Monday, July 19, 2010



Conversation with Wei Hoong over msn....How I miss these people.

hoonghoong says:
 eat more butter
 then when you learn how to fly 
 you can become butterfly

Ahhhhh. How I miss that humour. And how I miss every other thing. Life....

I'll like to make myself believe...that planet earth turns, slowly....   -Fireflies- 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random musings

Random musings

To be very honest, I have been doing nearly nothing but lazing /bumming around since I finished exams :D

First off, I moved my computer from the table to beside my bed, so I literally live beside my computer - That would probably explain my super prompt replies esp at Facebook huh ;p

Next , I just can't find the energy to do anything else - including reading a book (even novels). The sign of them just sends me to sleep. I haven't even watched Moulin Rouge which I downloaded weeks ago!! Instead, what I do is just close my eyes - "rest". The bliss of not having a 101 things to complete (well there are things I'm supposed to do which I'm sitting on, of course), such as the stack of notes to finish. I don't exactly miss that time ;p

Something random I saw on a shirt in a hypermarket

I do, however, miss my IMU phase 1 life, especially the library moments. Of sitting at the "gungho - sem 1 -study till 6pm " group aka Sexiest back in 2009 to the "fish market" table aka co13ras in 2010...I miss the moments. At times I'll just sit reflecting random moments like how "monkey" , "monster" and "nonsense" was the favourite words of Geena , Sofiah, Jolene and the other m109's, how Mae Yee will get bullied by the likes of Wei Hoong "Disgusting" how the chatterboxes of my beloved co13ras will start chatting away in mandarin, and the random (girl's) "Tie Day".

I remember the moments where Ruby would just sit beside me as I stone, and force me to eat something as I barely had the appetite to eat(crispy chicken or a muffin) Hoong2's favourite repetitive term "Don't worry, be happy" and his all-time-lame sentence "I give you bile, make you smile" (or something along those lines). Those, and many more have been my comfort so so many times when I was too distressed to even speak.

MaeYee, Ruby, Hoong2. SeXIest lives on forever =)

Fast-forwarding to 2010, the appearance of "Mangkuk" and many many more. "lil bro" Sze Jun, we-love-hugs Alex, Sexy Jit Tong, Siew See(Sexy) , Mr. Intelligent - Thinkalot Shane, Turtle Pencil-case-always get stolen Crystal... and more. They cheer me up in so so many ways. I'm smiling as I remember how I'll give some of them (like Alex, Fida) a hug each day when we meet and when one of us is going home. Its a "routine" that I grew accustomed to looking forward to. How all of us would not hesitate to offer advice or help whenever needed. To be honest, I was pretty useless as a senior... I din't do anything for them. They (my friends aka juniors in Imu) instead were 1 of the greatest sources of sunshine in my life. :')

(Most of) The lot of them from the "fish market" table XD

I don't regret knowing anyone of them / all of you (Coz I'm not sure if many of you will ever read this)... It is truly a great honour and privilege of mine to know all of you, who you are, sincere and real people. You guys leave me nothing but fond memories, and the amazing feeling of being immensely blessed by knowing each and everyone of you. :)

The practice video of variety night. It was funnier during practice somehow. 
Sorry for the quality...people were moving about

Here is something I never posted up for all of you to watch, the variety night practice video. Its the best I could take... ps: Here at least it's SCIENTIFIC breakthrough not medical breakthrough that earned us a QC ;P And I can't help but laugh at the stupid dance moves everyone was making at the end to the song "Umbrella" XD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Was reflecting on the recent change in events...of how complications can arise just like that and it really takes effort to resolve it. It was an equal headache to search for a house in Seremban , but now that thats done...

I actually went through many many websites, trust me on that. 1001 or maybe more websites, night after night searching for a place to stay...

Later on, I was introduced to a super nicely designed website Propwall, a Malaysia Property  website. To my surprise , it is actually worth a visit...the website layout is very soothing to the eye and more importantly , it is very updated and with lots of traffic. They even have more than 1,000 property analysis articles and 40,000 high quality property photos [all of which look very very chic and modern and classy ;) ], and all organized in such a way that is easy to navigate searching! 

However, if you ask me the downside , there is one major one - The majority of places advertised are either based in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. Only slightly more than 100 properties out of roughly 1600 properties are based in areas outside KL and Selangor. And the properties are also on the pricey side (you pay for class too right)

Apart from that , I find this website really good. Not only it is informative, with the asking price stated clearly, there are ample quality photos to view the properties. I often find it a turnoff when prospective sellers refuse to cooperate by giving enough photos - I won't even bother contacting the person in charge !  

So yes, if I were you, and searching for a place to buy / rent , I'll definitely give this website a go ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010



I can finally say I feel slightly relieved right now. Today, I declare, is a good day. =) And I hope it stays the same for the week, the month(s) and year(s) ahead :)

Finally sorta finalized the accommodation for Seremban. Gotta admit that working with people (4 other housemates) is challenging. A lot of tolerance, give and take, and heartache is involved. But ultimately, I know these people for 2 - 3 years already... And I know they're good people. Just different people have different quirks and fancies....which we'll have to get used to when staying together.

Its been a week of staying at home for me. Well not exactly, since I've been having a 2 hour per day refresher course for driving for the past 3 days including today. It ended at 9.45am this morning. Yes, waking up to alarms these 2 days...uggghhhh D: But I can say that I can drive now :) pretty confidently? back/ reverse park, hill / upslope even during times of traffic jams... :D cause for celebration haha.

thinking of taking up random part time jobs. preferably ushering jobs la. that I know I can, looking around for these 1-3 days contract thing since I daren't commit fully.

Genting trip is next wednesday...hopefully finalized :) waiting for replies, then can go buy tickets already. Ahhhh, time with my batchmates :)

*This is such a scatterbrain post, just like the others*

wrote down a list stuff I need to bring /get / pack / buy for seremban. I'm not sure how I feel actually...its a mixture of feelings. Oh the room is pretty big tho so if anyone wants to come crash you're always welcome... :)

Things I've done this hols:
- Finished a 6- hour driving refresher course
- Watched a few movies - Toy story 3 (loves loves loves), Dear John, The Notebook, Hairspray, REwatched the sound of music (many many times! coz the mucic is awesome), How to tame a dragon...
- FINALLY filed up my sem 5 notes
- kept my fingernails long .I can pluck (guitar) now :D even songs like Hallelujah. haha.
- Went Karaoke for the first time with Ange / Kel / Eewei / Morgan / Sam for the first time, IOI Red box. Pretty fun..some got hidden talents like rapping hahaha
- went house hunting 2 days in seremban. so yeah...thats done.
- Went back to IMU to help juniors with patient interview (hopefully it helped them , I know I tried my very best writing cases for them and commenting on how to improve). matter of fact is that many doctors nowadays fail to properly interact with patients. I can't say I'm the best, but I'll definitely try to be a doctor who knows her stuff and cares for the patient as well.  - and also help with CSU practice. I could finally see the difference after 1.5 years doing csu. There is difference between sem 3 and sem 5. Again, cases and techniques. I'm honoured to have taught these people tho I know I have lots to learn myself.
- Semi - cleared my bed (meaning I still need to clear , lah)
- Semi - cleared my table (lies looks just as messy as it was when I was studying :/ )

What I want to do:
- Go running. Properly. Havn't done so in a few months...and I love my running shoes.
- Go Genting! (well its the friends that matter. really...I always go genting ,so its not genting that attracts me)
- Stand in a windy place (Say a sandy place / fields) and blow bubbles (you know , the little bottles of coloured soap water you used to blow as a child? )
- change my blog layout. Got ideas but no skill. Anyone care to help? :(
- hmm actually cant think. haha
- tbc - to be confirmed :P

Hopefully no one was reading on till this long. People have always always commented that I write too long? The thing is, this is my blog. A place where I 'spill' whatever I wanna say , irregardless of what people think (of course, writing with consideration to others feelings as well, to a certain extent). The reason why it's actually so long is coz I pent up things inside. like a bottle filling up? Then it sorta "Explodes". Not the best thing to do tho....

Remember the mixed feelings I said I have. Some reasons I will not care to elaborate, but others...I'm gonna miss a lot of people from IMU. From my batchmates esp some of them, my orientation groups and the individual people...there are too many to name. Sexiest, and the likes rocker mommy / ever amazing jamming buddy Ruby , Eldwin, Chill, my "cute little brother" Cheeyip, Cobras, with the many many people like mangkuk Fida , introspective Shane, "chinese" brother wedeling aka Sze Jun, mirror Jit Tong, and many many many more whom if I have to list, I'll probably have pages full(depending on the size of the paper :P )

*heaves a sigh*

am lost for words for the moment. lost in thought...

Sneak peek of where I'll be for the next 2 years. lol