Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello blog, you;ve been dormant for some  time now, no thanks to me.

Anyway, I'm done with paeds, now in orthopaedics. I thought it would be utterly boring...but to be fair its not. there are days where lectures each take 2 hrs(which is horrible, my attention span is super short)..but they managed to get a few lecturers that truly inspire.

And you know what inspires? Its the fact that they go the extra mile, turning down locum to do voluntary work, out of the word "Empathy".

Which is what most doctors lack nowadays. And just looking back, if all the doctors, cut that , even half of the doctors nowadays can do that, can pay a lil more attention to the patient instead of discharging themselves - our standard of care would Definitely improve.

And most politicians dont care. Well, unless they use the government hosptitals, which they have no need to. Private all the way. Notice how the top people are Always(or almost always ) warded at private hospitals? the Beach hospitals(translate to the national language) and other big branches... and hospitals continue to be a place to just "Save" lives but not necessarily increasing level of care and most definitely(in most cases) disregarde the quality of life of the patients.

Apart from that...6 months ady :D haha.

and sem 7 is towards the 2nd part, which is scary/dangerous. means exam coming, must practice, study etc etc etc... God help me that one day I become a doctor that cares, 1 that tries to go the extra mile and one with knowledge, competence and confidence.