Sunday, September 27, 2009



Sometimes I'm caught in a more pensive mood....but many times I decide not to pen them down.

Went for Chi11 "Open house" aka "gathering" or just pure fun la. Food! haha from fishballs to pizza to malay traditional food, thanks to Sofiah! C= There were many games there, u name it. Heart attack, Mafia, Cluedo, Scrabble, Cho Dai Dee, even the infamous guitar hero...and Uno Stacko.

Some say that life is like a roller coaster ride, ups and downs. I think so too, but I think an Uno game does give an accurate picture as well. Life is like a game to be prepare yourselves as you can (looking/ observing the tiles and where is best to pull a tile out); but you follow the crowd as well ( its either the same colour or same number). Your moves are partially influenced by others as well (depending on their moves).

Then there are the ups and downs... your life seems shaky ( well, the Uno stacko shakes and you're praying hard it doesn't fall) and sometimes you get second chances (if the stack doesn't fall); you're in a dangerous position (base not steady); you get dealt with sucky stuff (draw 2 , draw 4 or more!)...and sometimes life just crashes on you (the deck crashes). Then do you start anew? Is this considered a 2nd chance,where you start out from you left off? Or do you leave behind everything and start afresh? [I know I'm not making sense]

But perhaps like getting drawn, sometimes you finish the game faster? I don't know what to make of life sometimes, but I guess I can be comforted by the fact that although I don't know my next move and what it brings, I know my life is secure in the One who sees the whole picture, the One who loves me and cares for me like no other.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

Happened to watch this today. Its soooo cute! Really touching as well, however unrealistic fiction always is. Its so heart warming to watch the dedication and commitment in a genuine friendship - and a good reminder to never assume or think you know whats going on when in fact whats happening is the total opposite. =) Thumbs up to Pixar, you never fail to disappoint. Hehe

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simply Blogging :)

Simply Blogging :)

Emcee-ing experience

Was really looking forward to emcee-ing the art festival. Havn't emceeded for years. And before I knew it, I had pericoronitis (google it if u dunno)...and had to miss the opening ceremony.

But I was happy when offered a chance to emcee for the closing ceremony...with Ash! Was quite dissapointed when Ash found out she had pbl the next day at the same time. Then started the co-emcee search frenzy. Turned down by one and the other wasn't the end I end up emceeing with Eldwin :)

Daddy aka Eldwin aka Co-emcee for closing ceremony

I can tell you, I honestly was so jittery and am so thankful that my co-emcee started the thing. I believe I was pretty much a bundle of nerves, and kept my head to my prepared script :)

Bundle of nerves :s

Eld "strutting his stuff"

A big THANK YOU to the Big Guy above (God, in case you were wondering whats with the caps) :) Grateful for the courage, grace, strength, and everything else I know and don't. I'm grateful for not messing up, and having the chance to hone my "public relations / public speaking" (so lousy terms, but owh well). Am really thankful for people like Ash, Esther and some others tho...jz for being there, for supporting me all the way! And to my co-emcee Eld aka daddy - You rocked :) Proud of you :)

Esther! - beautiful in and out, an amazing friend and a multi talented girl who is still single! *hint hint* :)
(Esther is so gonna kill me...but free advert for you babe! ;p)

The 3 bloggerheads :)

Overdue photos - Some little encouragements during EOS 3.

Mommy Ruby and her knowledge of my loving bright colours :)

Sabby and her unmistakable talent in drawing + encouraging :)

Orientation random photo's

Indoor treasure hunt...Everthing was delayed (sorta expected tho)

...And we end up "camwhoring" XD (with Pretty Alison)

...while sitting on the sidewalk so that juniors can sit :]

Chill nametag (which I "hoarded" in my bag till orientation was done!

Little gesture from Jun Ee. Really beautifully made, and the gift spoke volumes :)

Really touched by the gestures of my juniors :) And I don't know how, but I liked my photo frame. It felt really kindergarden - ish (the others were more sophisticated)...but I liked mine. it was very me. The bright yellow + art stuff - maple leaves, pine tress with different facial expressions, what I always "conteng" on Sooky (or whoever sits beside me's ) paper...and the classic sun! (the thing I always drew). Thanks guys :) You all rock big time :) hehe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday blues

Tuesday Blues

Its been a while since I've really sat down and blogged. Many thoughts came and went; events happened, successfully or not is left as a question still in my mind.
First of all though, I'm grateful I don't have to attend english classes. I guess with my poor time management, that's just gonna suck more energy and more time from me. Guess it does pay to not write tooooo much beyond the limit (say, word limit).

Having mixed feelings about the end of orientation. Got to know some pretty cool juniors...and they are really junior to me this time, esp in age. there is even one that is my bro's age!!! Haha, pts pts. There were some times (many times in fact) that I really felt frustrated...At times I am result oriented, and to not see the best, and I myself have nothing to offer...I guess its really trying for me. I'm glad it all worked out, and on my part...maybe I need to let go abit?

Variety night for me was the "coolest". I especially liked the ending , the climax of the "Snow white and the seven dwarfs", where the prince kisses snow white but she doesnt wake up...and instead a dwarf goes "ei, the kiss din't work wor! Aiyah i know la (in a very malaysian / singaporean slang), we should all kiss her together!" hahaha I tell you, that was funny!

Chi11 production

Really proud of the team tho, they managed to work together in the end, and make a play they can be proud of. And congrats guys, for opening up during viva. It was definitely a good thing to make some points known...and on our part, if reassurance is what we can give, we will. You know you have us to count on if you guys need anything. :) Just ask (I doubt any of you read this tho)

Glad that pbl3 is over, now left pbl 4 part 2 next monday. Fingers crossed that I don't get SD as the next faci...not flexible, CANT combine, all sessions must last 1.30 hrs!!! crossed fingers get a nice my current one TKL! haha.

What is my motivating factor? What keeps me going? Suddenly I'm not so sure... I do want to excel in life, succeed... Let my motivation be You God, Your strength and love that drives me on.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The week has passed by pretty fast. Orientation mostly, and some random stuffs.

Sometimes one wonders where one's standing is in her little world, in her world of contacts, the people she passes each day. What difference she makes in their lives, or its better if she din exist.

The things she does. Making a fool of herself all the time. Trying to go all the way, while wondering if she's too naggy. It's sometimes quite frustrating to be in the people line, because they can elicit many types of response, some of them less enthralling. Its frustrating when one gets ignored for a mistake not of her own. Even if it is her own...Giving the cold shoulder is not the right way, no? But perhaps I have been doing that too? Walking past many people sometimes not even saying hi... Whats the point of pointless hi byes?

And the basic struggles everyone goes through. Conflict. When what one wants, is not the same as the ones overseeing one's life. I feel , for one that all of us are different