Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got robbed near my housing area yesterday (monday) afternoon as I was walking home. 3 indian guys (i suspect from secondary school) tried to grab my bag (its a backpack), but then sumhow struggled and I was on the ground. One of them then brandished a knife at me and took my handphone and my wallet, containing my IC. I don't know what to do - there wasn't any cars or people around. My dad says I've been marked. Or targetted, whateva you call it. Coz although it was bright daylight, I was walking alone.

Kinda sucks. Was worried bout so many things - the knife that looked so menacing, worried that he opened my wallet ( there was only bout RM10+) inside, and if they were angry... But definitely sore that I lost my possessions. Afraid too, I guess. Of course the must too said phrase, I wish I could turn back time...a million and one things I wouldn't have done. Sighs.

Cost my family so much inconvenience. Need to make police report, make new IC etc. I guess I'm relieved that I'm safe though, as others say, in one piece.
God I believe You will not short change me. Somehow. Whatever it takes, I will trust.


Ang3 said...

hey gurl..
u okay? u must b terrified, but thank God they didnt injure u...
please b careful next time kay..
big hug!

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

omg joanne! u got robbed???? thank god that u're okay! fuh~
may god punished those mean people who robbed u...

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

hello so so sorry for the late reply. forgot bout it.

ang: thanks sister! yea kinda upset i lost my ic hp and all but i guess praise God I'm safe la, as in no physical injuries. just a week before that (i heard lateR) that a malay girl who was carrying her hp had her wrists nearly severed in the case of the "robbery"

bee: yea guess so. but sakit hatilah lost my stuff mar...these pple younger than me man, secondary only! kinda wish now i learned taekwondo or something...thanks for dropping by! :)