Sunday, December 7, 2008


Random Stuffs

Owl. Been sleeping late. Its 2.30am already. Need to start sleeping early, this is not good for health (How many times have I told myself that. )

Handphone. Sent for repair ady. According to the Sony Ericsson shop in Pyramid, estimated bill is around Rm150-180~ :( Hope it doesnt cost that much. Seriously.

Skirt. Finally got the skirt I wanted. Nice,BUT... ... ... bro say once look at my leg feel turned off (coz my legs are stumpy) :'( :'( :'( Whats the point of a nice skirt then?

Shadows. A thought struck me - light has no shadows. in other words, light casts out all shadows. How come we still live in shadows?

Online shopping. Haha, been so so obsessed with it. My web browser history is full with all the online blogshops. Even bought a few stuffs :P (like the skirt mentioned above). mental note:stop soon. esp that uni is starting (aiyah, when uni start won't spend hours surfing like this wan)

Family. Living with people, differences definitely prevail. I mean, seriously. One man's love is another man's hate. But I love my family for who they are. Haha. This holidays, just realised that I secretly enjoyed the little things - such as having my dad tie my shoelaces (haha you can laugh) and just watching tv series or news together, exclaiming at certain parts and laughing at others. Father-and-mother(and brothers la)-I-love-you. hehe

The bun at Mac-D's when my bro opened to put his sauce. One of our family outings. Hehe nice kan? Just had to take a photo of it. I love my family :)

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