Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From one topic to another

Now before you get the wrong idea, NO, I'm not getting married anytime soon :D

It's just that the topic between the housemates and I during lunch was on marriage, wedding dowry, babies, yada yada yada you get it right?

So yeah. Apparently my housemates have already "decided" that one wants a football team (worth of kids), another wants his own basketball team. :P

*gulps* Nah . . . I'm not that ambitious. If you really have to know, I'll aim for 2, maximum 3. Book club! (Lame, I know). But in all honesty, a child is a whole world of joy pain and responsibility. And I wanna make sure that I can cope, you know!

Just a random thought. And while this post serves totally no purpose, I'm just thinking of my parents, missing them, and wondering how they are. And feeling grateful that they are awesome parents, people I really, really love.

Thank you Dad, Thank you Mom. I love the both of you very, very much.


One of my favourite quotes in the Bible is "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick" (Matthew 9:!2), said by none other than Jesus Himself. Nowadays, 1 in 3 people get cancer. Everyone has some sort of health problems. The hospital is always packed.

But have we ever thought about our mental, spiritual health? Who are we? Why do we exist? Does anyone love us? What if, someone loved you so much, that he gave up his only son's life for you? If you dare, watch the video. Be prepared to have an open heart though. And search your heart in all honesty.

For me, it challenges who I think I am, my self esteem, my all . . . I know I fail, all the time! But because of You, I am perfect. I am spotless. I am blameless. I am loved. I am Yours. And that I think, is enough for me to live this life, and through eternity.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birthday Celebration part 3 aka Hi Tea @ Flavors, Swiss Garden & Residences

Happy birthday to all January babies!

(my mum always says if she knew I wanted to "come out so early" (3rd Jan), she would have tried to ask me come out earlier/at the end of the year...lol!)

Anyway, my other half and I went to Swiss Garden Flavor's Restaurant to celebrate :D We bought the hi tea coupon from everyday at 50% off, which of course was a steal :)

Pictures I managed to capture for the day :)

Flavor's Interior. 
The interior upon arrival. Lighting was nice, deco was classy, awesome ambiance. Bustling with people.  

The Appetizer corner
The choices were abundant, with fresh leaves, salads etc. there was even a cheese counter with a few variants of cheese for our hi-tea! :)

The dedicated waffle corner :)
Rushed at it since I'm a sucker for waffles + honey :D :D :D

Appetizers and Waffles! :D
Started by taking appetizers and waffles with honey, my all time favourite. Appetizer section is well stocked. the beef salad was gooooood X) 

 Fresh oysters :D
Having gone for a few hi-tea buffets now, I can say this is one of the better ones. (see the osyters!? :) )there were fresh oysters and prawns. I was there for close to 2 hrs and they had refilled at least twice (although people took it just as fast!)

 Dessert corner
The dessert corner was honestly the most well stocked of the place, with generous varieties of puddings, cakes, fruits etc. Most were good, one should save space for some delightful desert and the end. 

 Colourful palate of desserts! :D
My plate of desserts, shared with my awesome partner :) tried mixed berries, christmas cake, puddings, custard creams etc :)

 Main course
Notice that I din't talk much bout main course? There were 3 counters like the above 1, serving Malay dishes, Western dishes and Chinese dishes each. Food was fair (well it is a high tea not "lunch" per say), the roast beef was AWESOME. I think the specialty here is beef la :D

 Dimsum and Noodles 
Dimsum and noodles station was also another station featured outside the restaurant, with tomyum and soup noodles, and various paos and dimsums serving outside, constantly manned by 2 chefs.

Can't run away from soup apparently :p I tried main courses including their soup and dishes, which I find pretty mediocre. Decent but nothing special. Again, apart from the roast beef :D

 Thumbs up 
His verdict: good. 
Just don't overeat at buffets - suffer only later when too full. 

Happy birthday Mr Handsome Boy :) 
May you have an awesome year ahead :) :)
Posing outside Flavor's restaurant. We enjoyed ourselves, staff were courteous, service was good (eg water was constantly refilled).

All in all enjoyed ourselves, stuffing ourselves, taking seconds (coz variety limited), chatting, taking photos :) A great day with great company :) Now, no more in denial . . . Older ady lah :/

My verdict: 4/5
Comment: Ambiance was good, food quality was fresh and above average, service was prompt and friendly, beef was da bomb. Kinda could do with a wider variety of main dishes though. :) Worth coming, would definitely consider if an offer comes up again :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

And may this year bring greater things, positive and good! :)