Monday, December 24, 2012

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion

 I have been to Pavilion many, many times, but have never known about the Tokyo street there... until this week. It's actually a pretty posh place, with lovely decorations.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the bright "Tokyo street" with a bright yellow-red background, which I thought was really captivating. Another thing I really liked was the exhibition in front of Tokyo street. You see the plastic, colourful "windmills"? When it spins with the wind, it is a really pretty sight. :)

Peace Gun
Make love, not war. Ever heard of that line? Apart from toy guns that look nearly real, this is the only other gun you will run towards. Warning though: it shoots rubber bands and somebody can get hurt...real bad. :P

This is also something I found very innovative:

Just a thin piece of patterned round sheet initially.

Behold! It's now a wine carrier! How innovative!

Such a beautiful Chrismas tree. :)
Merry Christmas everyone! :) May the year ahead be joyous and prosperous for each and everyone of you! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012


Been a while since I've posted, and the simple reason is because I've been busy. Nontheless! An update :)

Those of you who know me know that I read blogs avidly. So it was with interest I read many "special" boxes posts on facebook that people wrote about. And the recent (And the one that looks the most exotic so far!) is Thelilacbox! With Brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Keratase...I can only call this high class!

The idea behind this box is that you pay a nominal sum(RM35) and you'll get a range of "Samples" to try...expensive, branded samples which will cost you a bomb! Basically you will get your money's worth :)
Have I mentioned that it comes in a LOVELY box with beautiful ribbons? (I heart ribbons!)

So I signed up and to my surprise got a really nice gift, which I collected today. A ChloĆ© EDP travel size vial! I collected it from Parkson Pavillion, and the guy who attended to me was really polite, no airs and all. Superb service I would say!

So, register your interest and receive a free surprise gift, where you get to choose a freebie from Burberry Beauty, ChloĆ© or Calvin Klein!  What a lovely surprise!

Thats not all! Check out this image:
I want mine too!

I'm waiting for mine, that should come during Valentine's day. Here's the link to Thelilacbox facebook page , where you'll get the most updated info. Can't wait for mine to come, I love surprises!!

Till next time!

Ps: It's past 21/12/12 in Australia and New Zealand. I'm guessing that we're safe :P

Friday, November 2, 2012


Writing with an empty stomach, my GI system must have been totally consumed by hydrochloric acid by now -.-

Random thoughts yesterday - I have grown, even if it is just a little. for instance, I no longer ask things that I do not want to know about. For example : Who hates me?

I used to wanna know. Inquisitive me, perhaps. ...I've lost track of my thoughts, talking to people around me. Anyway, the point is this - so what if I knew who hates me? Will it change who I am? Should I change who I am for them? If I live for others, I'll never be happy; because I cannot ever please the whole entire world. There are so many types of people in this world, we're bound to step on someone's feet. Thats why most of the time I keep my nose (or try to) out of other's business. And try keep to myself.

Life...Is not easy, especially growing up. You realize that it is just a whole bunch of responsibilities and complicated relationships. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post 3 months Hiatus

WOW! 3 months (nearly 4) since my last post. No wonder Benedict says my blog is well and truly "Dead".

What have I been up to? Since July, much has happened - the all famous EOS 9, which by God's grace everyone made it through, went to Mongolia (I should really blog about this one), came to Batu Pahat, finished the "worst" posting surgery/orthopaedics and now am nearly at the end of Paediatrics (which is chill and cool :P )

I recall the many times I wanted to blog and never made it. The key word? Procrastination, which is a bug that bit me hard. Sigh. But apart from that, Batu Pahat has been really really busy, portfolios and all.

Update soon! :) (I hope)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I finally can blog from a phone!the feeling is different tho,and i have to say that the computer is faster,and can load pics as well!well,jz tryin it out...

the place i was at yesterday...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Avene Skincare!

Recently, I was one of the 10 people who won a prize from Only Beauty. It was an Avene product "Hamper" worth RM360.

I had it sent to my house, but in usual Malaysian fashion, the Poslaju had to be collected by myself -.- Such service...

The poslaju package. Exciting! Looked really huge and heavy...

Opened the package, bubble wrap appeared. Excitement bubbling...

And the brown paper package that hid the treasure was opened, to reveal...

Tadaa! A whole range of Avene Eau Thermale Products, Oily and blemished skin range.
(From Left: Mask x4, Cleanance K, Cleanance lotion, SPF30, facial gel wash, and toner.

Clanance Facial Wash
From the first day I got it until now I've been using it at least once a day. Initially, I was apprehensive because I'm allergic to so many brands, including the all famous Clinique brand (red like a tomato after using their product!). This Cleanance Gel was a different story. It was cooling on the face, did not have a sticky feeling after, and did not smell bad( like many of your facial wash). I poured around 5 cent/ 10 cent size gel (quite liquidy) into my hands and rubbed my palms together before applying it on the face. It effectively cleaned the oil on my face but did not overdry it, which I think is just as important.Thumbs up!

2nd step - Toner
To use the toner, one must first shake it vigorously as it contains some lotion that needs to be mixed with the solution. Used it twice at least, my verdict is that its ok. Its function is to clean the excess oil off if any is left, but after using the facial cleanser I really see no point. Its part of the 3 step routine for the beauty conscious pious people though...

3rd step aka moisturizer - Cleanance K
For most ladies who do the 3 step daily beauty regime, I'm sure this is an important step. However, there is a little "twist" in Avene's regime. The 3rd step is Cleanance K, a cream gel that is supposed to be both exfoliating and hydrating at the same time. When using the 3 step regime (this was done before bed), my face stayed dry / oil free throughout the next day till late noon, around 6pm (or even later). I felt that my skin was dry for the next 2 days though, not sure if its altogether a good thing...

So far this 1 week(only got it last Thursday) I've only managed to use these items, with the mask and all being kept for the near future (when I have a lil more time for pampering!) hahaha.  Courtesy of Only Beauty who picked me as one of their prize winners! :) Thanks Only Beauty and Avene! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gem Restaurant @Petaling Jaya . . .Truly a Gem!

Having won RM5 credit from Groupon, I bought a deal for Indian food, since I've not had North indian food for a loooong time now. You know as Malaysians, we all love all sorts of food, and for me, Indian food is definitely one of them :)

Gem restaurant is a place that was there 10 years ago when I was still a school kid . . .  :) I passed it on my way to school every single day. Its actually pretty high class . . . And last friday, I finally had a chance to go in!

The interior is well decorated with Indian flavours. There are also 3D-feel sculpture like art on the wall.

The table was set, with 4 heavy cups on the table. It was 7pm when we arrived. We were the first, but was joined by another family in a while. 

Crab soup, definitely a must try. Tasty soup with 1/4 a crab each. Slightly spicy, but flavourful. :)

Appetizer, chicken drummet. Was awesome. Non spicy as well. I think I barely touched the sauce man.  

The fried mushroom is lovely(I don't know the name) and I highly recommend it! Even my dining partner, a non mushroom lover found it delightful!

The naan there, when taken while hot/ warm, is fluffy and heavenly. Reasonably priced as well., about RM3.90.

Abundance of food. Chicken and lamb and mushroom. :D Nice... But seriously spicy, which was kinda a torture, in a way :/ 

This, I remember. Its called Kulfi, its a type of Indian ice cream made of coconut, according to a friend (not milk). Seriously yummy, a MUST TRY eventhough that portion cost RM9.90.  :)

What was embarrassing that night was I mistook my uni lecturer as one of my mum's colleagues. So embarrassing, especially that it happened in front of the lecturer's family! I wished that there was a hole for me to hide my head into during that time man . . .

Indian food is never cheap. So if you want to eat, eat at a good place like this :D But be warned . . . Things that they say are "not spicy" might just cause you to tear like crazy!! It was a good experience, and if a deal like this pops up again, I'm sure I'll give it more than just a thought :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wicked...was the trip to Marina Bay Sands

I've been meaning to post, but as usual procrastination got the better of me. I MUST improve! Exam in 7 weeks and I've not started properly... :/

This is a post that is long due... :) This was back in April...Of my trip to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and the lovely Musical , Wicked, thanks to a contest from MSN Malaysia. I actually deliberated for very long before finally deciding to go...And that also involved me finding a good travel partner in the form of my housemate!

The view of marina bay sands, Singapore from outside. Shaped like a ship, lovely, right?
We stayed in one of the towers with a lovely sea view. Ah, what good memories :)

 The view outside Marina bays, of the spiral bridge. Must come at night too, photo enthusiasts will find the scene amazing. :)

 I went with my housemate, Becks. And being the geeky med students that we were, she went "Oh! Look! AED!". Marina Bay Sands is full of it at every nook and corner... Which is amazing by my standards. Its really expensive ok!

The seats that we were allocated were the A reserve seats with fixed seating. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better seats!

Becks and I with the tickets :D Becks was a good tour guide, and I was glad I could share the tickets with her, especially when I found out that she wanted to watch Wicked for like, 5 years already!?!

The awesome stage. Technically, pictures were allowed :P The beautiful stae with the moving dragon on the top! (Pulled by strings and the eyes lighted up red even!) The amazing band was playing from below the stage.... The characters were lively, and the props were just fantastic. There was a REAL bridge, a real prom, and much much more...

 Part of the amazing design from the side. The pictures really don't do the show justice.
All in all the broadway musical was FANTASTIC. The acting was amazing, the high notes were well taken, and the music was pitch perfect. Definitely don't regret going :D I now understand the hype of it... :)

The main character, Elphaba. The cast in Singapore was different, but good, nonetheless. You know, I can never view the "Wicked witch of the west" the same way anymore after seeing this. Call me biased...but when I watched The Wizard of Oz in KLPac, it was definitely nothing compared to this.

Night scene of the bridge outside Marina Bays. We walked around for a bit, and I was a little sad that Harry Potter Exhibition wasn't then. Honestly, I want and need a new camera, the one that I has doesn't take good pictures most of the time unless in good light. Lol. Any sponsors? :P

Final picture of the day, Marina Bay Sand's at night. I won't bore you with details of the 5 hour long journey down and 8-9 hour long bus journey back to KL (It was a nightmare),but it was a lovely trip that I would remember for a very long time. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

A legend

The man himself, Professor Emeritus Dr Alex Delilkan 
For the past 2 weeks, I was fortunate enough to meet a legend of the country, Professor Emeritus Dr Alex Delilkan. He's a former national cricket player who captained the country to many many victories, and also the anaesthesiology  professor from UM and also a visiting professor in my uni for many, many years now.

I sat through 2 Wednesdays with him, which reminds me alot of "Tuesdays with Morrie". The reason being these old gentleman have lots of stories and lots of wisdom to share, if you would only listen.  He was opinionated about so many things, from the political situation in this country all the way to the twinning programs of universities (haha, my uni for instance). The thing that struck m the most was how such a knowledgeable man like him could be so down to earth, and how he...wasn't rich :P

His constant joke (until it kinda got stale) was that he was so poor he had to eat mee goreng kosong coz uni's don't pay him enough. And yet what I found amazing about this guy was that he lives on his means, doesn't complain, and still the age of 78!!(if I remember correctly) At this age most people are either old and sitting at home just watching the grandkids or rotting away... :O

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Retail Therapy and Radio Songs

I've been meaning to blog for ever so long... But have not. Until now.

Today I went for "Retail Therapy", except that in my case, I strictly control my spending. So what did I get in the end?

A few greeting cards (less than RM10), 4 Hair Scrunchies on offer for RM10 in total, and a sponge (for make up purposes... Haven't put on make up for quite a while now.

While trying on countless beautiful heels that were beautiful but din't fit me in many of the shops, I heard the following song playing in the background. And started singing along to it.

For those who are wondering, this is the song "Hong Qing Ting" ,literally translated as red praying mantis. Its a classic song,first heard during my childhood days... And then not heard of for a long time. Until now, playing in this little shoe shop.

Listening to the lyrics "And when problems grow in number while the colourful marbles grow less,  I know I now am slowly growing up..."We are already grown up, all are dreams are being chased now..." Except the last time I sang it I was a kid, now I no longer am. It was like a walk down memory lane, where bittersweet feelings and "life" just swirled in the jar of emotions I felt. It was just indescribable, I guess.

I know I'm not the most charismatic of the bunch, and I'm but average, whether in looks, academic, or by worldly standards. But I will strive to be best I can be, by God's grace. :)

And hopefully, the next time I hear this song playing again, I'll have acheived something in life...

Monday, April 16, 2012

A bunch of thoughts

A month later (wait, make that 2) and yes, I'm back with an emo post.

Ah! Life. Don't get me wrong...God has been really good and has blessed me so, so much. He blessed me with a dinner with my loved ones at the luxurious Ben's at Publika noy just once but twice; and another trip to singapore with free accommodation and 2 A Reserve tickets to watch Wicked the musical, which is admitedly, really good. Despite the hickups... God is and always has been good.

Just finished my clinical exam for medicine today. And make no mistake, when the lecturer said "I think you did well" (which somewhat mirrored the exam the last time), I'm really not sure if she was just trying to placade me. Because when I looked back, there were really things that I din't know and din't answer correctly. Made me realise, yet again, how woefully little I know in medicine!

Again, its the time of the semester when everyone is scrambling to change groupings. Perhaps due to my OCD-ness, I always find it hard to adjust to new environment. I secretly (and maybe not so secretly) think I have prolonged adjustment disorder each time. I can't help but feeling stressed in a "new environment",despite it being the same 100 (rotating) batchmates. It really is hard for me get used to a new place/people, and when I finally settle down...Things move on again. Way too fast for my liking :(
Its time like this when I really miss my best buds, esp the one in Leeds uni. I remember how we used to be inseparable, and I imagine that if she is here, we will probably be inseparable. We'll probably push each other to talk to patients etc, which probably will be better for each other :P She'll probably layan my lame jokes and antics, we'll probably sushi every other day. Nah, I kid. (Sushi is expensive!!!)

But yes. Its not that I'm not happy with my life. In fact, I have no reason to be, God has blessed me so. Perhaps, me, just like many others are falling into the trap of evying others life, or thinking "what if". But if you watch grey's anatomy a few episodes ago, they say that things would ultimately have played out the same way. Perhaps its true, coz nothing that happens is "incidental"; it is all permitted, crafted by God. And eventhough I may not see the plan at the moment, God can already see the end...

So yeah. Maybe I just need to sort out my feelings. Of the past and the present, because the past cannot be reproduced, and the present is ahead and holds much at stake. The memories of the past should serve more to brighten my dark days, not make me feel emo and longing. (Although, like I said, its hard for me to "move on". I am perhaps moving with the flow while subconciously trying to fight it.) The memories that I shared with the people I love and cherish evermore need to always be stored in that precious little corner of my brain, while I trudge on bravely. And may I remind myself, that I am never, ever alone( although many a time I may feel so).

Nowadays I find myself wondering many many times why I chose medicine. I'm not the only one. Discussing it during skype one day, my bestie and I agreed that if time were to be turned back, we would still have made the choice we made. How stupid right? To fight with the 7802560602589568263 people whom blindly choose medicine not knowing the amount of sacrifice, the amount of sweat, tears and heartache, and the somewhat bleak future for the medical profession that is slowly losing its prestige. To be one of the small fry that does all the work with a "glamourous"( actually, the lowest ranking, lower than amoeba in the food chain) name; to battle the workload and mounting pressure and if more serious, depression. To have more dark days than good, and not being sure what there is to look forward to. Call me a pessimist, but if you, like me are purely average(or less than that), you know that life is hard as you compete with the thousands and millions of braniacs who have chosen the same profession as you.

But as I pour out my frustrations, I am reminded by a loved and honoured person in my life, that my life is in God's hands. Promotion, whether fair or not. Welfare. Future. And more. God has and will pull me through the darkest days of my life. Because though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. And I always, always need to remind myself that the constant in this life is not death or tax (you have conquered them all), but You. That one day I can look forward to resting in Your house, and celebrating with You forevermore.

When the music fades, all is stripped away, and I simply come. Longing just to bring, something, something thats of worth, that will bless  your heart. 

Saw many of my juniors prom photos. Ah, those were the times. I love them (Still) and miss them so much. But I think that they have moved on in life. I miss hanging out with them, sharing each other's life story; I miss making them brush each others teeth while singing "old McDonalds  had a farm" with foam flowing from their mouths. I miss being the "guinea pig" while they made me up for my prom, trying on diff shoes , different shades of makeup. I miss all the lunches and the library hangouts, I miss talking about everything under the sun.

Not that I love my current housemates any less. When the Seremban chapter is over and done with, I know I'll also miss them, since people are moving away and nothing is confirmed. When everyone is in different places doing housemanship. But I'll always remember and miss most the time and the energy, and the heart invested into different people's lives.

And although I don't know how they are doing, they seem to be doing just fine. And even if they may(or have) forgotten me and that I am no longer a part of their lives, if there is one thing I want them to know is that I love them and will always miss them, and they have been an amazing part of my life where I wouldn't trade them for anyone else.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February blues

Despite one of my new year resolutions to blog more frequently, again, I've failed. And its only February.. :/

On the bright side, I have been doing a little bit of food reviews on Openrice. I have around 13 so far, do click if you have the time! :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From one topic to another

Now before you get the wrong idea, NO, I'm not getting married anytime soon :D

It's just that the topic between the housemates and I during lunch was on marriage, wedding dowry, babies, yada yada yada you get it right?

So yeah. Apparently my housemates have already "decided" that one wants a football team (worth of kids), another wants his own basketball team. :P

*gulps* Nah . . . I'm not that ambitious. If you really have to know, I'll aim for 2, maximum 3. Book club! (Lame, I know). But in all honesty, a child is a whole world of joy pain and responsibility. And I wanna make sure that I can cope, you know!

Just a random thought. And while this post serves totally no purpose, I'm just thinking of my parents, missing them, and wondering how they are. And feeling grateful that they are awesome parents, people I really, really love.

Thank you Dad, Thank you Mom. I love the both of you very, very much.


One of my favourite quotes in the Bible is "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick" (Matthew 9:!2), said by none other than Jesus Himself. Nowadays, 1 in 3 people get cancer. Everyone has some sort of health problems. The hospital is always packed.

But have we ever thought about our mental, spiritual health? Who are we? Why do we exist? Does anyone love us? What if, someone loved you so much, that he gave up his only son's life for you? If you dare, watch the video. Be prepared to have an open heart though. And search your heart in all honesty.

For me, it challenges who I think I am, my self esteem, my all . . . I know I fail, all the time! But because of You, I am perfect. I am spotless. I am blameless. I am loved. I am Yours. And that I think, is enough for me to live this life, and through eternity.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birthday Celebration part 3 aka Hi Tea @ Flavors, Swiss Garden & Residences

Happy birthday to all January babies!

(my mum always says if she knew I wanted to "come out so early" (3rd Jan), she would have tried to ask me come out earlier/at the end of the!)

Anyway, my other half and I went to Swiss Garden Flavor's Restaurant to celebrate :D We bought the hi tea coupon from everyday at 50% off, which of course was a steal :)

Pictures I managed to capture for the day :)

Flavor's Interior. 
The interior upon arrival. Lighting was nice, deco was classy, awesome ambiance. Bustling with people.  

The Appetizer corner
The choices were abundant, with fresh leaves, salads etc. there was even a cheese counter with a few variants of cheese for our hi-tea! :)

The dedicated waffle corner :)
Rushed at it since I'm a sucker for waffles + honey :D :D :D

Appetizers and Waffles! :D
Started by taking appetizers and waffles with honey, my all time favourite. Appetizer section is well stocked. the beef salad was gooooood X) 

 Fresh oysters :D
Having gone for a few hi-tea buffets now, I can say this is one of the better ones. (see the osyters!? :) )there were fresh oysters and prawns. I was there for close to 2 hrs and they had refilled at least twice (although people took it just as fast!)

 Dessert corner
The dessert corner was honestly the most well stocked of the place, with generous varieties of puddings, cakes, fruits etc. Most were good, one should save space for some delightful desert and the end. 

 Colourful palate of desserts! :D
My plate of desserts, shared with my awesome partner :) tried mixed berries, christmas cake, puddings, custard creams etc :)

 Main course
Notice that I din't talk much bout main course? There were 3 counters like the above 1, serving Malay dishes, Western dishes and Chinese dishes each. Food was fair (well it is a high tea not "lunch" per say), the roast beef was AWESOME. I think the specialty here is beef la :D

 Dimsum and Noodles 
Dimsum and noodles station was also another station featured outside the restaurant, with tomyum and soup noodles, and various paos and dimsums serving outside, constantly manned by 2 chefs.

Can't run away from soup apparently :p I tried main courses including their soup and dishes, which I find pretty mediocre. Decent but nothing special. Again, apart from the roast beef :D

 Thumbs up 
His verdict: good. 
Just don't overeat at buffets - suffer only later when too full. 

Happy birthday Mr Handsome Boy :) 
May you have an awesome year ahead :) :)
Posing outside Flavor's restaurant. We enjoyed ourselves, staff were courteous, service was good (eg water was constantly refilled).

All in all enjoyed ourselves, stuffing ourselves, taking seconds (coz variety limited), chatting, taking photos :) A great day with great company :) Now, no more in denial . . . Older ady lah :/

My verdict: 4/5
Comment: Ambiance was good, food quality was fresh and above average, service was prompt and friendly, beef was da bomb. Kinda could do with a wider variety of main dishes though. :) Worth coming, would definitely consider if an offer comes up again :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

And may this year bring greater things, positive and good! :)