Monday, December 24, 2012

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion

 I have been to Pavilion many, many times, but have never known about the Tokyo street there... until this week. It's actually a pretty posh place, with lovely decorations.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the bright "Tokyo street" with a bright yellow-red background, which I thought was really captivating. Another thing I really liked was the exhibition in front of Tokyo street. You see the plastic, colourful "windmills"? When it spins with the wind, it is a really pretty sight. :)

Peace Gun
Make love, not war. Ever heard of that line? Apart from toy guns that look nearly real, this is the only other gun you will run towards. Warning though: it shoots rubber bands and somebody can get hurt...real bad. :P

This is also something I found very innovative:

Just a thin piece of patterned round sheet initially.

Behold! It's now a wine carrier! How innovative!

Such a beautiful Chrismas tree. :)
Merry Christmas everyone! :) May the year ahead be joyous and prosperous for each and everyone of you! :)