Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Was supposed to go to "Carrefour" to "avoid feeding the mosquitoes" and to "get air-cond". End up not getting there (getting lost lah, summore dark at night) but ending up at "A n W" instead. Talking (more of listening) to random stuff but mostly on happenings such as human trafficking, syndicates that sell girls into prostitution and others into begging and more. And of how "Efficient" our country is in giving out PR statuses. Personal opinions shall not be revealed here, but suffice to say that our nation has much to learn, much to grow, much to improve on in many, many aspects.

Having said that, it would not be fair if I din't say I'm privileged to be in this nation, where the sun abounds (albeit too brightly and hot) and the harmony is still very much preserved here. Happy birthday Malaysia, may each year bring you much progress, especially in those aspects that we need to work on.

I thought I was ok

I thought I was ok, sorta settled. Well not exactly. I knew that the feeling , the tears just had to come. Its just a matter of when.

Dad and mom came down for a visit (coz they din't pass me the money the last time they were here). So yeah. And brought along food, a huge lifesaver coz it was house cleaning day and coz our house has a stove but no gas yet.

They just left bout 20 mins ago? And along with the image of them leaving was the stream of tears that I contained till I reached my room. And the "washing machine" is spinning, in Fida's vocab. Till now. Is it a case of homesickness or pms or just pure stress over the last few days... I really don't know.

I din't forsee it being this hard. Well maybe I did, but not like this. My friends just opened my door and saw me. I couldn't say a word,. Its just sobs now. They left me alone, I'm not sure tho if thats the best thing to do.

I think having a heart pumping with fresh blood is both a blessing and a pain - to love  means it hurts no? And when you love you give. Its always an unbalanced equation...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches

Of "Early Christmas" and Cockroaches 

It was past midnite in the "pink party house" (As Sook calls it), and nobody's asleep as of yet. Everbody(nearly) was helping lala king to fix his mosquito netting in his room. Tedious work, and "Self sacrificing" (since the superglue trickled onto nearly everyone's fingers and it peels of...with the epidermis layer of the skin too!

In the background is some very very old Christian music, with Hawaiian flavour with the "soothing Christmas songs" feel. So yeah...Christmas came early.

On the side of the house I heard a "Scream". "Ahhhhhhhh!" It....was a baby cockroach. Sprayed it a few times as its feet pattered up and down the wardrobe, probably more scared of us then we of it....

Day 2 of moving into Seremban "new" house(coz its actually a super duper old house), with the new "Family". The feeling is still new, but I can't seem to put my finger on the adjective to use to describe how I feel.

Summary of today's first day at IMU Clinical school : talks and more talks, with a sombre / depressing mood on a whole.  To be honest, felt sorta "abandoned" and forlorn here. Meeting the seniors from IMU BJ somehow wasn't like "Waaaaaa, nice to meet u!!!" I mean, sure it was, but it was a more "Serious", like "hi you're here good luck!" kinda feeling, if you get me. The "youthfulness" and the enthusiasm in IMU BJ was to me, visibly lacking...

And I miss my family back in KL. Both my blood related, and my IMU family. Thanks for the few messages I got throughout the day. Know that I miss you guys...

Sunday, August 29, 2010



And so, here I am, officially a clinical student. Time passes super duper fast... can't believe its end of August already. 

A few pictures of my room, taken with my phone camera. Lighting is different in the night. So maybe looks different? I'm not sure. But apparently my housemates vote it as the most "homey" one, with all of them vowing to buy posters and deco stickers to "beat" me in my room design :P 

Study table / windows/ bed

Bed/ Table(to put stuff?)/ DECO STICKERS :p

Wardrobe/ shelves/door

Should be able to orientate yourself to the layout of the room no? Its fairly simple.

Hopefully I'll be able to orientate myself to the "Seremban phase"( as I call it ) soon...For now the feeling hasn't properly set in yet. Its like I wanna cry but tears don't come out, I don't know how to feel...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Of Photo Frames and Not Knowing what to Pack

Had a super relaxed-just-talk-walking-round with one of my besties. Eating at Food Garden, Gardens, then walking all around MV. And I really mean walking all over for hours. :) No "timing" to care about since we were't going to catch movies, no errands to run... It was some time since we actually did that (walk around the whole of MV). Remember our most unhealthy dinner of a drink +a piece of sushi each + 2 boxes of ice -cream mini poppers? :O

Before she left my home, I finally managed to give Sook her super-belated birthday gift cum token of remembrance to Leeds. I, in return , got my own photo frame, with a "secret msg" hidden under. Which I actually found out coz I look at the small details (there were wooden splinters which I wanted to remove)

The photo which had a "secret msg" written on the back
Apparently she wondered if I would find it years later...too bad plan foiled! :p

Super nice eh? Sook was always the creative one :) The "Joanne" was written on the back of scrabble loose tiles. Not bad since I love scrabble myself! :) I can only say I love the gift... and I'll miss you loads! Remember you're supposed to come sleepover at my "blue room"!  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nearing the End

So many things to do all of a sudden. I wonder if I'll get to bed tonight (tho I'm sitting on my bed)... I'll probably sleep out of exhaustion. 

Packing is still being done. Wasn't home the whole day, but it was a good day. Met some people I haven't see in a while, celebrated ChengChun's birthday cum Chill 1st anniversary, went to the dentist aka awesome Sab at IMU for a proper checkup after 15 years (yes...how shameful eh), and had a farewell dinner for the UK bound people who are leaving in these 2 weeks.

Group photo of all the MEDT108 attendees! Really gonna miss all these people :')

My own farewell by Sexiest + Cobra's + Chill(?)  is gonna be tonight. I'm gonna move stuff to Seremban in the morning / late afternoon, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I can come back in time!
Will update more when I actually can. Hoping there are no waterworks that are unnecessary...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Sooky is right...closer to exams / when we're stressed out bout something our usage of facebook/ blogposts increase. It is as if stress is proportionate to Facebook / blogging :P

Been somewhat packing today. Sorting out clothes to bring to Seremban. True, I may not have so much problem (like luggage weight prob) like those going overseas...but I still do have to pack and its not easy. "Splitting" oneself, the memories, the everything into half...Somewhat. I'm just not sure what to expect. Sighs.

Tomorrow night we're having a farewell dinner for those UK bound people whom are leaving in these 2 weeks. A sense of lingering sadness, of fondness of the many memories shared. Why is it that people always have to leave??

And Thursday night, is my own "Farewell" with my beloved "juniors". I've took them as my friends all these while. Apparently the venue hasn't been set yet since a current head count of 64 people are going. If you ask me thats crazy...Its like having a mini wedding reception :O Talk bout when one REALLY gets married :-O
I don't know how one person is gonna talk to like , 60+ people at a time. SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE. Lol. haha.

The crazy things we do. 

I'm...gonna miss these people. These people who have brightened my days, these people who kacau me puas puas, these people whom I love and love me too. These people whom I have opened my heart and shared my life with. It is not goodbye...coz good friends stay together through the years, distance and time notwithstanding...

My very first (and last?) treasure hunt in IMU BJ. 

...My room is in an utter mess... Just like the condition of my heart. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Half baked potatoes aka convocation

Half baked potatoes aka convocation 

2.5 years of medical school, of pre-clinicals in IMU. Today we celebrated the end - We made it through phase one!!! But at the same time also it is a transition, and a tough one - taking up a huger responsibility as a student doctor, where lives of people are involved. 

101 feelings I felt today, sitting as a "graduate" of ME108 Phase 1 convocating class ... bittersweet mostly.  

Beloved parents + 2 of my besties Ash and Sooky :)

Will update more later with more photos and what nots. But I must tell you that I was really, really touched that my juniors namely Siew See, Ruby and Fida self assembled the bouquet of flowers + graduating bear you see in the picture and presented it to me!

Thank you all of you guys for making my 2.5 years memorable. I really love you guys, and will miss all of you...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories

The bits and pieces of the well deserved holidays with some pictures. Somehow I already miss these memories...

Coffeeshop talk
Watching football at a coffeeshop with the others (And guys too actually lol). It was the match of I think spain(?) vs Korea, where the Korea fella scored home goal. 

Mango Lassi :D officially one of my favourite drinks :D
Sandip finally took us to Kabul @ KL Sentral (inside Sooka's building) for north indian food. Super nice. From the naans to the dhal to the butter/ tandoori chicken etc. Anyone wants me to recommend I'll recommend this one. The price is really reasonable too. Everyone was so stuffed we din't bother doing anything else (like camwhoring :P )

I don't know how many times of Karaoke we went. My housemates are karaoke fans. :P Oh but yes we found out some stuff. Like how Sam(Red shirt) can rap and how Kel (black shirt funny expression) and Morgan sing Korean songs like "Gee" and others(think SNSD & Wonder girls ) XD And how EeWei has a good voice etc. :)

Sushi-ing with the ladies. 
@Sushi Zenmai , Gardens. from left - Cheryl, June , Parisha, with BOLD makeup, me, Sookie super well dressed :D and Zia. It was fun just sushing and talking. We talked/ laughed so loud that a waiter had to slightly embarrassedly ask us to tone down. We decided that it was time to leave :P 

Genting trip
Happy red victorious (belated) 21st babe! :) 
As I wrote in earlier posts, the Genting trip finally happened. It was also actually a surprise celebration for my bff Sookie's 21st. Which I'm happy to note, was a real surprise to her :D

The awesome birthday girl + delicious cake 
I went miles (literally :P), going from where we were to another different place bout 5-6 floors up in a completely different building to get the cake. Chocolate mud cake with the button like coffee on the sides and white chocolate toppings :) Everyone oohed and aahhhhed at the cake, exclaiming that it was REALLY good. Ah well, best cake shop in Genting, the Bakery. Found no where else :D

This is how a holiday should be like...relaxing!
Haha could pass off as a very very good ad. Too bad so many of the things were closed that day...space shot, for instance. And when it started to rain in the afternoon...

Exhilarating :D 
Now I sorta regret not going for painball. hahaha. Before we left Genting, the guys called to say they were on the top floor going to "shoot". So we went up. Watching them play (Jaer followed by Sandip) my heart felt "moved" to play too... but it was nearly time to leave! Haha. My Sifu Sandip again just told me "just go pay and play ony!" I sure don't regret it. Was taught how to shoot a gun. Aiming etc. First few shots were wayyyyy out as I had NO idea how to aim (supposed to be through that little hole I'm supposed to look through) but when I properly started on the 4th try(I paid for 20 "ammo") it was 9.8, 9.9, 10 around those lines. SUPER DUPER exhilarating! :) Sugar rush man. :D :D :D

Lit people are creative people? :)
The bunch of literature gang that went up. Behind you can see "sound and lighting", and there's blind Teresias in front with the beautiful Oracle. We were supposed to portray what we were. But I was the emcee and credits song performer. What could I do? :O

Group shot :) 
Before we officially left, we gathered to have a group shot. I have no idea whats with the lame ultraman signs. haha -_____- It was a good day. And I'm gonna remember the memories for a long, long time :) 

Final "event" and pictures that follows!

North Indian food @ Passage thru India , Damansara 

Morgan awestruck by the food
This time,Parisha hosted us to North Indian food in Damansara at a place called Passage thru India. The food is very,very good. I must caution you however, do bring enough money as this place is pricey. Its literally nearly double the price of the food @ Kabul KL Sentral. 

Mouth watering much? :P
Butter chicken, various naans and something I cant identify. All of which tasted good.

Group pic. 
Haha dunno if u consider this a "family photo". Its a funny one if so :P This is one in which u could see the exquisite interior designing lah. While I was googling it, I found out that there is also a branch at Pearl's International Hotel. Hmm....

Outside, I pestered aka bossed the guys to pose the guys decided to do "creative posing" for photos. You must agree this is a brilliant shot thanks to the photographer  :P

Model shot of (fill in the blanks) magazine cover 
The girls however, are not so easily beaten...as can be seen from the picture above. I love this shot too. Gotta thank good lighting for this one, just like the last one too :)

This finally concludes the picture post of these fond memories of the holidays. Full set of pictures can be accessed under an album by itself "Post EOS5 Chilling/ Outing".

...August means that people are leaving soon, and many of us going to Seremban. Things won't be the same again, what with everyone everywhere, life constantly revolving... but I know these are the memories that are treasured deep within me, that never fails to bring out a smile... and that wherever you guys all are, you'll all always be a part of my fond memories :) 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Embracing August...

And before I know it, 1/4 of August has passed. Very very soon its gonna be end of August, which also signifies the end of my holidays...and the start of a grinding 2.5 years in Seremban as a clinical student. One step closer to the doctor I've always wanted to be...but I can only imagine(for now) the amount of grueling training and the immense sacrifice we the students will have to make. Having said that, I'm only the wee-est(if there is such a word) bit excited. Most of me just does not know what to expect, what to anticipate.

What have I been doing for the past 1 week? "mourning" for my lost stuff. Hence the sounding from Fifi telling me "I wanna see a happy post, I don't care if lame". But the fact is that those were my most prized possessions...  how to not feel sad over them?

NEARLY am at the "last phase" of sorting out accommodation issues in my future house. Fingers crossed, will be signing the tenancy agreement this coming week. Then there is the issue of furniture...like the fridge. To get a 1 door fridge? and bed frame etc etc etc? haha. and the proper "moving in". So yes, time to get busy busy busy again...

Plans this week : hoping to  make a trip down to either PD aka the polluted seas of port dickson(unless we can find a not polluted one...any ideas? or a Melaka trip(for the food lah, duh). Not exactly going there to see Mahsuri / the A Famosa / the whats-it-called-i can't remember drain well XD Sorry lah, but seen once seen twice don't fancy it thrice. Or maybe the famous jonker street? we shall see :)

Till then...I'm gonna "enjoy" the rest of my hols... (Don't get me wrong, I really do find this it-doesn't-matter-what-time-I-wake-up and no-101-notes-to-finish life a rare bliss :P )

Thursday, August 5, 2010

day 4...n still heartsick

Sigh. Its been a while since I've properly updated. But this time I couldn't bring myself to even blog bout it. Just sitting down, staring at the phone / post hoping someone returns it...

Been working weekends. Initially for fun la. (Now I don't quite feel it). During the last day of my 3 week work, I dropped my purse outside IOI mall (near the staff entrance) on the floor where cars zoom by. Sighs... It must have dropped coz I took out my purse to zip it, left it on my lap n when I got out of the car it dropped. Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh....the nightmare that follows.

I lost everything inside - down from my IC, Driver's licence, atmcard, student id (all these have to remake, all with costs over hundreds as well) ON TOP of my NEW MP3 which is barely a few months old worth RM200++.... AND my house keys (had to change to locks) plus my seremban wardrobe keys which means I can't use that 2 locked drawers (coz they're already locked). *sniff*

When I realised it was probably 2-3 minutes later...and when I rushed back it was gone. How many times I retraced my footsteps and checked the sides, it was well and truly gone. All in all that 2-3 minutes of carelessness cost me bout RM500++. It is, as my dad said, an expensive lesson. Esp that the mp3 was supposed to be my companion when I'm sad / lonely in Seremban.

Everyone asks me to be positive. It was super hard. Till now...Till the point I dreamt that it was returned to me, but when I wake up it was... but a dream. I did try to console myself at least it isn't 5000, but it was truly one mistake I never saw coming. Extremely grateful for pple like person2go2 (you know who u are) who drove all the way through the jam to pick me from my place to make a new ic and take me back again. Probably used up like 2-3 hours of his precious time. Thanks for just helping me out through this seriously difficult time. And for those who try consoling / encouraging me. For just listening /bearing with me.

I'm sorry if my temper has been on the edge...I noticed it too. And I'm not someone whose temper flares up, but when another is insensitive and speaks brashly, I seriously find that really hard to accept. I mean, who am I right? But sometimes silence is better than words that hurt..not that you realize it, do you?

Like a few pple Fifi and Chip reminded me, these things that I've lost are replaceable. In that sense I've got something to be grateful for. And even after that episode I still had to go back to work...(remember I was working)   One customer was telling me in life that we always are on the "rugi" (shorter end of the stick) side 'once in a while'...but at least it affects us when we still can take it, meaning it doesn't affect our lives so much (compared to if that say, RM200 meant life and death...or livelihood to one).

So if I seem upset, now you know why. Please don't ask me to recount the details anymore, its rather painful. ...Sometimes I just wish I had the option to turn back time.