Monday, January 12, 2009

New Week

New Week

Its a new week. I took the last two days just to rest and relax, and hence am backward in one week of notes. But I nearly really could not tahan the new module - cardiovascular, not just yet. But thanks guys. Really means something to me that you leave me an encouraging note / reply :)
Dear God, pls guide me through this week. Not by my might but by Yours.

Chatbox replies :)

Mangyik - Hey thanks. First week, not yet adjust into the new "system". Thanks for reminding me of whats important, for reminding me that God cares :) All the best too as you go to aus *hugs* :)

Sab- hey don't worry bout the pics, take yr time k :) Yeah fb has been annoyingly slow. Hehe, not I can, but He can. yea just looking back and remembering sem 2, 1 step at a time. need to remind myself to count my blessings. although pressed but not crushed :) thanks for the sister you are to me and the others around too^^ *hugs*

SherLynn - ahhh yes I'm IMU-ing :) linked you too sister. all the best in Adelaide. Thanks for praying for me and rooting for me :) I'm sure gonna be in the last sem coz of prayers of pple like you :):)

Jene - thanks for always checking my blog, I like the way you "updated" yr blog with songs and all. Haha, and all the best in CVS system, looks like you got np. anyway, got prof chia in yr group if you run into any difficulties ;)

Jace - haha I saw you in uni d. good job on fri. really. panicked but still good job :) thanks for being an amazing encouragement. and yes, the lovely stiched bookmark of my name. J's like nothing to you, all our names start with J ;) All the best in sem 5! will be joining you soon in the usual "hangout" place (library). lol *hugs*

Christy - thanks for being the amazing sister who cares for the Joanne that I am. All the best this sem. *hugs hugs*

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