Thursday, December 11, 2008

Met up with Chong Sen, Sook Cheng and Xia Xun. Hehe tripped 3 times today, once on the escalator. so scary. if not that I was holding on so tight, I would have fell over. luckily wearing jeans, or else kena scratch like crazy.

And traffic today was so so so bad. It took 40 minutes too find a parking space (which was empty when we left) and more than 1.5 hrs to get back. so sorry sook >< (she was driving...Manual car somemore) hehe,went to zenmai. food quite nice actually, albeit a lil pricey. have more photos, but the rest with xx. the 2 guys. notice xx had a make over - slimmer, sluttier, sexier. hahaha but he's still the same xx man.

At Zenmai. Tissue also cost 20cents apiece! haha. XX just had to cut my face off. duno how to take photo wan :P its as if he's saying "move over joanne, im the star!~"

In the lift also can camwhore wite :P G7's specialty hehe. camwhore king and queen (on the left and right respectively). my sifu's. (xx la, mainly :P )

Went to watch Transporter 3. My verdict :RM7 can be used in better places. just like yr normal movie on tv. Story is horny, predictable, ok ok only. Bolt is way way better.

Gardens christmas design, cage style. :P group pic. sook cut her hair short! bob hair style rite? looks so young, make me look so old! :P

Picture of the day. I like this photo alot actually. dunno why, this photo is just very very nice. hehe had fun today,minus the lousy traffic and trippings it was an awesome day. :)

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