Monday, December 8, 2008



Taylors Open day. Went back to Taylors today ,coz bro registered as student. The place seriously a money making machine la :P

The horror. My gosh, they had my pic on display in the SAM exhibition classroom with the caption "not only guys can be good at guitar,girls can be too!" *embarassed*
It was Cultural Fusion where I played my self composed song meant for Malaysian Studies entitled "This is the place".
But seriously, the picture was horrible, MY EXPRESSION CAPTURED WAS *&^#!!! They could have taken a better picture!!! *sobs* I din even think of taking a picture for remembrance, that's how upset I was :o

Memories. Saw buddies from uni, and college. Daniel! Miss that guy la, he din't change also. Poor me still kena bully :P Hehe saw a few lecturers also. Looks dint change (come on Joanne, you expect them to change...? like, plastic surgery...? ) Had a surge of emotions running through my mind. The good memories I had, the friends I made, the hue-ha college life that is never boring...

Been reminded that there is a time for everything. Time in a certain place. Time to grow. Time to move etc. We're place in a certain place for a season and then placed elsewhere. How much I have learned to adapt and embrace I am a Uni student, I still deeply miss my college days. It was the best days somehow. Not that uni is bad, (in fact it is not, people here are amazing as well), but deep down, just miss the place where I spent my youthful 18...

Dear Lord, help me make the best of each season as it comes and goes... Help me to look forward to each season as I journet through each one of it...

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