Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mom's birthday

I have so many things to update! Procrastination has set in, as usual. But most recent first, I think. :)

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. Since I have a Starbucks card, and my birthday falls in the same month, I bought a grande chocolate chip and redeemed a free piece of cake. :) Thanks, Starbucks.

My mom's favourite, carrot cake. She found this cake a little like fruit cake, din't like the cream cheese too much (not a fan of milk), but found it nice overall with the walnut. Glad she liked it :) I remember we used to buy big huge 1/2-1kg cakes, but it's becoming impossible to finish with only 4 not-really-cake-lovers at home. So this was just nice :)

Mum making her wish(es). It was a long pause! :P May her wishes come true - She always has the best of intentions. :)

Dad and mom, plus birthday cake. I think that things are best done in moderation, such as a slice of premium quality cake :) *blows the candle*

To my loving and thoughtful mom, you've always been there for our family, you're the reason for our success. We owe our success to you, and (for us kids) our existence too. We love you, Happy Blessed Birthday :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Origins Mini- Makeover

In December, one of the little things I won was the Origins mini makeover, for the 50th person of that every day of December. Told them to hold on to mine till I was back in KL since I was based in Batu Pahat at that time.

I finally redeemed it at Origins Pavilion, in Metrojaya. Its actually a comfy place, although in the open (no privacy?) 

I seriously can't remember the name of the consultant who attended to me that day (its this lady in the right corner of the picture). All I can remember of that experience was that she was very professional, knowledgeable about Origins products, and made my experience a great one. :)

The set that she used for me. Including cleanser, toner, mask etc. What I was really impressed with was the eye serum (not sure of the name), which really made my dark-eye-ringed and tired and eyes look much better instantly. Blame the late nights and fried foods :P

Part of the set, supposedly for oily skin. I found out that mine was combo skin, which is a mix of oily (in the T -zone) and normal skin elsewhere. Oh, and sensitive too, may I add. Which was why I was really happy that none, and I repeat, NONE of the products caused my face to have an unwanted allergic reaction.

The tall chairs next to the counter, where one can be treated like a queen :D

This was the promo they were having- JOY (31 days of Christmas) or something like that. Seriously, the whole thing looks so happy! :D

The Gift set that cost over RM200. Kinda outta my budget, but it was pretty good. :)

How I looked after the makeover- I felt that my face was literally "glowing"! :) I really loved the experience, and felt really pampered. Really wish it was multiple sessions! (no editing done to any of the pictures!)

A good place to visit. By the way, did you know that Origins is actually a sister company( same company) as  Estee Lauder? That was news to me :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The tale of an unwanted medical student

Happy 2013! First post of the year. I know,I know, i've been procrastinating.

Typing from the labour room,where I'm supposed to be for the week. Currently, things are peaceful.

Tried to post this status 3 times on facebook but always jammed.. 'when life hands you lemons,sometimes all 1 can do is to bite it down, swallow the bitterness and sourness,and look ahead,move on.' It really is not easy, especially when yr not the one who is in the wrong..just trying to help,to do your job.

At times life really makes no sense. I mean,din't you hear about how an 'educated' lady humiliated someone half her age with comparisons to...animals?

But back to the 'story',sometimes you really feel as if you don't matter in this world. Maybe to the one or two,and your family...but if not you are nobody..until you invent the iphone or something.

Just a ranting post. There have,and will be better times ahead. After all,2013 is the year of promises and favour.

As the 3 idiots will say.. " All is well". . . Truly I will trust God and be still in Him... All is well.