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Lit play 09

Literature - Oedipus the King (the adaptation)

I know I'm crazy. Its 2.03Am. And here I am...after uploading these pictures. Takes a loooong time :) emoness sigh

Anyway, the literature play (and not forgetting reports) finally marked the closure of literature selective and hence our semester 4. Thereafter, we, M108 /DT108 are known as the "oldest / most senior" medical students around! There is an excitement, naturally, but perhaps the fear is just as overwhelming?

More bout the play :) I shall try using the pictures to tell the story :) Makes it more interesting that way.

Literature - Greek Tragedy
Title - Oedipus the King
Time and Venue - 7-ish pm at audi A, 16 Dec 2009
Guest of Honour - Tan Sri Abu Bakar Suleiman, IMU President

The guest of honour with his speech

Followed by the play.

Prince of Thebes,Lauis runs to Elis - is greeted by King Phelops.
Lauis is to become Chrysippus, King Phelops son's tutor.

But an indecency happened..(read: rape 1)

Leading to the infamous... "CURSE YOU LAUIS!"
the curse was that a son be born to Lauis, to kill him, and to marry his wife

Meanwhile, Lauis becomes King alongside Jocasta...

He could not bear any children, and sought the oracle for advice...
who basically told him the curse

Lauis became drunk, and next thing you know, a baby boy was born (read: rape 2 - this time, his wife)- he orders that the boy is killed.

But as the story would have it, Oedemapus Oedipus was not, and raised in another faraway country, Corinth, whose royal couple was also childless.

As he grew, he listened to rumours that he was indeed adopted. So to the same oracle he went.
(look at the stunning make up of the hot oracle :D )

Naturally, the oracle revealed his destiny...and Oedipus sought to run from it. He leaves his 'parents' King Polybus and Queen Merope.

On the way, he meets his birth father...and in a fight whom no one would give way,
prophecy: one down, one to go.

And he enters thebes. On the way , he meets the sphinx. The riddle (see if you can get it) -
What walks on four in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?

He gets it right, and becomes King of Thebes...with his mother now becoming his wife.
Prophecy: part 2 fullfilled

Then there was this awesome candle dance. I cant describe, you just have to be there to experience the grandeur and splendor yourself.

Scene 8- thereafter, all the happenings all happen in ONE day. that is greek tragedy.

A plague comes over Thebes - the priest speaks to the King

The King has sent Creon, his brother-in-law to find the solution
The solution - the murderer of King Lauis must either be killed or exiled *gasps*

The interludes with 3 very interesting dances

The shy dance
(I'm not sure why its called so)

The praising God dance

And the emo - oh-life-so-sad dance by the guys

Wow so dramatic :p

Teresias,the blind prophet who knows it all was sent for.
She comes and refuses to divulge any information - but ends up telling Oedipus that Oedipus himself is the murderer he is looking for.

The fact is confirmed by the shepherd and messenger who took the boy to corinth when he was a baby. By then , Jocasta had already realised, and hung herself to death. In despair , Oedipus blinds himself (he pokes both his eyes with 2 pins) and exiles himself. (in greek tragedy, violence is only described - never shown.)

The chorus ends the play with a conclusion -
That fate vs freewill - man have a choice

And I ended with a self composed song, alongside Zach who rocked it out - I couldn't have asked anyone better to partner with.

A light moment - I realised I laughed so hard I could barely sing at times :p

Curtain call - The cast

Some group pictures / individual photos with those who graced the play.

Ashwin - Director; June - Teresias; Angeline - the hot young virgin oracle

With Ms Sheba, our able literature /humanities coordinator - who gave us this chance.
On the right is Sandip - who acted as Lauis

The literature selective people -
The people who all played a part and made the play a success

Behind the scenes 1 - Crew, cast, make up team/ costumes in charge.
Yes Lauis, I had to die =.=

Behind the scenes 2 - Hairdo / Makeup. The people in charge , serena, vaish, lavinia, are REALLY good.

Behind the scenes 3 - A moment everyone started singing.
From left - Izaidi (acted as the priest) , Zach and Esther, one of the dance choreographers who made the dances so fantastic

Behind the scenes 4 - Props at work

"Father and son" - Zack (right) as King Phelops and Naufal (left) as his son, Chrysippus
I tell you, their makeup was classic - Naufal's and Zack's beard

Sufi - lead actress; Fatin - Queen Merope (i think she still bengang at me- yes I kinda suggested her name :p ) ; June - Teresias ; Afiq - props master (saw the greek structure behind ? was designed by him :O ); Cheryl - Sphinx


I realise so many of the same photo was taken from many different angles. This one I find is natural - Look at everyone's smile :) pple i heart :)

Angeline! My partner doing essay, and the one whom (again me *grins*) I suggest to become the Oracle. Come on, she did a fantastic job! :) Thanks for being the best, Ang! :)

Zach! Thanks for rocking it out, basically covering for me most of the time using yr awesome electric guitar the keyboard had major issues :s
And thanks for being the entertaining figure on stage! :)

JaeRic on lights , Amazing Esther - multi talented girl:)

Zia - SRC prez. haha. she was one of the first few who heard my song and said it was good. thanks dear! :)

Alison! haha the one with so many darlings :p

Poh Yi Wen aka wonderwoman. :)

Daddy aka Eldwin Oui aka Esther's pine tree. -thanks for coming to watch the play...tho you din't comment bout it at all, good or bad!

Macha! haha tatha. Thanks for the u-turn at 6. Thanks for being there to support dei! over over... :)

Yih Ren in lab coat and Sandip.

Babeh Ash! *Hearts* introducing a young lady, hot, smart, intelligent..and a good + true friend of mine! you don't mess with her, I tell ya...

Szu May and Melody ( right).
This pic is like, whoots. looks like photoshopped, but I can assure you, I have never editted the photo even one bit.

ShuYee :) Pbl mate of sem 4 - smarty pants! :)

Sabrina - Just keep swimming :) By His grace :)

Lydia. She's a fantastic emcee too by the way

Cheeyip. Notice the similarities? Many people have thought / asked if we're bro n siz :) haha...maybe we are! Appreciate it that you came back even tho you din't manage to watch. I'll perform for you solo, don't worry :)

Tay aka Pongkie - multi talented..sports, computer, photography... All the best for yr musical. You'll do more than fine! :)

Special thanks to my buddies - Sooky, Chong Sen, Sam and whoever else who came to support me - tho I dint manage to take a photo with you guys. You guys rawk, and you know it :)

I'm gonna miss literature class. It was one class that I was never bored in, never felt like sleeping , and one that I wish had last longer. But it was good when it lasted.

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