Friday, June 15, 2012

A legend

The man himself, Professor Emeritus Dr Alex Delilkan 
For the past 2 weeks, I was fortunate enough to meet a legend of the country, Professor Emeritus Dr Alex Delilkan. He's a former national cricket player who captained the country to many many victories, and also the anaesthesiology  professor from UM and also a visiting professor in my uni for many, many years now.

I sat through 2 Wednesdays with him, which reminds me alot of "Tuesdays with Morrie". The reason being these old gentleman have lots of stories and lots of wisdom to share, if you would only listen.  He was opinionated about so many things, from the political situation in this country all the way to the twinning programs of universities (haha, my uni for instance). The thing that struck m the most was how such a knowledgeable man like him could be so down to earth, and how he...wasn't rich :P

His constant joke (until it kinda got stale) was that he was so poor he had to eat mee goreng kosong coz uni's don't pay him enough. And yet what I found amazing about this guy was that he lives on his means, doesn't complain, and still the age of 78!!(if I remember correctly) At this age most people are either old and sitting at home just watching the grandkids or rotting away... :O


Anonymous said...

Well being the son of him , and listening to all his stories , is what we both still talk about till today to each other. He is my true inspiration and having know him all my life(!), he is a very driven and HIGHLY principled person. He simply detests commercialism and capitalism that involves with patient care and the medical practice. He is one person that I know that if you needed $41.00 and he had $40.00, he would go out to find that additional $1.00 to borrow to help you out The greatest tribute I can give my father is he treats everyone with love and compassion. Not being overly religious but his spiritual work is very much evidenced by his great deeds for the poor and sick. He was always close with the office staff in the university and never shyed away from helping them. His legacy is left in his children and grandchildren. This is not a eulogy as he is very much alive but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth.

[J].[L] said...

Well said. Admire the respect and love you have for your father to post a comment on my blog :) Hope you all are well :)