Friday, December 25, 2009

My green tea is so green...

My green tea is so green...

Had a outing with some of my funny batch mates, mainly to watch princess and the frog. Which din't turn out bad...but doesn't beat my 2 all time favourite movies , Stardust and princess diaries 2 (both which I've watched multiple times).

With Tarunan, before he left (because he had watched the movie before)

After the movie - we started walking around

Lala- gang. lols

The 3 tall guys

Say cheese!

Now Ash...why do u look like yr sleeping? :)

The 3 ladies - with an assortment of holiday hats! :)

Naturally, walking around = bit of shopping. During which time the rest who weren't shopping had a good time, umm, camwhoring.

Sam = 4th mannequin.

Ash commented his future gf should be dressed something like the one headless mannequin behind him, since he seemed to like it :p

Notice the 2 extra mannequins? Or "lookalike -wannabe's" ?

And when guys get bored, they pull out newspapers...

Or just use their handphones. This is SUCH a poser pic la

With the snowman who was examined, prodded, touched. Hahaha
This is such a nice photo :)
[ sorry Ash, but u got yr tops/dress inside...which is just as awesome! :) ]

Some individual shots -

when I did this pose, the guys were like "I feel the snowman's being violated..." =.=

Becky hopped onto the bench
And I quickly snapped a picture as she balanced...

Doesn't she look like some musical where the next moment she will burst out in song?

And chongsen did the "scarecrow" pose. haha

Lala King.
what do you expect? apparently thats the new lala gang mascot =.=

Ash...let it snow :)

Sandip ...getting a new bride? :O

And a random one

Before Sam was complaining of hunger...

But they couldn't decide on where to eat. haha so typical

We went into tepanyaki. Sat down...looked at the menu (which wasn't appetizing)...and the oily / smoky atmosphere...and walked out. haha. into...sushi king.

This was Ash's First Sushi experience :) I think she found it pretty awesome :) She went "My green tea is so green"...and we were like "It IS green tea!" haha. :) Fun times :)

On one side... Ash and Sandip

I realise they (at least Sam n Becky) just LOVE posing :D (they keep asking me for the camera. haha...putting the camera to good use.

On the other - Chong Sen, Sam and Becky.

When we asked the staff to help us take a photo, she said jokingly "thats why we have service charge", and one of us replied playfully "so 2 photos don't need to double our service charge eh?"

Group shot before leaving.
Look at the 2 syiok sendiri people behind lol.(Don't look like malaysians)
I mean...what are u trying to do? lol :p

Last shot of the of Becky's masterpieces. She did one in black and white too. And I assure you, we din't know this photo was taken.

Gluteus maximus in full view :D

I had a good time. With the people I sayang, with the people I respected. True friendship is when they know you, your flaws and shortcomings, and yet love and accept you the way you are. It was much more fun than I expected / had in a while now. You never know what clowns are beside you...and you can't but appreciate them coz its them that make your life the way it is. Filled with c.o.l.o.u.r.s and j.o.y :)

Thank You God... You are my God who never changes - the same 2000 years ago, the same now and will remain the same forever

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