Monday, December 5, 2011

Service with a Smile . . . Not

So I sent my poor lappy to the Asus Service Centre @ SPS building, Jalan Imbi this morning, after years of it having a broken hinge and a cracked LCD cover. There goes RM250 . . .

The thing that I found out today was a little surprising to me. (NO Offence meant to ANYONE at all, this is my blog and my observation). The guy attending to me was a foreigner, Caucasian, probably German. Anyway, he WASN'T FRIENDLY AT ALL. You know how the saying goes "service with a smile"? This was the totally OPPOSITE.

Told my dad bout what I noticed, and he told me that actually,  this is one of the classic "real westerners", whom mostly are cold and not friendly, especially to us Asians. In fact, I recall that he and my mum told me last time when they invited people over for lunch, "2.30pm" meant 2.30pm, and if you came say, an hour, even 15 mins earlier, they'll make you wait outside the door.

I guess whatever grouses I have with our country, the one thing I love about this place is the people. I'm always impressed when different races interact with politeness, like recently how the Malay ladies from the roadside hawker stall said "terima kasih" (thank you) with such sincerity after I bought a burger  that it makes my day.

So yeah, this guy who attended to me was pure businesslike, minus the courtesy and smile. Sigh . . . I could go on ranting but whatever, this isn't want I really want.

Today, I see one of the sides of Asians that are rare in the "developed world". I see the warmth, the genuine care that we have for one another, like when I saw an old Indian lady help a paraplegic Chinese man place a pillow at his side in the hospital, treating him as one of her own.

This is what we're supposed to be. The world will know you when you love your neighbour. How true.

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