Saturday, August 27, 2011


Things I've acheived this holidays:

(Mostly) playing games
cleared up the bags on the floor (wait theres one more)
I dunno, play more games? Alice greenfingers, youda farmer, texas poker...
o ya, learn how to play poker and chor dai dee

On another note, my bro is back from India. happy to see him of course. Secretly thinking that he as a 1st year (first semester!) manipal med student is much better (at least theoretically) than me! I know I can't compare with his knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, embryology... (wait that's everything..)

Such a depressing feeling I tell you.

But on a happy note, I've passed my year 4(halfway through actually) exams! so I've got 1.5 years more to go officially. All glory to Him, not by my might but by His grace. And of course my dad, who drilled me like crazy. And the support of all my friends and family and loved ones (you know who you are). thank you for listening to me rant all the time /emo / fret (thanks Sam) and being there for me; for guiding me (and talking also la :P ) through osce practice sessions (Thanks Sook Cheng and ever faithful Shane) and everyone whom I missed out (like those I jz random msged (fifi etc). And special thanks to the wonderful seniors like Christy and Priscilla and Szu May that really helped us in the last week (read: few days before exam) for OSCE. I think I learnt most of my osce in the last


I think everyone has issues to sort out, stuff that are always at the back of ones mind. its just how one does it, how the end result will be. just pensive over some stuff. I guess I'll remember the serenity prayer -
Learning to trust the Hand who holds the plans and the future.