Friday, November 2, 2012


Writing with an empty stomach, my GI system must have been totally consumed by hydrochloric acid by now -.-

Random thoughts yesterday - I have grown, even if it is just a little. for instance, I no longer ask things that I do not want to know about. For example : Who hates me?

I used to wanna know. Inquisitive me, perhaps. ...I've lost track of my thoughts, talking to people around me. Anyway, the point is this - so what if I knew who hates me? Will it change who I am? Should I change who I am for them? If I live for others, I'll never be happy; because I cannot ever please the whole entire world. There are so many types of people in this world, we're bound to step on someone's feet. Thats why most of the time I keep my nose (or try to) out of other's business. And try keep to myself.

Life...Is not easy, especially growing up. You realize that it is just a whole bunch of responsibilities and complicated relationships. 

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