Thursday, February 28, 2013

The new (raw meat) doctor in the house!

As of today (28/2/13),its Dr Joanne Lee :D It sounds awkward and will take some getting used to (Not used to hearing that yet), buts its a good feeling...

What I wrote on facebook: 
 " No words can describe my relief at the moment, and the only thing in my mind is its a new beginning now...It's truly by God's grace and by His strength alone that I pulled through! Thank you family, lecturers, friends and my fellow colleagues, it's been a roller coaster ride but it's great to be at the peak! As of now, unemployed, and happy :P "

And I meant every word I said (whether personally, on stage or on facebook) - that it's been a bumpy ride. True enough, sweat, tears, pain (lots and lots of each) was involved in the final piece of paper that we got. Glad that people around me, my other half, housemates and good friends all made it through! :) 

Thank You God! For Your never ending grace, mercy, love and strength, for believing in me and loving me even when I give up on myself so many times.

Doctors of C2/10!! :)
Congrats C2/10! Its been an amazing roller coaster ride with each and everyone of you, initially 220 people (including the ones who went overseas) with the remaining 97 Seremban students who made it(still the biggest batch in history!), who topped records with 100% pass during sem 7 and sem 9! :)

ps: I know the road ahead is long, hard and windy, and I have a lot in my head now...But I'm gonna choose to stop for a while to celebrate and savour this moment before the rest comes... Dr Joanne Lee aka Dr Jojobear ok! :D

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