Thursday, December 10, 2009


I bought the same pair of sneakers as the one above, albeit the writings on the shoes :) I like it :) Now I don't have to walk around in my boots - lookalike all purpose wear shoes. Gives me a lil versatility :)

My new shoes :D

Went to IMU's kg angkat project in kuala serendah, near kkb. You'll be amazed at how the driver manages to weave a bus through the extremely narrow one lane road. Wow man. :O

Isabel, Sooky, June (who konon-nya is thick skin enough to jump into every pic :p )

Made pizza for the first time today...twice! not easy, but it came out right! *grins*

Take 1. Small sized pizza. My mistake - sprinkling salt onto the pizza. certain parts were - saltish!

Take 2: Pizza for dinner. This time used sausage. This one was definitely nice for me - although the cheese looked like it din't melt!

Oedipus the King adaptation by our selectives next Wednesday. Tickets are limited - tell me if you're interested :) and I still have reports to write - the thesis and the personal reflections :S

Child-like faith :)

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