Saturday, October 27, 2007


Somewhere,somehow,somewhat,sometime....I ended up at Taylor's in 07. Unwillingly. Expensive man! But you know, now that college life is up, I find myself leaving Taylor's,equally unwilling. The awesome year I had with G7,Campus City, PG, TCF, the rest of the tons of friends I made...All these makes my life worth it.

You know,its like a big jigsaw puzzle. We try piece things together, but somehow it just doen't work out coz we can't see the future. But when we look back,we see a hand at work,the pieces fitting together...I honestly did not expect much this year, and never thought that any experience could surpass my experience at high school...but Someone just has a way of proving me wrong. All that happened surpassed what I thought or could ever think of.

Starting with PG. Sabrina, you are an awesome frined and sister. Just as much as I blessed you, you have been a constant encouragement and inspiration, a blessing in my life. Yeah, we ll have our blur and sesat times. But I believe it will all work out for good. All things happen for a reason, you know. Yi Wen, future politican, Wonder Woman, continue to strive in your ability and reach for the stars! You and I know that blogging restricts it...=p Alvin, the world is very big outside, don't limit yourself, you CAN do it! Sarah, its been awesome having you every alternate mornings...sharing openly, caring...its not something that everyone can do. Oh yeah, wear skirt more often =p You looked nice in that light blue skirt okayz? Stephanie, continue to trust in Him who moves the mountains and calls you His beloved daughter...He WILL see you through it all. Its not just feelings, its faith. Its fact. The rest that I did not mention...I'm sorry for missing you out. Will repost later on. =)

Campus city. Boy Sumi, I really really miss you. You made me feel like family. I still do. I belong. Ellie, I know its not easy being in your shoes. But as God has gifted you in all that you have, continue serving and blessing people. Truly, we count people because people count! Benji, cannot tahan you la! High five pun the hand go to your hair! Something wrong with me izit? Thats probably the reason why I DON'T wanna adopt a my mony buying KFC. =p Jason Khong, your passion is amazing. But yeah, God help you. Your jokes are just soooo lame! Lucas (Chong), tahank you for treating me like your little sister, and with your naughty antiques... call me "prophesesing"(Don't think I spelt it right)...drawing my balloon and all. I've been blessed so much by you. And your faith and the way you live your life just is a tesimony to the people and myself. Calvin,whoa this guy is a bomb okay? Thanks for being xtra sensitive and just giving your time caring...helping me with my English assignment(last time), and the many times we chat over msn in which you really really encouraged me and motivated me to go further. Elizabeth, I've been truly blessed by a (sometimes bit blur) but smart and beautiful sister...thank you for all the encouragement, notes, the crazy times we laughed and prayed, not forgetting the funny "fuyoh" shouting got guts man! And not to mention a terror sangat voice! XD Charlene,thank you for being a big sister, really really appreciate you, the advice, prayers, hi's and bye's in college....sorry at times I know I'm not the best but you still understand...God has plans for you that no one can stop. No matter where you go and what you do, God will bless you and cause the fruit of your hands to multiply.

Anywayz, there are too many people to post on, will do that after my finals. A it it,I should study yeah after finals the whole loooong list of pple will come out. Just as you have made an impact in my life, I believe I did the same for you as well. Thank you for just being "you", that itself made my life different, the colours just fused together and became amazingly beautiful... =)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Backdated photos

I finally learn how to upload photos n haha I'm jz gonna use it till my heart content. =)

I had a green balloon courtesy of P1 mobile company,so I decided to get pple to autograph it for me. Below are some of the images. ({By the way, the balloon hasn't deflated yet, tho its more than 1 month. Wonder why ) =p

I really love the balloon, and the comments =)

Starting with the biggest one on my balloon,by classmate Carmen Ong =) Caution: The number is my frenz number, a GURL'S.

From my "twin" Joanne(Poh JM)...Who?Me the bomb? Or you? *winks

Carynn's cute litte angel stole some space:
Nicholas Ng, one guy I respect very very much and was gracious enough to pen some words on my balloon. He's currently in UK doing MBBS medicine fella.
Mark,in a spasm of boredom and "inspiration" ...
By another Nicholas, Nicholas Chew this time....I don't smile enough mer? =p
I AM NOT A LOSER!!! Haha I like Lucas Chong's lame drawings..
Wendy! I'm in love!!?? "Tak ku sangka kutemuukan;satu cinta yg abadi.." =D
there are quite a number more...can be seen from my friendster pictures or even facebook... But yeah, Thanks guys, I know you all love me n love you all too! =) (including those who did not manage to write on my balloon due to whatsoever circumstances)

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Its 15 or 16 days to finals,and I'm still here chilling. Basically, still thankful for a chance to "redeem" myself coz I believe n I know that I will do well.

While I'm at that, I'm glad that my prom dress is done. Wasn't sure how things would turn out, and really hoped that the trip on Thursday to the tailor would mean collecting my dress....and I managed to! It was awesome, considering that I am one who progressed this year from wearing baggy shirts n black pants to the dress at year end... a full fledged dress! Wow man. My dad said its extreme, from my usual conservative self to strapless(tube)...All I can say is I feel like a fairy tale princess in the dress. The ribbon n all...awesome =) Can't wait for Coroboree. And I wanna make sure I earned it =)

Rachel also told me that her mum bought a little make up for me. She directed me to this link...(lazy dunno where now), but yeah, I watched it but am not gonna be like that. Come on! I don't wanna look like a mermaid. Things( for me) are overdone occasionally. Someone joked with me that he could wear an octopus head to go with it, but the idea alone leaves m utterly horrified. My college prom! And my first prom for that! No way I'm gonna have an octopus or mermaid... Not even the evil fairy godmother from shrek 2 will stop me *winks

Sooo...that leaves shopping for shoes...after the finals. Not so worried bout that one. =)

Till next time , adieus! Good luck n all the very best in finals, SAM, A-levels, SPM, STPM etc...Go man we can do it!!! =)


Restricted my blog for quite a while now, for a reason I shall not disclose. Still wondering whether it is wise to open it again. I shall continue wondering. Haha.

Monday, October 15, 2007

20 days away

Finals are 20 days away. And I'm still here blogging. What irony. Truth to be told, I lack the discipline and diligence. Arrrghh!

But yeah, realized how much my parents love me...Through a Mac-D's fillet O fish. I absolutely love that bun, and I've not been eating well these few days...kinda lost my appetite. My parents went out, bought me a bun "coz I'm not really eating" despite knowing its expensive. The word Love- it melts my heart. =)

If the world had to end today, I want you, my reader, to know that God loves you, your parents do, and I do too. =) Like my good friend Rachel,using my "quote" said : we all splash colours in each others life...the difference is the amount. I hope I did to yours too. =)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I actually have no idea whats gonna happen in the next year, and I mean education at that. The whole path seems so unclear... and as I struggle with studies repeatedly, my mind just questions myself again...what am I meant to do? Is there something , a part I am missing?

Is like, hey, I think this is the path, and suddenly a blow will just come, making me rethink again. Fear, doubt all clouding my mind at the present...

God I know You said "Be anxious for nothing, but everything through prayer and supplication"...and You said everything. My leader/mentor kept telling me, no one knows the future, its all in God's hands...and You said be anxious for NOTHING. Its hard not to worry God. It really is. And when I look ahead, I don't see an opening.

Or do You want me to cross the bridge when I come to it? Each time I have a "light" chat with my brother( The one who is super smart), it really pressures me...He's the one with the brains, not me...and yet he can joke "why not you open up me head and take out my brains?"

That leads me to the newspaper article I read this morning...about a couple in India(both are doctors) who tried to make their elder son means of blood transfusion from their younger son. A "guru" supposedly appeared to them in a dream and told them that their elder son would be smarter this way. Don't worry, I did not make this news up. Its in the news straits times. The result? Theirs youngest son dead (somehow), they are detained for questioning...and the elder son is fighting for his life somewhere in a hospital. So much for being stupid.

I really don't know what happens next God, but I know that You are in control. Help me persevere in patience, for I know You are faithful beyond all words...Lead me through this valley to Your green pastures. I trust You and love You Abba Father. I know I risk my family seeing this, but suddenly it just doesn't matter any more. I just long to be with You and feel You touch me once again...refresh my heart, rejuvenate my soul.

Friday, October 12, 2007

About me

This was in my friendster, "About me section". Planning to update it soon, so decided to keep it here as memory .=)

To those who DO care to read this, you may find yourself disappointed.Nevertheless,here are a few things about me:

0.I thank the person who created tissue paper.Because each time my tap(nose)runs,it means a mountain load of tissue...

1.I have more than 150 emoticons on my msn,and still counting.

2.I eat to live yet live to eat.

3.I love life,but not too much.

4.I complicate my life...sometimes.

5.I do,occasionally, bully some people... =p(you know who you are)

6.I love my family and friends...(duh who doesn't?)

7.I love lame jokes and sometimes become lame as well.Oh wait, I can still walk...

8.I love colours.Bright, Dark... serious! Life is a fusion of colours...what would life be without colours?

anything apart from that,ask me about anything you may be curious about.although I don't guarantee you an answer. =p

last but not least, smile when you began the day,smile when things don't come your way...smiling keeps your health up.not fact,an apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away.(nope,no doctor paid me to write this =p)

ok,thanks for "hearing" me out.I can write some more,but I think someone's eyes are already aching.wait...that would be mine! ;P (you must be thinking,gosh...the person who wrote this must have nothing better to do...but you're wrong. I'm not.) =)

time out!

Truly Life is counted not just by every breath that we take, but by the breath that we have left...
What are you doing in the meantime?I wish to be a blessing to the one's around me and more,hope to be an impact,that I can say at the end that my life is not wasted.I wana live life as if there is no tomorrow,coz if my time were to be up in the next few seconds,at least i did my best the way i knew how...Yes the world can go on without me,but I chose to make the world a better all that I do and say,splashing my colours as a sign that

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Ideal Guy

Its an update from high school's (which i did not look at when I did this list or even after I did the list =p )...but I think this is way better =)

- Loves himself and is secure in his own identity
-Loves me as he loves himself

-Loving,caring,considerate to me and the people around.
-Loyal and faithful - In small and big stuff, especially to me =)

-Mutual trust - Be able to trust his partner me.
-Honest - with himself,me at all times, and shares his heart not hide it.

-Independent - Capable of taking care of himself and me
-A leader - spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally

5.Spends time with me

6.Respects the gurl me! Know when the gurl feels uncomfortable; know the limits,sex before marriage is TOTALLY OUT!

7.Able to make wise decisions, prioritize

8.Honours his(and mine la eventually) father and mother.

9.Allows breathing space, don't tie me down

10.Gentle yet firm in his ways

11.Listens! Not just talk... but must talk...or else one way conversation?!? =p

12.Funny. Seriously, I wouldn't wanna face a poker face / serious lawyer/judge-like-face everyday "cham" for my whole life!

Caution: some of the above are not in order.All are nearly equally important in order for a relationship with me. But this is MY ideal guy. =)

Penned on 6/10/07,in the ocassion of inspiration and bored-nothing-to-do-ness =p


Anyone, HELP. the stupid chatbox is stuck up in the wrong place, and my computer cummy side cant seem to fix it...anyone can help pls do so! I dunno how d =(

ps: sin mean to post this public request 4 help ler