Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin @ MBO Terminal 2

So (most of) us the housemates had finished our family medicine end of posting exams on Tuesday. Suddenly I heard that we were going out for Thai food with another batchmate June, my neighbour Roshnee and the 7th housemate (since he's here so often) Benedict and I  went O.o (coz I already had food), but I went along as well. Thai food was reasonable, no pictures. 

Then later Ben decided that he wanted to watch Tintin, and settled on MBO Cinema @ Terminal 2 coz it started 1/2 an hour earlier than Jusco Sban cinemas.
Posing with the poster of the movie. 
Someone said like little kids, but ah well, sometimes you gotta let lose a lil, no? 

I gotta a minor, wait, MAJOR rant though. Among the many cinemas I've been to, I find the cinema @ MBO seremban the most ridiculous of all. They charge for toilet usage, 20cents/entry. Ok, a guy's gotta go when a guy's gotta go. You would expect it to be at the very least well maintained, no?

The toilet stank, the place was dirty, and there were NO toilet rolls or paper in sight! Such horrible "service". I vote for GSC or TGV 's toilet anytime, its well maintained, clean and pleasant even! And no stink...

 The only picture with all 8 of us in sight 
Albeit CS's face is a little hidden. Fun fact, All 8 of us squeezed into Ben's CRV. Crazy times, where everyone smells each other's smell or odour of smelly shirts. . .  :O

 Ben's awesome photo taking skills
Sacarsm of course, when 1 person's face is cut off. Somehow even with the I phone I find the pictures grainy and not of the best quality. Then again, memories are what matters most.

Anyway! My review of The adventures of Tintin: 6/10. 
Graphics were above average, as they managed to make it somewhat old school. Story was...predictable, although some fighting scenes were interesting and kept one with bated breath. Kinda found the main character, Tintin kinda annoying. . . Would I want to watch it again? Probably not, once more than suffices.

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