Friday, November 25, 2011

Vietnamese Food @ O Viet, Pyramid

So just in case you din't know, I'm quite into buy deals online lately. For a year or so already, actually :P

Anyway, Groupon came up with this deal, RM50 for 4 portions of Vietnamese noodles/vermicelli and an Imperial roll. The original price was nearly twice at RM99.55. I went on the 16/11, a rainy Wednesday evening.

(Having not blogged for some time, I feel that I'm kinda cacat at words now :/ )
So I'll let some pictures do the talking =)

So yes, the exterior.
O Viet @ Sunway Pyramid
I think it recently went through a facelift or something. Environment is warm and cozy.

 The interior, Chinese lanterns and ambience.

The "other side" we were sitting, separated by metal fence like thingy. People started filling up the place at 8pm onwards. . .

Dainty decorations on the wall

As the deal din't come with drinks, my bro and dad ordered fruit juices, while I settled on refillable jasmine plus strawberry tea.
Pineapple juice, supposedly without ice or sugar.
Rating: 3.8/5, Price around RM7 or 8.
Pretty standard, I suspect they still did add a tad bit of sugar.

Jasmine and strawberry tea
Rating: 3/5, Price: RM6.90
My dad found it weird, while I find it mediocre. Strange tasting, not bitter but nothing exotic as well.

The food:
 Mixed Roll Delite
Rating: 3/5, Original price RM18.90
A high class (read: more expensive) version of your street popiah. Ingredients were ok, but doesn't give you the refreshing taste your hawker side noodle gives you.

 Vietnamese Beef Noodles
Rating: 3/5, Original price RM15.90
The special guest had this since we were taking the dry stuff. He said it was ok. . .Although I have to admit that I had tasted a better version at Pho Hoa @ Curve, Damansara Utama. This just din't impress me.

Grilled prawn with imperial roll noodles
Rating: 3.5/5, Original price RM17.90
Somewhat traditional Vietnamese Vermicelli with prawns and spring roll, which my bro and I took. Again, I feel that the Viet Vermicelli @ Pho Hoa is better. The sauce they provided there was refreshing, while there was no sauce here apart from sour chilli paste. Portion of ingredients were fair, and I have to credit them for giving us the usual portion as those who bought it at original price.

Apart from that, my dad had the traditional chicken and prawn noodle( no picture, originally RM15.90). Again not impressive, as my dad described it as "your normal kuey teow soup at the hawker stall".

Overall the experience was a normal one, nothing impressive. I'll probably not come back again since I can get the same stuff at a fraction of the price.

Overall ratings: 
Food: 3/5, again, nothing to shout about. Wouldn't highly recommend it.
Ambiance: 4/5 - The ambience was pretty high class, no dirty cushions etc
Service: 4/5, no complains, though a tad slow at times
Price: 3/5 (Based on the deal price), Din't feel like the food was amazing.

Overall rating: 6/10.

My first food review in this bloggie (I think) :)

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