Monday, February 4, 2013

Gotcha @ Plaza Low Yat

I went to Gotcha at Plaza Low Yat today. It was actually quite easy to find! The place was quite big to my surprise, and the staff were really, really friendly, and the place was big, spacious and clean! Such a wonderful surprise, I rate it on par with the "big names" like Chatime and Gong Cha!

Upon the friendly staff's recommendation, I took the "Mango Milk" while the other drink chosen by my brother was the Almond Honeydew Milk. Unlike other places where the staff tell you "I don't know which one nice, I haven't drunk it before", the staff here were quite knowledgeable and gave me good recommendations.

The menu
The Mango Milk was lovely! I am not a fan of too much milk personally, but Mango Milk(RM6.90) was not too milky and not overly sweet. It was a lovely mango plus a little milk taste, and the taste was just nice. Every mouthful came with real mango chunks, which I think is really great! There wasn't a time when I went "yuck" or "I'm tired of it", instead I just felt refreshed. Bottom line: I loved it!

Mango Milk
Almond Honeydew Milk(RM7.40) to me was ok, but my brother loved it. He associated the taste with the "high class drink" he took in Genting, which meant that this was up to par with even hotel / established management's Honeydew drink. We did not order the drinks with less sugar, and the drink was sweet enough without being sickening, and like their tagline goes, the drink is healthy.

Almond Honeydew Milk
It's a good place to check out, and I would go there again when I'm near :)

The clean and comfortable sitting area

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