Saturday, October 20, 2007


Its 15 or 16 days to finals,and I'm still here chilling. Basically, still thankful for a chance to "redeem" myself coz I believe n I know that I will do well.

While I'm at that, I'm glad that my prom dress is done. Wasn't sure how things would turn out, and really hoped that the trip on Thursday to the tailor would mean collecting my dress....and I managed to! It was awesome, considering that I am one who progressed this year from wearing baggy shirts n black pants to the dress at year end... a full fledged dress! Wow man. My dad said its extreme, from my usual conservative self to strapless(tube)...All I can say is I feel like a fairy tale princess in the dress. The ribbon n all...awesome =) Can't wait for Coroboree. And I wanna make sure I earned it =)

Rachel also told me that her mum bought a little make up for me. She directed me to this link...(lazy dunno where now), but yeah, I watched it but am not gonna be like that. Come on! I don't wanna look like a mermaid. Things( for me) are overdone occasionally. Someone joked with me that he could wear an octopus head to go with it, but the idea alone leaves m utterly horrified. My college prom! And my first prom for that! No way I'm gonna have an octopus or mermaid... Not even the evil fairy godmother from shrek 2 will stop me *winks

Sooo...that leaves shopping for shoes...after the finals. Not so worried bout that one. =)

Till next time , adieus! Good luck n all the very best in finals, SAM, A-levels, SPM, STPM etc...Go man we can do it!!! =)

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