Friday, January 30, 2009



Haha,so he knows I love art crafts.If I wasn't in med school,I'll be teaching art craft in a kindergarten.

Chatting on skype, msging on msn, drawing with the not so canggih msn tools. but looked quite ok with the background. lol look like some 5 yr old's drawing. :P

lalala in mandarin

hehe just drew for fun only. I agree the 2 fish are quite cute ;)

Wonder this one or the one above nicer. Yeah, the blue on the mountains can be interpreted as either waterfalls or ice la. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Happy CNY people. Havn't really updated... just din't feel like it. No, there isn't any lack of activity. In fact, lots have happened.

Yesterday, just found out that a friend did me a birthday post (alongside a few other with the same birthday.) the photos were last year's...and of my form 2, short hair. embarrasingnya!!! dun read it~! well if you really really want to,its here. asked my dad "erm...did i change alot?" "of course you did!" (i hope so) yes I know I'm still the loud hyperactive occasionally childish girl huh who cares tho Gosh that was when i was, erm...14. Now I'm..."In her 20's". *read on*

Was jumping like mad when I saw a whole patch of sunflowers in the field opposite my grandma's house. So b-e-a-u-tiful! took of my safety belt and hopped down the first instance I could. sunflower lov3!

Was practicing CSU (clinical skills) that day. Poor Samuel as my first sp (simulated patient, not sTimulated patient!~ I made that mistake too and was laughed at by my frenz =.= ) Was taking BP (blood pressure) and I was going "but I CAN see the bp set moving...cant hear anything..." for 2-3 times before my fren sook realised that my stethescope was not tuned in the right direction. It was turned to the bell (used for listening to low pitch sounds) rather that the diaphragm! Glad this is a practice BEFORE the exams. *sighs in relief*

Then we practiced physical examination, and I was the sp. Usually, we need to start the general physical examination by a description of the visible facts. an example: "mr lee is in his 30's , well built, well nourished. has no obvious deformities. looks comfortable, under no obvious distress. no cynaosis (breathing difficulties). no gadgets attached noted." correct me if I'm wrong, fellow med students, and tell if if I missed anything out. so, back to the story. I was the sp. chongsen was the student. his statement" Mrs lalitha (simply gave a name) is in her 20's..." 20?!?! T_T Ish...

Part of the sunflowers. too many so took in a few different pictures.

Happy cny people. may the year of the ox bring good tidings and great joy. I for one will do my best to make the most out of this year. May the force be with us =p


I mentioned before, and was thinking to myself last night (or was it the night before) that the 2 things I value most in my frenz is their Honesty and Loyalty. So many things have happened which made me rethink what my priciples are...and they are the same. I for one view friendship very seriously and value it highly. I treat my friends the way I want them to treat me. Sometimes I just ask myself am I really that dictator and unaproachable. Seriously, is it hard to talk to me? I understand some people may keep secrets from me as well, but if you think I need to know, why not just hint? I would do the same. I heard some comments lately on a certain someone. I didn't keep quiet, I talked to another related person about it. Could it not have been this way? I'm not angry. I took everything calmly. And will continue to. But it has made me rethink many things.

Saturday, January 17, 2009



I HATE injustices. I really do. Whether it’s a big or small matter, the thing I really hate about this fallen world is the part where people take advantage of each other, or just place their welfare above others in a way that it compromises the welfare of others

And this week was one such week. Being robbed of my stuff...and a thing that has been occurring since my form 4. my aunt who fetches me home (she has an unofficial load of people whom she collects payment from, including me.) rather fetch people far away home first rather that her nice simply because its more convenient for her (she stays 2 houses away from me). Its not fair. IT REALLY SUCKS.

It happened to both my brothers as well. My bro reached home at 2, while his school ended at 12.50. SUCKS big time. if not that I need to watch my words, I would have cursed a string of profanities. and even that would not have appeased my anger. RELATIVES,supposedly. If they really care they should put the child's welfare before them. Lunch at 2!!!!

I hate the unfairness in the world. I really do. But if it were really that fair, this world won't be called the selfish and self centered world that we do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got robbed near my housing area yesterday (monday) afternoon as I was walking home. 3 indian guys (i suspect from secondary school) tried to grab my bag (its a backpack), but then sumhow struggled and I was on the ground. One of them then brandished a knife at me and took my handphone and my wallet, containing my IC. I don't know what to do - there wasn't any cars or people around. My dad says I've been marked. Or targetted, whateva you call it. Coz although it was bright daylight, I was walking alone.

Kinda sucks. Was worried bout so many things - the knife that looked so menacing, worried that he opened my wallet ( there was only bout RM10+) inside, and if they were angry... But definitely sore that I lost my possessions. Afraid too, I guess. Of course the must too said phrase, I wish I could turn back time...a million and one things I wouldn't have done. Sighs.

Cost my family so much inconvenience. Need to make police report, make new IC etc. I guess I'm relieved that I'm safe though, as others say, in one piece.
God I believe You will not short change me. Somehow. Whatever it takes, I will trust.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Week

New Week

Its a new week. I took the last two days just to rest and relax, and hence am backward in one week of notes. But I nearly really could not tahan the new module - cardiovascular, not just yet. But thanks guys. Really means something to me that you leave me an encouraging note / reply :)
Dear God, pls guide me through this week. Not by my might but by Yours.

Chatbox replies :)

Mangyik - Hey thanks. First week, not yet adjust into the new "system". Thanks for reminding me of whats important, for reminding me that God cares :) All the best too as you go to aus *hugs* :)

Sab- hey don't worry bout the pics, take yr time k :) Yeah fb has been annoyingly slow. Hehe, not I can, but He can. yea just looking back and remembering sem 2, 1 step at a time. need to remind myself to count my blessings. although pressed but not crushed :) thanks for the sister you are to me and the others around too^^ *hugs*

SherLynn - ahhh yes I'm IMU-ing :) linked you too sister. all the best in Adelaide. Thanks for praying for me and rooting for me :) I'm sure gonna be in the last sem coz of prayers of pple like you :):)

Jene - thanks for always checking my blog, I like the way you "updated" yr blog with songs and all. Haha, and all the best in CVS system, looks like you got np. anyway, got prof chia in yr group if you run into any difficulties ;)

Jace - haha I saw you in uni d. good job on fri. really. panicked but still good job :) thanks for being an amazing encouragement. and yes, the lovely stiched bookmark of my name. J's like nothing to you, all our names start with J ;) All the best in sem 5! will be joining you soon in the usual "hangout" place (library). lol *hugs*

Christy - thanks for being the amazing sister who cares for the Joanne that I am. All the best this sem. *hugs hugs*

Friday, January 9, 2009



Just like a friend wrote on my facebook wall, if you see my orbituary, remember to call my family and give them flowers. sunflowers k. My favourite. Brightens up the mood.

Despite really really trying my hardest to read up for pbl, I really felt like "ei WhY like that one". I felt so inadequate, I thought I just din't do enough :( :( :( I spend the last few days on this...

Lecture notes are already so think, with incomprehensible words ...embryo of the heart, cardiac cycle... ... ...clinicals reading macleod like cant remember, everything is just so so new! :(

really feeling the pressure.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Week

First Week

Only the first week...and I already feel a little pressured. The amount of reading needs to be done... I need to read ECG made easy; Macleod's Clinical Examination CVS (cardiovascular system), my notes of the past 4 days, each with A LOT of information CVS manual... A little sense of frustration and loss settled in, and just feel like throwing away med school and hiding under the covers...for as long as I can. How ironic

PBL research not done, its tomorrow...

Kinda happy to see my old friends too. Some people its like we've never left, some its like the distance has taken place. Sigh. But luckily the 3 musketeers are still intact haha. Jokes as usual, random teasing and all.... hehe

Also need to start clinical skills. Sigh so much la, with OSPE, OSCE and OBA with MEQ and some other M thing...

Feel like the pressure is mounting, the cooker is no longer at threshold potential...