Friday, January 9, 2009



Just like a friend wrote on my facebook wall, if you see my orbituary, remember to call my family and give them flowers. sunflowers k. My favourite. Brightens up the mood.

Despite really really trying my hardest to read up for pbl, I really felt like "ei WhY like that one". I felt so inadequate, I thought I just din't do enough :( :( :( I spend the last few days on this...

Lecture notes are already so think, with incomprehensible words ...embryo of the heart, cardiac cycle... ... ...clinicals reading macleod like cant remember, everything is just so so new! :(

really feeling the pressure.


debbi said...

hey lo, stumbled upon your link in angelene's blog. so you just started the systems course ya. cvs was hard for me also. wasn't used to it all. and i had my first drop in results then. haha. so just be consistent you should do fine :)

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

hey Debbi :)

all d best as you leave for UWA :) know you'll do well there :)

hehe, my results aren't fantastic to begin with. not sure even if I can cope...but I will try. :) Thanks for dropping by and the encouragement. yea, systems seem so different from foundation.