Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Joy...

Christmas 2008 has come and pass...its new year soon. was thinking of a few things...

Shopping malls. My hand phone finally was returned to me on this day, and it cost me RM140. well...I expected. I went to 5 different malls. You know, we Malaysians really have no where to go...except shopping. Parking was crazy, traffic was at a standstill, crowd after crowd thronged the malls... *shakes head in disbelief"

Santa's. Unfortunately, I don't fancy santa's much. they don't really serve any purpose other than promoting the already over commercialized Christmas. Santa giving out balloons, sitting and waiting for easy prey (to pay rm10 to take a photo with him) gimmicks, I say. still...Ho ho ho?

random stuff

as I was washing hands in the toilet:
"why you go to the gents? " a lady's voice said. ......

a sight that really warmed my heart:
2 young couples, each holding a 1-2 year old daughter in their firm hands down the steps - "one step at a time, careful... " *touching*

Christmas associated pictures...

The new collection to my beloved soft toys empire. Her name is Gingy Park Hye Min. Isn't she just adorable? hehe

Look what I found on the dinning table for breakfast the next morning... *indignant* how could this have happened?!?!

And other Christmas goodies that are just tempting! My favorite is the fruit cake.

Haha! feel my writing skills so cacat-ed after a looong break. back to uni in another 10 days (+-) time! sighs...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Met up with Chong Sen, Sook Cheng and Xia Xun. Hehe tripped 3 times today, once on the escalator. so scary. if not that I was holding on so tight, I would have fell over. luckily wearing jeans, or else kena scratch like crazy.

And traffic today was so so so bad. It took 40 minutes too find a parking space (which was empty when we left) and more than 1.5 hrs to get back. so sorry sook >< (she was driving...Manual car somemore) hehe,went to zenmai. food quite nice actually, albeit a lil pricey. have more photos, but the rest with xx. the 2 guys. notice xx had a make over - slimmer, sluttier, sexier. hahaha but he's still the same xx man.

At Zenmai. Tissue also cost 20cents apiece! haha. XX just had to cut my face off. duno how to take photo wan :P its as if he's saying "move over joanne, im the star!~"

In the lift also can camwhore wite :P G7's specialty hehe. camwhore king and queen (on the left and right respectively). my sifu's. (xx la, mainly :P )

Went to watch Transporter 3. My verdict :RM7 can be used in better places. just like yr normal movie on tv. Story is horny, predictable, ok ok only. Bolt is way way better.

Gardens christmas design, cage style. :P group pic. sook cut her hair short! bob hair style rite? looks so young, make me look so old! :P

Picture of the day. I like this photo alot actually. dunno why, this photo is just very very nice. hehe had fun today,minus the lousy traffic and trippings it was an awesome day. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008



Taylors Open day. Went back to Taylors today ,coz bro registered as student. The place seriously a money making machine la :P

The horror. My gosh, they had my pic on display in the SAM exhibition classroom with the caption "not only guys can be good at guitar,girls can be too!" *embarassed*
It was Cultural Fusion where I played my self composed song meant for Malaysian Studies entitled "This is the place".
But seriously, the picture was horrible, MY EXPRESSION CAPTURED WAS *&^#!!! They could have taken a better picture!!! *sobs* I din even think of taking a picture for remembrance, that's how upset I was :o

Memories. Saw buddies from uni, and college. Daniel! Miss that guy la, he din't change also. Poor me still kena bully :P Hehe saw a few lecturers also. Looks dint change (come on Joanne, you expect them to change...? like, plastic surgery...? ) Had a surge of emotions running through my mind. The good memories I had, the friends I made, the hue-ha college life that is never boring...

Been reminded that there is a time for everything. Time in a certain place. Time to grow. Time to move etc. We're place in a certain place for a season and then placed elsewhere. How much I have learned to adapt and embrace I am a Uni student, I still deeply miss my college days. It was the best days somehow. Not that uni is bad, (in fact it is not, people here are amazing as well), but deep down, just miss the place where I spent my youthful 18...

Dear Lord, help me make the best of each season as it comes and goes... Help me to look forward to each season as I journet through each one of it...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Random Stuffs

Owl. Been sleeping late. Its 2.30am already. Need to start sleeping early, this is not good for health (How many times have I told myself that. )

Handphone. Sent for repair ady. According to the Sony Ericsson shop in Pyramid, estimated bill is around Rm150-180~ :( Hope it doesnt cost that much. Seriously.

Skirt. Finally got the skirt I wanted. Nice,BUT... ... ... bro say once look at my leg feel turned off (coz my legs are stumpy) :'( :'( :'( Whats the point of a nice skirt then?

Shadows. A thought struck me - light has no shadows. in other words, light casts out all shadows. How come we still live in shadows?

Online shopping. Haha, been so so obsessed with it. My web browser history is full with all the online blogshops. Even bought a few stuffs :P (like the skirt mentioned above). mental note:stop soon. esp that uni is starting (aiyah, when uni start won't spend hours surfing like this wan)

Family. Living with people, differences definitely prevail. I mean, seriously. One man's love is another man's hate. But I love my family for who they are. Haha. This holidays, just realised that I secretly enjoyed the little things - such as having my dad tie my shoelaces (haha you can laugh) and just watching tv series or news together, exclaiming at certain parts and laughing at others. Father-and-mother(and brothers la)-I-love-you. hehe

The bun at Mac-D's when my bro opened to put his sauce. One of our family outings. Hehe nice kan? Just had to take a photo of it. I love my family :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You know me through and through...

For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mothers' womb.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

Psalm 139:13,14

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*warning* non coherent post

Am precious to you?
How can I drift so far, and you still wait patiently...
Why do things that seem so big matter not before you...
When I get angry because of petty things, you never lost your temper on me...
The little surprises and smiles along the way...

I'm counting on you, to carry me through...
This whole journey, each step...
When words fail, when tears cease to fall, grace for the way...
Pardon my selfishness, my thanklessness..
But how can I call myself, so unworthy, yours?
Yet you said I'm the apple of my eye, and used your actions to prove it...

I want my life, my actions, my words to reflect you...
My life to be like a sunflower, bright, catchy (in the right ways ), pointing them to the sun, to the Son...
Wanna be the gift you sent to bless others...

When all else fades my soul will dance, with the love that lasts forever...
Hold my hand...

You will never walk alone...
Point of Grace

Along life's road
There will be sunshine and rain
Roses and thorns, laughter and pain
And 'cross the miles
You will face mountains so steep
Deserts so long and valleys so deep
Sometimes the Journey's gentle
Sometimes the cold winds blow
But I want you to remember
I want you to know

You will never walk alone
As long as you have faith
Jesus will be right beside you all the way
You may feel you're far from home
But home is where He is
And he'll be there down every road
You will never walk alone
The path will wind

And you will find wonders and fears
Labors of love and a few falling tears
Across the years
There will be some twists and turns
Mistakes to make and lessons to learn
Sometimes the journey's gentle
Sometimes the cold winds blow
But I want you to remember where ever you may

Jesus knows your joy, Jesus knows your need
He will go the distance with you faithfully

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hints of sadness welled as Agape 08 came and went. Can't describe how I feel, just the usual "its over...and I wasn't involved" kinda feeling. I'm not blaming anyone but myself... Holidays were not all that "free", but because I chose to keep silent I kinda sat out of the whole thing. If I asked I may have (no matter how slim the chance) to at least see and cheer the hard work put in by the rest,especially that the two coordinators are my sisters whom I love to bits. Just kinda felt useless. As in, I'm still that passive person who needs immense pushing...

I'm not sure of the path ahead.I find discipline the one of the hardest things around to do. As in, things like quiet time. I can do so many other "interesting" things. Then, whats the point of saying I have a relationship with that Someone but not spend quality time. But, its my fault, no one else. I don't wanna linger at that "head knowledge" but want it to be more, more than that...

Time and tide waits for no man. True. so true... the Mumbai terror Malaysian victim somehow is "connected" so remotely with my life... my ex tuition teacher's sister in law. And both the kids are studying the same course(different location tho) as me. It just reminds me again to grasp everyday and make the full of it. Can't say I'm doing that now.

On another note...

Coleslaw was successful! hahaha tho shouldnt have put 3/4 of an onion knowing I don't like onions... the dressing is fine, tho not "exotic" in taste. hahaha.garlic bread (bagurettes cut+butter+garlic bread seasoning > steam) for tea! whee~

I think I'm nuts. well , maybe not. Almonds I think. Wait, I wanna be a raisin. Ok, I'll just shut up.