Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breakfast @ Cempaka Service Suites

My pageviews everyday average around 3 or less. Heh, This sorta means I have privacy, means that I can post (just about) everything I want.

Blogging to me is a rare luxury of sorts, tho I have tons of pictures to upload. I should however watermark my pictures :) The last sets of pics were so light it was barely visible...

anyway, stayed over @ Cempaka hotel /suite and had buffet breakfast today.

Some breakfast pics :D
Double Sunny Side Up!!
I love sunny side ups! I always thought sunny side up was d bomb..until I got a surprise when I got double egg! :D Double sunny day! Eheh. The chef is awesome I think. But as a consequence, so busy taking photo that my egg was cold the time I ate it...:/ But still nice nontheless :D

Ahahaha. A you can see there are fruits, But no apples. You know they always say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? since I'm gonna be a doctor, I can't keep myself away right! (Lol) Anyway there wasn't any apple :P (lameness aside :P )

Of coz ate slightly more than that, burnt 2 pieces of bread in the process (think their toaster was spoilt). just for fun:
Proof in "black and white"
It was smoking hot but naturally, Not edible...

They have pretty simple but nice Christmas deco that they started doing yesterday. I'll see if I can snap a picture of it. As usual, pretty photographs courtesy of my shutterbug youngest bro... :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin @ MBO Terminal 2

So (most of) us the housemates had finished our family medicine end of posting exams on Tuesday. Suddenly I heard that we were going out for Thai food with another batchmate June, my neighbour Roshnee and the 7th housemate (since he's here so often) Benedict and I  went O.o (coz I already had food), but I went along as well. Thai food was reasonable, no pictures. 

Then later Ben decided that he wanted to watch Tintin, and settled on MBO Cinema @ Terminal 2 coz it started 1/2 an hour earlier than Jusco Sban cinemas.
Posing with the poster of the movie. 
Someone said like little kids, but ah well, sometimes you gotta let lose a lil, no? 

I gotta a minor, wait, MAJOR rant though. Among the many cinemas I've been to, I find the cinema @ MBO seremban the most ridiculous of all. They charge for toilet usage, 20cents/entry. Ok, a guy's gotta go when a guy's gotta go. You would expect it to be at the very least well maintained, no?

The toilet stank, the place was dirty, and there were NO toilet rolls or paper in sight! Such horrible "service". I vote for GSC or TGV 's toilet anytime, its well maintained, clean and pleasant even! And no stink...

 The only picture with all 8 of us in sight 
Albeit CS's face is a little hidden. Fun fact, All 8 of us squeezed into Ben's CRV. Crazy times, where everyone smells each other's smell or odour of smelly shirts. . .  :O

 Ben's awesome photo taking skills
Sacarsm of course, when 1 person's face is cut off. Somehow even with the I phone I find the pictures grainy and not of the best quality. Then again, memories are what matters most.

Anyway! My review of The adventures of Tintin: 6/10. 
Graphics were above average, as they managed to make it somewhat old school. Story was...predictable, although some fighting scenes were interesting and kept one with bated breath. Kinda found the main character, Tintin kinda annoying. . . Would I want to watch it again? Probably not, once more than suffices.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vietnamese Food @ O Viet, Pyramid

So just in case you din't know, I'm quite into buy deals online lately. For a year or so already, actually :P

Anyway, Groupon came up with this deal, RM50 for 4 portions of Vietnamese noodles/vermicelli and an Imperial roll. The original price was nearly twice at RM99.55. I went on the 16/11, a rainy Wednesday evening.

(Having not blogged for some time, I feel that I'm kinda cacat at words now :/ )
So I'll let some pictures do the talking =)

So yes, the exterior.
O Viet @ Sunway Pyramid
I think it recently went through a facelift or something. Environment is warm and cozy.

 The interior, Chinese lanterns and ambience.

The "other side" we were sitting, separated by metal fence like thingy. People started filling up the place at 8pm onwards. . .

Dainty decorations on the wall

As the deal din't come with drinks, my bro and dad ordered fruit juices, while I settled on refillable jasmine plus strawberry tea.
Pineapple juice, supposedly without ice or sugar.
Rating: 3.8/5, Price around RM7 or 8.
Pretty standard, I suspect they still did add a tad bit of sugar.

Jasmine and strawberry tea
Rating: 3/5, Price: RM6.90
My dad found it weird, while I find it mediocre. Strange tasting, not bitter but nothing exotic as well.

The food:
 Mixed Roll Delite
Rating: 3/5, Original price RM18.90
A high class (read: more expensive) version of your street popiah. Ingredients were ok, but doesn't give you the refreshing taste your hawker side noodle gives you.

 Vietnamese Beef Noodles
Rating: 3/5, Original price RM15.90
The special guest had this since we were taking the dry stuff. He said it was ok. . .Although I have to admit that I had tasted a better version at Pho Hoa @ Curve, Damansara Utama. This just din't impress me.

Grilled prawn with imperial roll noodles
Rating: 3.5/5, Original price RM17.90
Somewhat traditional Vietnamese Vermicelli with prawns and spring roll, which my bro and I took. Again, I feel that the Viet Vermicelli @ Pho Hoa is better. The sauce they provided there was refreshing, while there was no sauce here apart from sour chilli paste. Portion of ingredients were fair, and I have to credit them for giving us the usual portion as those who bought it at original price.

Apart from that, my dad had the traditional chicken and prawn noodle( no picture, originally RM15.90). Again not impressive, as my dad described it as "your normal kuey teow soup at the hawker stall".

Overall the experience was a normal one, nothing impressive. I'll probably not come back again since I can get the same stuff at a fraction of the price.

Overall ratings: 
Food: 3/5, again, nothing to shout about. Wouldn't highly recommend it.
Ambiance: 4/5 - The ambience was pretty high class, no dirty cushions etc
Service: 4/5, no complains, though a tad slow at times
Price: 3/5 (Based on the deal price), Din't feel like the food was amazing.

Overall rating: 6/10.

My first food review in this bloggie (I think) :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sometimes, many times even, I do things I don't realise. You know, like habit. Like when you're that comfortable when it becomes somewhat second nature...

Sometimes I hate myself for that reason. I dislike getting into trouble, even a minor comment bordering on the hint of a telling-off...esp not when I get another into the muddle.

Hate hate hate. Emo emo emo.

Bah, I know this is a small thing, But everyone has stuff that will eat at that person. For me, I guess this is one of it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Despite having a huge ulcer on the right side near my wisdom tooth, despite the fact that it hurts to eat and talk, I feel happy. 

For the past few days, I've felt happy. Maybe the better word is joy. Its a stage of acceptance I think, when one accepts that what one wants may not be the best for himself, and instead, God has better plans. 

Last year, I still wasn't happy. Sure,I'm not happy everyday. Life has its ups and downs, and frankly, sucks sometimes. 

But today at least, I will let myself feel the joy that is running through my veins, A joy that flows from appreciating what I have, from my awesome family and friends to what and all He has placed in my life. 

A few pics from the "hols" in September/ October :D Of beloved people :)

@Lil pantry with Sooky :) 
Boy, havn't I seen her in a long, long time... I remember we used to be twins *good memories*. Girl I miss u. Ps: you're beautiful. (I mean it!)

Meet up with Rachel@ Wang river
Kinda hard to imagine we date back "so long" now...Since high school! Gurl was good meeting up with you. Love to see the strong, confident woman you are right now. Go rock the architecture world! :) 

No, I din't go to Bikini Bottoms. :P Neither is it Jellyfish Fields. 
This was actually @ Shah Alam I City, outside the Snow walk which we din't go in :) 

@Genting theme park with Mr. Tallman :D
Being too old to go into the park(self declared), we just walked all around the hotels, walkways, indoor themepark areas etc, enjoying the cool air. Oh, and stuffing ourselves at the best buffet lunch available there @ coffee terrace. hee *gains weight like nobody's business....nooooooo! * 

For this and much more, I thank God for all I have. Even if all the riches in the world doesn't belong to me, I give thanks, for all I have now is enough for me.

"Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It's a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don't have. It's so simple?yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend."
Bits and Pieces 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As you can see, I'm pretty excited. Doubt anyone reads my blog now, but hey if you're there, gimme a shoutout! :D would love to know who is still here :D

Anyway a couple of stuff:
1.Template is new! Had oodles of fun choosing different backgrounds, colours etc. Hee. Just like a little girl :/ Do gimme some constructive criticism tho. Picture on top self taken, no copyrights issues. :) I may be really colour blind sometimes, so please tell me which 1's don't fit and which colour etc is better! :D

2. Links. I din't realise my links (cause I had a couple of tabs) were cancelled. for good? noooo. :'( So if you're there, PLEASE gimme a heads up with your link, either in the chatbox or leave a comment. Will link you back, if you're my friend! Promise! :D

Here's to new beginnings! *Throws confetti to self since no one is here*. (ahh. so depressing thought :( )