Friday, December 21, 2012


Been a while since I've posted, and the simple reason is because I've been busy. Nontheless! An update :)

Those of you who know me know that I read blogs avidly. So it was with interest I read many "special" boxes posts on facebook that people wrote about. And the recent (And the one that looks the most exotic so far!) is Thelilacbox! With Brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Keratase...I can only call this high class!

The idea behind this box is that you pay a nominal sum(RM35) and you'll get a range of "Samples" to try...expensive, branded samples which will cost you a bomb! Basically you will get your money's worth :)
Have I mentioned that it comes in a LOVELY box with beautiful ribbons? (I heart ribbons!)

So I signed up and to my surprise got a really nice gift, which I collected today. A ChloĆ© EDP travel size vial! I collected it from Parkson Pavillion, and the guy who attended to me was really polite, no airs and all. Superb service I would say!

So, register your interest and receive a free surprise gift, where you get to choose a freebie from Burberry Beauty, ChloĆ© or Calvin Klein!  What a lovely surprise!

Thats not all! Check out this image:
I want mine too!

I'm waiting for mine, that should come during Valentine's day. Here's the link to Thelilacbox facebook page , where you'll get the most updated info. Can't wait for mine to come, I love surprises!!

Till next time!

Ps: It's past 21/12/12 in Australia and New Zealand. I'm guessing that we're safe :P

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