Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday blues

Tuesday Blues

Its been a while since I've really sat down and blogged. Many thoughts came and went; events happened, successfully or not is left as a question still in my mind.
First of all though, I'm grateful I don't have to attend english classes. I guess with my poor time management, that's just gonna suck more energy and more time from me. Guess it does pay to restrain...to not write tooooo much beyond the limit (say, word limit).

Having mixed feelings about the end of orientation. Got to know some pretty cool juniors...and they are really junior to me this time, esp in age. there is even one that is my bro's age!!! Haha, pts pts. There were some times (many times in fact) that I really felt frustrated...At times I am result oriented, and to not see the best, and I myself have nothing to offer...I guess its really trying for me. I'm glad it all worked out, and on my part...maybe I need to let go abit?

Variety night for me was the "coolest". I especially liked the ending , the climax of the "Snow white and the seven dwarfs", where the prince kisses snow white but she doesnt wake up...and instead a dwarf goes "ei, the kiss din't work wor! Aiyah i know la (in a very malaysian / singaporean slang), we should all kiss her together!" hahaha I tell you, that was funny!

Chi11 production

Really proud of the team tho, they managed to work together in the end, and make a play they can be proud of. And congrats guys, for opening up during viva. It was definitely a good thing to make some points known...and on our part, if reassurance is what we can give, we will. You know you have us to count on if you guys need anything. :) Just ask (I doubt any of you read this tho)

Glad that pbl3 is over, now left pbl 4 part 2 next monday. Fingers crossed that I don't get SD as the next faci...not flexible, CANT combine, all sessions must last 1.30 hrs!!! crossed fingers get a nice faci...like my current one TKL! haha.

What is my motivating factor? What keeps me going? Suddenly I'm not so sure... I do want to excel in life, succeed... Let my motivation be You God, Your strength and love that drives me on.

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