summatives are next thursday. No comment. I just...want to pass. And hopefully do well. I've got less than a week. *pls let a meteor pass by, I need a miracle*...

...I should study. NOT play roller coaster tycoon 2. (I finished all the beginner parks ady).


Friday, November 13, 2009


Its been a while.

Many days have past. Many hours, many minutes.

Laughter, tears, sweat, agony, fatigue, malaise, depression. Haha, you name it.

26 November - Summatives are approaching. Am I prepared? Not yet, but I will try.
By God's grace, not by my strength. I like what my lecturer put up during a pathology slide one day. It goes something like this :

" The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving. "
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

He was trying to describe to renal infection pathway. But nontheless, I feel it is a very good saying, very true, very wise.

Sometimes , many times even, I tend to compare myself with others. There will always be somebody better, smarter, achieves higher results, more talented, can draw much much better, doesn't play musical instruments at mere entertaintment level... You get the picture. There will always be dissatisfaction. And for me at least, sometimes it has caused much heartache. Who doesn't want to be the best? who doesn't want to be multi talented, superman/woman? Who doesnt want faith that moves mountains? In short, who doesn't want to be "special"?

But the greatest thing in this world is not where we are...but where we are moving. What am I moving towards? What is my actions and daily thoughts, or schedule bringing me to? I only know to strive the best I can. And perhaps, perhaps, that is enough.

there is someone inside of me
waiting to be unleashed
whom You embraced
whom i long to be
(Ian McIntosh - Awakened)

I can, and will say that I am beautiful - Simply because my God who loves me beautifully carved my very "being" - down to the last muscle and nerve. He who knows all my stengths, and flaws, and loves me the same. The eternal God who never changes. The One who saw me when He took the crown of thorns, the One who loved me through the nails that He bore. For I am beautifully and wonderfully made, my soul knows very well.

I am defined not by what the world sees of me, not by the dollar bills like those of high profile leaders and bussinessman....But I'm defined by what my Maker says of me, what He calls me. And He calls me daughter. The one whom in His eyes I'm deeply loved, greatly blessed, and highly favoured. And this is the fact that remains the same, unchangeble throughout time. And hence, Unmeasurable are my limits for i call you Father ,unimaginable my potential for You have called me son(daughter).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

egg sanwich

Egg Sanwich


In my mind I've been telling myself to update. Not that I have nothing to update...just that I never get down to it XD

Wanted to do an egg sanwich for myself today. Why? coz i see it in uni...but dont wanna buy for 2 reasons : 1. expensive. 2. wholemeal bread. - I prefer white.

I was scheduled to wake up at 8.30 this morning. But...after 2 snoozes and just turning the alarm off, I got up in a 9.30. (no applause).

Rushed down to boil water. then I put the eggs in the hot water in the bowl...and then got changed and came downstairs. cut the bread, spread on margerine. took out the was half boiled! I could literally feel its not solid. aiks.

What did I do? I tried to smear the sanwiches with the egg. and when Sooky was waiting outside (to go to uni)...I gobbled the half boiled egg in a whole mouthful. (speaking of which, I experienced a sharp pain in my lower abdomen...just only)

The egg sanwish tasted like "gardenia" bread. well. if i wanted gardenia, I would have just bought plain white bread. zzz.

Aiks, I might have to go. Hopefully not food poisoning.