Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From one topic to another

Now before you get the wrong idea, NO, I'm not getting married anytime soon :D

It's just that the topic between the housemates and I during lunch was on marriage, wedding dowry, babies, yada yada yada you get it right?

So yeah. Apparently my housemates have already "decided" that one wants a football team (worth of kids), another wants his own basketball team. :P

*gulps* Nah . . . I'm not that ambitious. If you really have to know, I'll aim for 2, maximum 3. Book club! (Lame, I know). But in all honesty, a child is a whole world of joy pain and responsibility. And I wanna make sure that I can cope, you know!

Just a random thought. And while this post serves totally no purpose, I'm just thinking of my parents, missing them, and wondering how they are. And feeling grateful that they are awesome parents, people I really, really love.

Thank you Dad, Thank you Mom. I love the both of you very, very much.

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