Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The tale of an unwanted medical student

Happy 2013! First post of the year. I know,I know, i've been procrastinating.

Typing from the labour room,where I'm supposed to be for the week. Currently, things are peaceful.

Tried to post this status 3 times on facebook but always jammed.. 'when life hands you lemons,sometimes all 1 can do is to bite it down, swallow the bitterness and sourness,and look ahead,move on.' It really is not easy, especially when yr not the one who is in the wrong..just trying to help,to do your job.

At times life really makes no sense. I mean,din't you hear about how an 'educated' lady humiliated someone half her age with comparisons to...animals?

But back to the 'story',sometimes you really feel as if you don't matter in this world. Maybe to the one or two,and your family...but if not you are nobody..until you invent the iphone or something.

Just a ranting post. There have,and will be better times ahead. After all,2013 is the year of promises and favour.

As the 3 idiots will say.. " All is well". . . Truly I will trust God and be still in Him... All is well.

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