Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gem Restaurant @Petaling Jaya . . .Truly a Gem!

Having won RM5 credit from Groupon, I bought a deal for Indian food, since I've not had North indian food for a loooong time now. You know as Malaysians, we all love all sorts of food, and for me, Indian food is definitely one of them :)

Gem restaurant is a place that was there 10 years ago when I was still a school kid . . .  :) I passed it on my way to school every single day. Its actually pretty high class . . . And last friday, I finally had a chance to go in!

The interior is well decorated with Indian flavours. There are also 3D-feel sculpture like art on the wall.

The table was set, with 4 heavy cups on the table. It was 7pm when we arrived. We were the first, but was joined by another family in a while. 

Crab soup, definitely a must try. Tasty soup with 1/4 a crab each. Slightly spicy, but flavourful. :)

Appetizer, chicken drummet. Was awesome. Non spicy as well. I think I barely touched the sauce man.  

The fried mushroom is lovely(I don't know the name) and I highly recommend it! Even my dining partner, a non mushroom lover found it delightful!

The naan there, when taken while hot/ warm, is fluffy and heavenly. Reasonably priced as well., about RM3.90.

Abundance of food. Chicken and lamb and mushroom. :D Nice... But seriously spicy, which was kinda a torture, in a way :/ 

This, I remember. Its called Kulfi, its a type of Indian ice cream made of coconut, according to a friend (not milk). Seriously yummy, a MUST TRY eventhough that portion cost RM9.90.  :)

What was embarrassing that night was I mistook my uni lecturer as one of my mum's colleagues. So embarrassing, especially that it happened in front of the lecturer's family! I wished that there was a hole for me to hide my head into during that time man . . .

Indian food is never cheap. So if you want to eat, eat at a good place like this :D But be warned . . . Things that they say are "not spicy" might just cause you to tear like crazy!! It was a good experience, and if a deal like this pops up again, I'm sure I'll give it more than just a thought :)

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