Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun Fair @ Port Dickson

It's been past a year and I've never been to Ben, a friend's house in Port Dickson. Came home after uni, went shopping for dinner materials, went home to be told to put everything back into the fridge. lol! 

So to PD we went, the friend staying near the hospital. Well his place is awesome, and apart from the space factor( I need more space). I love the furnishing of the house, the view of his balcony(facing the beach n sea...who doesn't wanna wake up to such a beautiful view every morning??) the way everything is set. But no pictures since its his privacy we're talking about. 

We went out for dinner (again no pics) and I took a "burger oblong" from the roadside. IF I ever go again I shall snap a photo. Well it was decent, and a friend described it as "just like prosperity burger from MacD but a fraction of the price". Guess I gotta agree there. 

Then since opposite the road there was this fun fair, we made a trip there. Din't take many photos since left hp in the car..but here r some of the scenes that we managed to capture.

Ferris wheel, 360 turning thingy....
The rides at the fair. Pretty decent for a small time fair. 

Legalized gambling :P
Some of the stalls there. There were the "mesti dapat" games and the "tak mesti dapat" games. There were actually many people there...

  Among the many stalls...

The awesomes who went :D 
The 5 of us who went, Ben even in his formal attire -.-

You spin my head right round right round...
The highlight of the day - the ride of the pirateship like ride which turned 360 degrees which lasted for 3 mins+. came of feeling slightly nauseated, CS with headache... but apparently it was worth it :P

The reason I went on? coz got frenz teman, and coz I wanted to try it out. You know as you grow older u sorta lose the ability to do that, get nauseated faster? well I wanted to tick this of my "life's to do list" (which I don't have :P ) before I hit middle age. Aha.

My souvenir for the day, a pillow with a cacat smiley face :D
Guess its time to introduce my other half (in case you haven't deduced from the past few posts and my sidebar)... my Mr Tall, the one who always makes me laugh, the one whom always makes me smile :) My other half, Samuel :)  He tossed some tokens and got me a pillow :D

It was pretty fun, going back and sleeping till morning 10+ coz there wasn't class the day after. And going back and cooking tomyam soup for lunch.

Thank you God for all the blessings that you have placed in my life. I appreciate it all. :)

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