Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breakfast @ Cempaka Service Suites

My pageviews everyday average around 3 or less. Heh, This sorta means I have privacy, means that I can post (just about) everything I want.

Blogging to me is a rare luxury of sorts, tho I have tons of pictures to upload. I should however watermark my pictures :) The last sets of pics were so light it was barely visible...

anyway, stayed over @ Cempaka hotel /suite and had buffet breakfast today.

Some breakfast pics :D
Double Sunny Side Up!!
I love sunny side ups! I always thought sunny side up was d bomb..until I got a surprise when I got double egg! :D Double sunny day! Eheh. The chef is awesome I think. But as a consequence, so busy taking photo that my egg was cold the time I ate it...:/ But still nice nontheless :D

Ahahaha. A you can see there are fruits, But no apples. You know they always say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? since I'm gonna be a doctor, I can't keep myself away right! (Lol) Anyway there wasn't any apple :P (lameness aside :P )

Of coz ate slightly more than that, burnt 2 pieces of bread in the process (think their toaster was spoilt). just for fun:
Proof in "black and white"
It was smoking hot but naturally, Not edible...

They have pretty simple but nice Christmas deco that they started doing yesterday. I'll see if I can snap a picture of it. As usual, pretty photographs courtesy of my shutterbug youngest bro... :)

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